Digging Deeper with the 2020 Year Replace Year Chart

With the start of each new year, many astrologers and diviners are anxious to share their look on the coming year. We, as a people, like to plan and prepare, and make the most of our opportunities. It’s human nature.

Feng Shui practitioners have added tools in their toolboxes including advanced star method charts and divination – that are not only for the beginning of a new year; but to help their clients throughout the year with their own properties and lives. One such chart is the Xuan Kong Year Replace Year chart. Well-versed practitioners are able to use this work even before they set foot onto a property or site.

Digging deeper, expert practitioner Jillian Rothschild-Scholar has reviewed and analyzed this chart for 2020 and enthusiastically shares her recommendations and insights in the Year Replace Year Chart below.  An in-depth review of the 9 sections of the BaGua can yield a lot of good information to extract.  This study allows you to review the hexagram that occupies or ‘rules’ a particular sector for that year. When you know the energetic influence of the hexagram, you can strategically position yourself in that area based on your endeavor.

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There are three components of the chart in each gua.  These include the Annual Star, the number at the top corner of the box; the Grand Duke Star, the number at the bottom of the box, and the Xuan Kong Da Gua hexagram. 

Pay attention to a sector in which you have a bedroom, office, study room, and kitchen. Really, any room that you spend a great deal of time!  And see Jillian’s thoughts on each one below…

East: #60 REGULATE aka Limitations – curbs extremes in personal relationships. Define connections. Distinguish things. Think before you act. Being thrifty and limiting expenditures, Avoid blind loyalty. Helps set guidelines and regulations/principles – by doing so, you can successfully accomplish something of true meaning.

Southeast: #8 UNITY aka Holding Together – helps you embrace social connections, explore new ideas, gathering together and unifying people, brings opportunities and connectedness. Good foundations for progress and evolution in a community and an individual.

South: #45 GATHERING aka Assembling – helps unite people though a common purpose and establish a strong central vision, helps trigger great ideas, you may have to make a sacrifice to succeed at a big project or plan, a great effort can bring great reward.

Southwest: #50 CAULDRON aka Cosmic Order – great for cultivating wisdom. Helps you transition knowledge into useful skills, gain control of your emotions – you can evolve emotions to get clarity.

West: #55 ABUNDANCE aka Abounding – helps you make judgements about what is good for your development and reform/eliminate any excessive attachments. Helps with self-discovery and learning that the Zenith of success is just a moment/usually brief. Feel a sense of satisfaction with the outside world.

Northwest: #53 GRADUAL PROGRESS aka Developing – helps cultivate patience and adaptability. Stay in the flow of slow unfolding events, relax and know there are no shortcuts ahead. Be calm, adaptable and deliberate. “Leaders who hold to righteousness in their duties cn now gain a prominent position” (Interesting because election is in PIG month which is NW position).

North: #27 NOURISH aka Jaws/Swallowing – helps you evaluate what goes in and out of your mouth. Food, words. Helps you correct the source of nourishment. Helps with discipline and pay attention to what you allow in to your sphere of awareness. If you can adjust, you can lead to greatness.

Northeast: # 6 LITIGATION – helps you face reality, becoming more realistic, adjusting expectations, looking inward -usually through some kind of contrast/conflict. Realizing universal truths. Compromise.

Center: #54 MARRYING MAIDEN aka Subordinate – helps with realizing your hidden potential, passion, desires. Things happen beyond your control – divine order. So you have to behave as a subordinate in relation to someone else to adjust and adapt.  Passivity and constant caution. Submissive. Helps you develop a clarity and long-range plan or idea.

This information is intended as a guide and the explanations are translated from ancient text. The summary for each hexagram is in no way comprehensive. If you want to learn more, grab your I Ching and read the commentary for each of the numbered hexagrams.


By knowing the effects of each hexagram in a particular sector, you can leverage the energetic influence to support your personal goals.

Wishing you a prosperous and healthy year ahead!

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Jillian Rothschild-Scholar

Jillian has been working in private Feng Shui consultancy since 2010. She is a classically trained Feng Shui expert. She specializes in collaborating with clients over time to awaken new possibilities and assist each client in achieving both personal and professional goals.  Read more about Jillian.

While there are some levels of plotted charts that can be used to determine and evaluate the complexities of the Year Replace Year as well as other charts in Classical Feng Shui, there is great value in hiring an expert, like Jillian, to truly determine the best course of action and reading for you.

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