Landform Feng Shui: Siting Your House for Construction

Siting Your Home for Construction

Are you currently selecting a site for a new home or thinking of doing so in the future?  If so, then consider using the Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of placement, to help you find the best property for your home construction and make the most of your investment. This 3,000 year-old tradition originally was used for the auspicious placement of government buildings and imperial palaces for Chinese emperors to assure their wealth, success, health and happiness. It is just as applicable in modern times, as you choose land to build your dream home.

A key component to site selection with Feng Shui is to find land with good “chi.” Chi means energy and the best sites have positive life force energy. Here are our top tips to help you identify good chi on your site and select a suitable site for your new home:

Vegetation: Look at the shrubbery and trees along with the animals that appear on the land. They should be healthy and vibrant.

Lot shape: Evenly shaped lots such as squares and rectangles are best as they allow for the most even distribution of chi energy.

Roads and Driveways: Roads with a meandering path are best as the chi can flow like a stream. This theory also applies  to driveways and walkways. Two-way traffic streets are best for locating your home. While one-way streets, dead end and cul-de-sacs are believed to contribute to stagnant or stuck chi.

The Facing Direction of Your Home: Feng Shui pays attention to the direction of a home in terms of power directions. These are the most favorable directions for you to face, sit or position yourself and are dependent upon your “Kua” number which is calculated through a formula based on your month, day and year of birth. Ideally, a home will face a top power direction for the head(s) of the household.

Water: It is considered very auspicious to have water at the front or facing side of the home. Think of the waterfront condos, lakeside homes or cities like Manhattan or San Francisco that sit on the water. The facing side of a home is defined as the most open view to the most open space.

Turtles and other animals: A turtle is symbolic of support and ideally every home should have a turtle behind it. This can literally be a hill or mountain behind the home. It can also be a tree line or another dwelling higher than the home. Other landform animals include the green dragon, the site line on the left side of the property, and the white tiger on the right side. The green dragon should be higher than the white tiger.  Planting a row of green hedges on the left side and shorter white Spirea on the right side can accomplish this if a site doesn’t naturally have the desired shape.

To be avoided: From a Feng Shui perspective, the experience of your property and home begins on the drive to it. Make sure the sights leading up to your property are pleasing. Keep away from high-tension wires, loud commercial business and overly trafficked streets.


The goal of selecting a site with Feng Shui for your construction project is to create a space in tranquil surroundings that support and empower you for years to come. So, take your time in selecting your site and explore all aspects of the property from aesthetics to convenience and safety. Best wishes for success!

Linda Ellson

About the authors
Linda Ellson is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, owner of Feng Shui Your World and a Licensed Realtor®.  She is a graduate of the American School of Classical Feng Shui and has done Mastery level studies with global Feng Shui Masters Lillian Too Joey Yap Master TK Lee and space clearing with Karen Kingston. Linda has been a professional Feng Shui consultant and teacher for more than 14 years and student of metaphysical and spiritual studies for over 25 years.


Co-author, Joanne Miechowski is the happily retired former Marketing Director of Feng Shui Your World.

Storyboard ONE by ONE

Katherine Metz, the founder and creator of Feng Shui Storyboard, which has now become The Storyboard ONE by ONE , studied with world-renowned H.H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun for 25 years. He was a revolutionary thinker who took the best of traditional Feng Shui and, with extraordinary insight, introduced new concepts to suit our changing world.   Read about her journey and how things are changing yet staying the same at the Storyboard.  

Feng Shui Storyboard ONE by ONE

Q: Please describe your very first coming into awareness about Feng Shui.
A: As a child, with shovel in hand and on the sly, I rearranged the flowers in neighboring gardens – much to the chagrin of my mother. As the creator and owner of Blooming Success, my interior landscaping business in the San Francisco Bay Area, mall operators asked for my assistance guiding the flow of visitors. They noticed that as I changed the plantings, people moved in ever-changing ways. We worked together to encourage movement that eased the movement of the elderly, provided teens with safe places to congregate, and opened areas of congestion.

I had not yet heard of Feng Shui.

It was standing on a mountain side, as a location scout for a movie film crew, that I realized I knew something about placement. After two days and wasting thousands of production dollars, I whispered, up close and personal, in the ear of the exasperated director, “Move the car just three feet to the right and you’ll get the shot.” Quite impertinent for a location scout, but successful.

This was the beginning of my search to learn more.

Q: What is your branch of Feng Shui? How have you made it your own?

A: I listened carefully for over twenty-five years, and with each and every meeting, Professor’s Black Sect teachings were broader and deeper. To this day, I continue to be inspired by his desire to share all that he knew.

In that same spirit, I created The Storyboard ONE by ONE, my chronicle of Professor’s mastery. The teachings are “Pure Professor,” rich and unaltered. They carry the weight of time and centuries of positive results. They are steeped in the humility of an enlightened being, and flow from his compassionate heart and wise mind.

With access to this robust and exclusive archive of Professor’s teachings, as well as my 36 years of experience, you can expect to develop a deep understanding of this work in your day-to-day life.

You will develop your craft and sharpen your skills with the knowledge that the information comes directly from One Lineage and One Master. This is the heart of The Storyboard ONE by ONE.

Q: How has Feng Shui changed your life?

A: In addition to becoming a career that has sustained me for 36 years, I am most grateful to truly understand the importance of a masterful mentor. Professor challenged me at every turn. He asked me to take risks. Perhaps, most importantly, he asked, “Are you ready, in an instant, to face someone in need, knowing the most precise and effective answer is at your fingertips?”

I learned that in all things, practice is necessary, courage is mandatory, and loving inspiration is paramount. I learned that it takes time and experience to offer answers that help untie knots and resolve unease. It takes an artist with a masterful sense of timing and great respect for the sanctity of another’s life to “simply” be present and aware. Compassion and inspiration unfold and beauty happens.

Q: Describe your school’s approach to teaching Feng Shui.

A: We must allow ourselves to be surprised by the present moment. In Professor’s words, “We must get a hold of our hearts.” The knowledge we provide enables one to confront chaos and complexity with reason and structure. The methods of spiritual cultivation we provide enable one to confront chaos and complexity with composure and wisdom. With both in place, inspiration and artistry will flourish.

It is our goal to support every student’s original and unique offering, and in the same breath, to offer warmth, courtesy, kindness, respect, generosity, humor, and precision.

Q: What is the newest addition to your curriculum?

A: The Storyboard ONE by ONE is the perfect place to unravel the hidden, quirky, and nuanced Feng Shui clues that you would surely miss without the trained, masterful eye of a Feng Shui Master Teacher.

Q: What is the latest area of expansion for your school?

A: Katherine On Call is open once again.

I have found that it is here, one on one, listening carefully, that we learn to hear Professor’s whispers of wisdom. I have been graced with the understandings of a master. They must not disappear with me.

Space is limited to 12, so act now. Call Katherine at 425.419.4469 to secure your spot and ask any questions you have. You may also email Katherine

Here are notes from former participants to help you understand why this may be the perfect way to continue to cultivate your mastery of Black Sect Feng Shui.

  • The teachings are true to the lineage, and I hear H. H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun come to life as Katherine shares her knowledge.
  • Katherine is accessible to answer questions every day. This is a rare opportunity to ask anything you wish! Her explanations are insightful, nuanced, and clear, reflecting her passion for maintaining the integrity of the lineage.
  • Truly mind expanding, even after years of study.

Q: Besides yourself, what does your school offer that is unique to Feng Shui training opportunities?

A: The Storyboard ONE by ONE offers flexibility – Your choice of 48 Case Files every time, any time, and from anywhere.

Q: What is your guiding philosophy about teaching Feng Shui?

A: Surround yourself with those with eyes to see beyond.

Q: What is your favorite nugget of wisdom about using Feng Shui yourself?

A: From the I Ching, a close and constant mentor:

“Success comes to those daring enough to initiate a new era.”

Q: What additional training does your school offer or plan to offer?

A: Katherine’s Practitioner’s Library contains more than 220 hours of audio and 24 eVolumes for purchase.

In the works and when the time is right – a cross country, photographic road trip meeting practitioner’s and clients.


Storyboard with Katherine Metz

Katherine Metz, the founder and creator of Feng Shui Storyboard, which has now become The Storyboard ONE by ONE, studied with world-renowned H.H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun for 25 years. He was a revolutionary thinker who took the best of traditional Feng Shui and, with extraordinary insight, introduced new concepts to suit our changing world.

Over the years, Katherine chronicled her teacher’s words, honoring his knowledge by chronicling his teachings as succinctly as possible. She now expertly shares her first-hand account of Professor’s teachings and over 36 years of experience as a practitioner, teacher, and mentor. Her quiet presence and nuanced writings continue to educate and inspire students and practitioners around the world.


Building Your Home with Feng Shui Principles

Feng Shui can be applied to many areas of your home including the entire floor plan, a room, or even a single piece of furniture.  Building a home?  Feng Shui on a vacant lot?  Absolutely.  Find out more from Carole Hyder.

Most Feng Shui consultants will agree that the “typical” appointment they facilitate takes place in someone’s existing home. The client may have just moved in, or are thinking about remodeling, or they feel they just need a change.

However, that’s not to say that Feng Shui has no value if the house has not been built yet. Truthfully, it is never too early to engage a consultant. In fact, a consultant should be involved prior to any building and, if possible, prior to selecting the land on which the home will be built. 

Building Your Home with Feng Shui

Below are a few actions that I’ve learned are most beneficial to help when building a home that is meaningful and intentional.


  1. Opt for a square- or rectangular-shaped lot. These are the most stable and balanced shapes—which translates to a stable and balanced life.
  2. Ascertain that the lot is not at the end of a dead end or a cul de sac so that the ch’i can easily flow. Nor is it near a cemetery where the ch’i is too yin potentially creating a health issue.
  3. Consider doing a blessing on the land which could take the form of simply walking the property. It is a way of introducing yourself to the land and asking permission to live there. Walking the perimeter of the lot (if possible) is another way to claim the land. Spreading birdseed while you’re walking underscores the intention of growth and expansion. A Feng Shui consultant can assist with any of this or you may have your own ritual.



  1. Find the exact center point of your new home while it is still under construction. Place something in the ceiling (a special stone, a poem you’ve written, a photo, etc.) or draw something on the under-flooring at that exact point to mark the heaven-and-earth connection of your home.
  2. Place coins or money in each of the 4 corners of the structure before they’re sealed up with concrete. This is a message about abundance. How many or what they amount to is up to your discretion, however, the larger the dollar amount the stronger the intention. (I had a client who put the equivalent of $99 in each corner of their home—-never to be seen again. Just an idea!)
  3. Write a letter to your home outlining your goals and dreams for this new home and for your life and that of your family. Tuck it into the wall somewhere—or maybe that’s what you put in the center of your home. It doesn’t matter that you may never see it again.


The suggestions I’ve outlined above can be done privately when you’re feeling grateful, thoughtful, and excited about the prospects this new place will bring. You could also engage your family to be part of creating the energy of your new place.

When you work with your home in these very beginning building stages, it will become accustomed to your presence and your intentions. The payoff is that it will help you create not only a new home but also a new life.

Carole Hyder is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker, teacher, author and trainer in the field of Feng Shui. Carole has been a Feng Shui consultant since 1992, having studied with His Holiness Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun, Her Holiness Crystal Chu Rinpoche, and Roger Green. She founded the Wind and Water Center, formerly the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui, in 1998.

Tips to Maximize Your Virtual Feng Shui Consultation

As old as Feng Shui is (thousands of years), consultants today are finding new and interesting ways to bring modern connections to this ancient art.  Through technology advancements and understanding a changing climate, consultants who used to go to a client’s workspace or home, are now using online technology to share their knowledge and help their clients co-create their Feng Shui havens.

As more consultants offer virtual contact + more clients receptive to the idea given that they are working and learning from home more and more – there are added questions about how can this work.  

Maximize Your Virtual Feng Shui Consultations

Why consider a virtual consultation?

Are you looking for ideas to refresh or redecorate your home?  As you spend more time in your home, maybe you have noticed that there are areas that feel cluttered and stagnant.  Maybe the paint color on the walls feels drab and you notice the furniture worn.  Something feels off, but you do not know how to fix it.

Making your home more comfortable can really help during uncertain times, especially if you are suddenly working from home and trying to find that new routine.

Long time Feng Shui professional and designer, Julie Ann Segal of Metro Interiors, has created a list of tips to help get you thinking about your space as well as your goals and thoughts for your life.

  • Make a list of each room in your home. Make notes for each room on what does not feel right as well as what does. What pieces are most important to you?
  • Is there a room that is being neglected? What type of space can you transform it into, for example, turning an unused bedroom into a craft room that will inspire you to create?
  • Write down your favorite colors.
  • Look through magazines to get ideas on how you want your space to feel.

“What you have in your home creates your story. I want you to surround yourself with what you love – to be able to express yourself and live in comfort.” ~~Julie Ann

Maximize Your Virtual Feng Shui Consultations

Julie Ann also has developed an opportunity of working with a client in specifically one room called “The Inside Story: One Room Virtual Interior Design Video.”  This smaller package allows clients who might be on the fence about Feng Shui – or on a limited budget – to access the gifts and benefits of Feng Shui before doing their wholespace.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You provide photos of all angles of your room, along with any documentation that could help better understand your needs (blueprints, furniture pieces, etc).
  2. Fill out her in-house style quiz.
  3. Julie Ann will send you an 8-12-minute video with expert interior design and Feng Shui tips for your room. Video allows you to see color suggestions and design advice live in action. 

“With an online [virtual consultation] you can easily have a room of your dreams, even when you’re stuck at home.” 

Virtual Consultations with Julie Ann SegalJulie Ann Segal
Interior Designer, Feng Shui consultant, and President of Metro Interiors, Julie Ann is renowned for her deep commitment to providing clients with state of the art design. Always on the cutting edge, Julie Ann’s dynamic approach utilizes all resources within reach. Read more about Julie Ann.  Go to her website at: Metro Interiors.

Want quick tips for a one-room makeover without leaving the house? Expert interior designer Julie Ann Segal will use her “Fun” Shui design process to help you create the room of your dreams – virtually!  Find out more about The Inside Story:  One Room Virtual Interior Design Video Package offer

Better Home = Better Life But HOW?

It is a modern belief that if you have a beautiful home, you will have a beautiful life. The belief that you can improve your life by surrounding yourself with a prettier space is demonstrated in the media all the time – on TV, in books, magazines, online and even in stores.

You understand that you will be healthier, happier, have more money, make love more often, and of course just be a better, nicer and happier person if your space is nice and prettier to look at.

You heard this, you believe this, and now there are the BIG questions:

How do you get there as quickly, smoothly and peacefully as possible without losing money, time or your sanity? How to avoid the most disastrous mistakes that are always made on construction projects?

Right now, our world is starting to wake up to understand how our spaces and places deeply impact our wellbeing. This is great progress, though there is still seems to be one big hiccup. Most people only use one sense – the eyes – to appreciate spaces. This is a grave mistake leading to an imbalance in the creation of all spaces resulting in chaos internally plus ultimately dis-ease, dysfunction and dissatisfaction. This needs to be adjusted with a more sustainable perspective.

Feng Shui is about the mindful creation, arrangement and renovation of your environments in order to help you realign them for your best experience in this moment and going forward. It is a process and a practice.

Using Feng Shui during the journey of a home renovation will result in the realignment of the space, a more balanced approach and the sustainable end results will be the reward.

This is more than just using your eyes to make a pretty space, but using all your senses and elements to make a truly balanced space for a deeper sense of lasting joy.

There are some steps you can take to avoid these horrible stressors that robe you of the dream of your ideal home and a better life. There are some mindful things you can do to provide you with the pretty space you believe will result in a happier life, but also with the tools that will ensure that this is more than just skin deep. We want you to have a pretty space that has a solid foundation that truly gives you the dream life you so deserve while being in balance with all beings and the planet.

Below are some of the steps you can take on your journey of a mindful Home Renovation using Feng Shui. It is not exhaustive list, but it is a start. Start where you are.

Discover your WHY. The power of your intention will have a deep impact on the success and process of creating your dream project. Feng Shui is about setting intentions and this is the first step in this process of your home creation. Not understanding your reason behind the renovation will often lead to changes in the middle of the project which result in loss of money and time. Start here and your foundation for the project will begin strongly.

Write Down WHAT it is that you want to have. This is an obvious one, but in our increasingly hectic and rushed world, we often skip the obvious. Do not skip this. Write down exactly what you want to include in your project, what is essential to have and what are only the ‘nice to have’s’. This will allow you to save time later as and when you need to adjust due to time or budget reasons without having to dig deep into yourself for these answers. This also allows for all partners in the process having a say in it and being heard. If the space is to be shared, then it is best to make sure all family members participate in the process of creation.

Find your Dream Team and do not think you can DIY everything. Use professionals when needed and stop thinking that you are more capable to do it on your own. Our modern society has lied to us and told us that it was better to do things on our own and to be totally independent. This is not how the best of human creations have ever been done and your home renovation is no different. You are skilled in some things I am certain, though I am certain you are not skilled in everything. So finding others that have the skills you lack will help you to achieve what it is you are setting out to do. Plus the journey is much less lonely with a team than driving it solo.

No one wants to spend more money than necessary, however, in the arena of spending money on your home renovation, you need to realistic and honest about what the value of the project costs are. Create a realistic budget and keep in mind that this is your sacred space to keep you and your family safe, secure and to provide comfort and protection. What is this worth to you?

Skimping on products and materials in the space that is your ‘home’ seems to be counterintuitive to the ultimate goal of having a dream home. I suggest you ask yourself the question of whether the choice is a sustainable one and listen to your heart for the right answer. Also do not forget to include all costs in the budget so not to be shocked when the furniture delivery fees or temporary accommodation costs are required.

A home renovation is a journey and a process. There are steps that must be done, in a specific sequence and to go out of order will disrupt the process and often end in disastrous, and expensive fixes and re-dos. Follow the natural order of the cycle and what needs to be done in a sequence and you will be getting to your final destination quicker and less painfully. Do not rush the process and allow it to unfold as it is meant to, just like watching a garden grow. Rushing things only results in a poor harvest. I suggest you honor each step and cycle of the journey, recognizing it and celebrating the mini-successes along the way.

Making sure the design is more than just a pretty space is essential to the long-term success of the renovation. Both in the quality of the materials, fixtures, fittings and furnishings but also in the selection of these. Use of the Five Elements can often bring in a balanced and harmonic design element to your home that ensures you are not creating an environment that will be out of balance right away. Your choice of colors, shapes, materials and location of these will all work together to create the space and how it feels to live in it. Chose wisely.

Home renovations are like doing surgery on your nest, so it is common that it causes discomfort and disorganized energy during the process. Recognition of this in advance can allow you to make some adjustments to your own energy management so you can maintain your own balance throughout the journey in a more calm, smooth and clear manner.

Taking the time to allow yourself time & space away from the project can allow you to regain your perspective and calm any high emotions so you can clearly proceed forward. Maybe taking a mini-holiday during the middle of the project will give you the much needed break to bring back the joy in the journey.

After the construction is done, the space is cleaned in a physical manner since the job site will often still be dirty from the left-over materials and construction debris. This is the physical space that needs to be cleaned. This cleaning will also help to shift some of the energetic debris left over from the construction, however, it is much more powerful if you allow the process of a proper space clearing and blessing once the space is completed, the contractors are finished and have left. The space clearing can include a sage burning, salt bowl ritual or orange-peel ritual and I often include the ringing of bells to remove the disruptive vibrations from the construction process and brining in new ones. This ritual honors the journey of the renovation and celebrates the completion of the process.

Once your home is done it is important to review your own way of looking at the space and adjust your eyes to become more normalized again. During the home renovation process, we start to focus our attention on the details and often get obsessively involved on the little things. This can be helpful during the home renovation journey; however, it is not helpful in your life afterwards. You need to get a larger, more holistic view of your whole life, the whole planet and not fret on the little things. You will always see things you would do differently the second time around after a home renovation. This is normal and part of the life learning process. However, it is not something to reduce your joy, your success or your experience of being in your new home. Adjust your eyes to see the bigger picture with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude and your space will love you back. Don’t waste time sweating the small stuff but bask in the joy of your new space.

It’s not just another pretty space. ~ S. Lee Wright

In case you feel you’d like more information on how to complete your own home renovation with the power of Feng Shui, here are two additional resources that may be of service to you on this journey:

Feng-Shui-Tips-Home-Renovations is a book which provides a step-by-step guide on how to manage the renovation process in a mindful and conscious manner for a better experience and better results in a more in-depth, detailed manner than the above broad strokes. Additional versions focus on either the Kitchen or the Bathroom.

Alternatively, there are educational video series, Feng Shui Renovations which provides a more visual experience with real design project examples using Feng Shui and the Five Elements during home renovations to result in more balanced spaces.

S. Lee Wright
Lee’s overall Vision is to help as many people as possible to understand the power of space to enhance and enrich their lives. Her mission is to teach them how to do this for themselves. As a licensed Interior Designer, certified Feng Shui expert, Lee collaborates to create spaces plus she hosts a series of online classes, exotic retreats, writes books, designs courses and offers lifestyle coaching. Lee is always seeking creative collaborations! Read more about Lee.  Go to her website at: Change Your Space.

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