Nine Essential Plants for your Feng Shui Garden

With Feng Shui it is all about placement however some elements are so powerful they will help improve the energy almost anywhere you use them. Plants are a force that expresses vitality and pure life essence in your space, not to mention that they purify the air that you breathe. Read more from Shelley Sparks, plant and Feng Shui expert

Everywhere there are plants there are people who have interpreted their meaning in the human life. From China we get these special plants that can help enrich our lives in particular ways.

1. One of the first plants that most people think in Feng Shui gardens is Bamboo. It represents fidelity, wisdom, flexibility, cooperation and wisdom. It can be used anywhere these qualities are desired or anywhere the there is a special need to lift the ch’i as the way the bamboo grows is particularly good for that.

2. Another ubiquitous symbol of Chinese gardens is the Pine Tree. It represents resilience, longevity, integrity, and dignity. It can be placed wherever you need to remember the big picture. It is always welcome near the front door where it will remind you daily of the stellar attributes that you can acquire.

Lotus, Plants and Feng Shui, Shelley Sparks3. Few flowers are more beloved than the Lotus. Beside its beautiful shape and fragrance, it has spiritual significance as the Buddhists view it as a symbol of enlightenment, that which we all can achieve with our good works and pure hearts. It also symbolizes perfection, purity and integrity.

4. Peonies are the national flower of China. They represent luck, aristocracy, honor, and wealth so they are particularly favored for wealth and career placements.

5. Plum Trees represent brotherliness, charm, friendship and particularly the return of spring. These trees signal the end of darkness and the announcement of new beginnings.

6. Pomegranate Trees, because of their many seeds, represent fertility. One client who was considered infertile attributes her two children to the garden plan that included these trees.

7. Orange trees, indeed most citrus, have a deep connection to wealth, abundance, and good luck.

8. Orchids represent nobility, culture, and graciousness, which are the qualities of a gentleman. They support all these wonderful qualities in a partnership.

9. The Daylily is a symbol of maternal love and fertility. In China, it is a symbol of filial devotion so it can be used anywhere the love of mother or that type of support is desired.

Plants have so much to teach us and using ones that have special significance reminds us every day of the particular potential for expanding in love, joy, health, and abundance.

Shelley SparksShelley Sparks is a Feng Shui expert, licensed Landscape Architect and passionate gardener. Click here to learn more about Shelley.


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