Why Choosing Neutral Colors can be so Challenging


Learn about the challenges of neutral colors and why they can be tricky in this interesting piece by Mia Staysko. Neutral colors are subtle, but chosen carefully can make all the difference to your room. Enjoy! I spent three days with color guru Maria Killam and a bunch of eager designers, decorators and stagers, refining my eye (which was, it turns out, pretty great already) to better see Continue Reading

Building Biology

Maureen Calamia

"When I introduce myself to an audience, I tell them that I am a certified Feng Shui and Building Biology consultant. I get a lot of blank looks. Just like the one you have on your face now."  Find out more about this science and how it connects with Feng Shui in this piece by Maureen Calamia. Most of you know a bit about Feng Shui (especially if you've been reading my blogs), but haven't heard Continue Reading

Does Anti-Clutter = Good Feng Shui?

Does AntiClutter Equal Good Feng Shui, by Jackie Notman

In Feng Shui, clutter is usually seen as a problem because it causes energy to stagnate which can then reflect in our lives. But what about the opposite? Does clean, tidy and nothing out of place mean good Feng Shui? Not necessarily. Read more from expert and intuitive, Jackie Notman There’s a TV programme here in the UK called Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. The format of the show is to match Continue Reading

Common Feng Shui Shapes for Decorating

Feng Shui Shapes by Kathryn Wilking

Feng Shui shapes are often the easiest Feng Shui enhancement to manipulate when working with an area in the Bagua. Learn more from Kathryn Wilking. The three most common shapes: SQUARES: If the life area you choose to enhance needs solid grounding, then squares would be the shape. You can choose one item, or you could arrange several items into a square shape. In addition, you can arrange Continue Reading

10 Feng Shui Decorating Ideas That Can Stay Up Past The Holidays

Decorating for the Holidays and Beyond by Bette Steflik

If you want to regain magic; if you want to uplift your family’s energy; if you want to see a positive affect in your environment and in the world, this is for you. Embrace these 10 ideas to change the way you look at your holiday space by Bette Steflik An interior is the natural projection of the soul. –Coco Chanel Some people are natural born decorators, they have a flair for molding Continue Reading