What's in a Door Swing

Julie Schuster, What's in a Door Swing

Doors aid in the flow of energy in and out of our lives.  We look at both exterior and interior doors as the mechanism to allow beneficial chi to enter and move throughout our spaces.  A door that is stuck or won't open fully brings more "stuck" stuff into our lives.  But how about the way the door opens?  Read this insightful experience by Julie Schuster on how the flow of a door can change everything! What do doors mean in our lives? Well, in one very important case for a recent client, a door was blocking her ability to “see” business Continue Reading

How can you hide a TV?

Julie Ann Segal

TVs can be a challenge to good Feng Shui, especially when situated in areas where their Fire energy can be overpowering. Interior Designer and Feng Shui Consultant Julie Ann Segal has found a creative solution with the “Hidden TV.” Let’s be honest – everyone wants a TV, but not everyone wants to look at one. Especially in spaces where you entertain, like the living room or kitchen…or in spaces where it looks out of place, like the bathroom. Could a Hidden TV could be the solution for you? This TV, which can be customized to the size and Continue Reading

Feng Shui Tips for Moving into a New Home

Anjie Cho - Feng Shui Tips for Moving into a New Home

From Anjie Cho, Feng Shui Tips for Moving into a New Home helps you get started making your new space uniquely and wonderfully yours! Where we live is an essential element of our lives. It is where we feel safe.  It is such a precarious time when we are moving into a home, so it is during this transition time that Feng Shui can be of great assistance.  It is helpful to implement some Feng Shui when moving because it’s easy and extremely effective to start off your home with the right fundamentals in place. Below are some simple Feng Shui Continue Reading

A Spring Front Door 'Ener-chi' Boost

Welcome Mat - Spring

Spring is a perfect time of year to incorporate Feng Shui into your outdoor spaces - while the ground is fresh from the cold of winter and eagerly awaiting sunshine and growth.  Read more about how to spring forward with Feng Shui in this piece by Terri Perrin. How I gave my home a fast feng shui fix - cleaning up, adding colour and life = positive change! Considering that your front door represents the 'Mouth of Chi' ... where energy and opportunities come into your home and life... a few days ago I finally took action because my very own Continue Reading

Conversations with Your Home: We Need to Talk


We Need to Talk.  Having a conversation with your home can help you develop insights you previously never knew.  We know Feng Shui is important - balance, beauty, empowering, elemental, etc.  But actually developing a relationship with the space you call HOME is crucial.  Find out more in this enriching article by Carole Hyder In my 21+ years as a Feng Shui consultant, I discovered that despite all the advice I had given, the adjustments I had suggested, the implementation of Feng Shui principles I had overseen, I had ignored one element that Continue Reading