We are the central resource for our members and the greater Feng Shui community, uniting, embracing and supporting all approaches in this ancient art. The diversity within the IFSG strengthens and unites all perspectives and offers many opportunities for growth and learning.

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Feng Shui Directory Consultant

Feng Shui Consultant Directory

Work with the most talented Feng Shui Professionals in the industry.  A professional Feng Shui consultation is a powerful way to experience profound transformation. Hiring an IFSG Consultant instills confidence and peace of mind.

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Feng Shui Directory School

Feng Shui School Directory

From the quality of the curriculum and materials in training to amazing educational opportunities, the diversity of our schools provides you with comprehensive and professional Feng Shui programs.  Our schools offer a variety of programs from comprehensive practitioner certification to weekend workshops to related disciplines. Learn from the best and most diverse group of talented educators in Feng Shui!

“If you are interested in Feng Shui for personal use and greater understanding, if you are a professional consultant or studying to become one, if you’re a Feng Shui teacher, I cannot recommend enough the benefit of membership in the International Feng Shui Guild. I look forward to the years ahead with great enthusiasm.”  –Renate Bell

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Our Mission

The International Feng Shui Guild is a professional non-profit organization dedicated to:

    • Advancing the practice, teaching and use of Feng Shui worldwide
    • Promoting and serving our membership with resources, networking opportunities, publications and a content-rich website
    • Unifying the Feng Shui community by establishing and upholding universal standards in professional practice and education
    • Inspiring public confidence in the professionalism of our members as demonstrated in our by-laws, Code of Ethics and the Feng Shui Universal Topics.

Standards and Ethics in the International Feng Shui GuildThe International Feng Shui Guild is a large worldwide network of individuals who are shaping the future of Feng Shui and its practical application in the home, business, and community.

We believe standards and professional excellence; as demonstrated in our IFSG Bylaws, the IFSG member Code of Ethics, and the Feng Shui Universal Topics, are key to the success of our members, our organization, and the Feng Shui community.

Worldwide Outreach

Global Feng Shui AllianceThe International Feng Shui Guild is proud to be a founding member of the Global Feng Shui Alliance. As an organization, the International Feng Shui Guild remains at the forefront of the expansion of Feng Shui as a profession throughout the world.

The Global Feng Shui Alliance represents a worldwide collaboration of professional Feng Shui organizations, associations, societies and guilds. Alliance members are united through their common commitment to support the development and practice of Feng Shui as a recognized profession.

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Feng Shui GlossaryFeng Shui Glossary©

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While the International Feng Shui Guild is a non-profit organization (a 501c(6) designated organization with the United States Internal Revenue Service), donations to the IFSG are not deductible as charitable expenses, but may be deductible as a business expense.  Please consult your tax professional for guidance.