Feng Shui and Labyrinths

Paula Hills Starr, LabyrinthPhoto Source: Paula Hills Starr, Earth Place, Reconciliation Labyrinth

“Labyrinthine paths and the principles of feng shui, the art of positioning objects in a spiritually satisfying manner, intersect neatly on this philosophical point. Feng shui is subtle and can be hard to spot amid the lush plantings, but you can assuredly feel it.

Walks and paths impart movement to gardens. Chi flows smoothly along them, but they also direct your feet, your eyes and your thoughts, just as the paths in a labyrinth carry you along. Whether it is on a garden path or on a walking trail in a park, your feet are guided, like they’re in a groove, and you can give your attention to your surroundings and your thoughts.”

~~Marty Ross, Syndicated Columnist

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