Open the Windows, Open Your Heart – It’s Spring Time

Spring is the season that represents the power of life. It is the moment of the germination of the seeds, representing the effort, the raising, the expansion – the Wood element! The Wood element is related to the liver – that is LIFE! Read more about Spring and Feng Shui from Fátima Valente.

Spring, Feng Shui, Fatima ValenteHuman beings are always seeking an ideal environment, and the ideal landscaping is different from one culture to another. But the essence is the same: everyone looks for balance, for the sensation of peace and happiness, for the feeling of no worries…

The first men and women had an incredible empiric instinct and naturally discovered how to survive, and how to deal with the nature surrounding them.

And we inherited their knowledge about the importance of the sun, the moon, the stars, the four seasons, the climate, the light, the shadow, the best time to plant and to harvest plants and herbs, the power of the water, the rain and the rivers, the wind, and the animals. They taught us how to survive, and we discovered in our own ways how to make a living with those natural wonders.

Depending on the pattern of the landscaping we see, we may feel better, vitalized and energetic, or we can feel down, stressed, emotionally and physically disturbed. So, certain spaces and places can either nourish our health, or can slowly degrade our sense of well-being.

Spring is the season for us to reconnect with nature, to feel alive, to breathe better. During the winter, we lose this connection because we get stuck in our homes, stay indoors, and we shrink!

Now it is time to E-X-P-A-N-D!

Li Po, a Chinese Poet from the Tang Dynasty, said, “When I am in front of flowers, a stream runs along the poplars. The men can´t understand the happiness that overflows from my heart and they say I am happy with no reason like a child. It is true!”

The Spring landscaping provides a vibrant Chi that buds, appears and expands.

According to a Chinese proverb, “Neither the sky nor the heaven are complete, but they leave the finishing of everything to the men.” So, let´s provide the best we can to complete the picture!

In China, they tend to follow the natural and existent patterns of the nature, recreating them, hiding and showing, suggesting and surprising, creating a garden as if it were a painting, a big scenario, an alive painting that “speaks” thorough the flowers, the vegetation, the colors, the butterflies, the birds, the water, the sky… all bringing the vibrant Chi!

They create the landscaping offering the possibilities of rest, pause, silence, contemplation, sense of smell, and other sensations…

From a Feng Shui perspective we can make use of the properties of the Five Elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – and the Creation or Domination Cycle, The Yin and Yang, and The Five Animals, to improve the energy of the landscaping in any place.

We always have to be alert to use all these methods considering the use of that space: a zen spa needs a different landscaping from a shopping sall. So, we need to consider if it is going to be a calm, introspective, yin landscaping or a dynamic, active, yang one.

We can also use different colors to enhance the landscaping. Spring is a glorious time of the year with flowers in bloom everywhere we look! Use flowers that give life, that can start a new life, that bring happiness, the Power of life.

Let´s go for it then!

Fatima ValenteFátima Valente graduated with a degree in Urbanism and Architecture at PUC Campinas in Brazil in 1985.
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