Feng Shui and Sea Shells

Feng Shui and Sea Shells by Donna Stellhorn

Seashells are often found in homes in coastal and island properties. But they are also lovely reminders of shore trips full of joy, hope, and love with family and friends or in peaceful solitude.  Find out how the beautiful seashell has a place in Feng Shui - by Donna Stellhorn. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of creating a harmonious environment. It is the idea that the space we live in has an effect on us; emotionally, physically, even spiritually. In Feng Shui we use symbols of what we desire (happy relationships, prosperity, good health, Continue Reading

When Design Isn't Livable

Mia Staysko - When Design Isn't Livable

Automobile designer Henrik Fisker said that ‘If design isn’t profitable then its art.’ This certainly would be true in the industrial design world but in the world of building design, I would say ‘When design isn’t liveable, then it's art.’ I have come to call architecture, art-chitecture. In Facebook conversations with colleagues at the International Feng Shui Guild, photos are often posted of interesting homes and buildings around the world. Some are beautiful like this culture and art center being built in China.   Some Continue Reading

ABBA Lives in My Garage

Garage - Robyn Stevens

Whenever I discuss de-cluttering I remind my clients that they don’t get to move the clutter somewhere else...like to the garage, for example.  Why? Because, even though it’s "just" the garage, it matters from the feng shui point of view. IT ALL MATTERS.  The garage IS part of your home.  Find out more from Robyn Stevens I get it, I really do. The garage is, well, the garage. Its not pretty. It's not sexy. Its primary function is to store cars, lawn mowers, bicycles, oil, rakes, and more.   All of which are the dirty, greasy, grimy items we Continue Reading

Could the Bedroom Be the Source of Your Child’s Sleeping Problems?

Child's bedroom and Feng Shui - Marie Elena Rigo

You’ve read every book on the subject… ruled out any medical issues… tried routines, lullabies, rocking… and nothing works. Could your child’s bedroom be to blame for his/her sleeping problems? Find out more by Marie Elena Rigo According to Los-Angeles based Feng Shui expert, Marie Elena Rigo, the answer is a resounding, “yes.” Having worked with many frustrated parents – and cranky children, she’s seen first-hand that the interior of a child’s bedroom has a significant impact on whether the baby sleeps or not. What’s the trick? Rigo says, Continue Reading

Repurposing for a Fresh Start – Feng Shui Style

Repurpose with Feng Shui

Re-purposing and re-using materials and furniture can give you a sense of earthly love.  There are a few cautions when doing so - and Melinda Solomon, Feng Shui professional, gives great ideas on what to consider in this article, Re-purposing for a Fresh Start - Feng Shui Style. Having an artist for a mother, I grew up repurposing things. Saving an old yogurt container for mixing paints, or saving the take out container with a cool pattern to make a plaster mold was just natural. It wasn’t until much later that I realized repurposing was Continue Reading