Career Outlook for All Signs for 2021

From astrologer, author, and Feng Shui expert, Donna Stellhorn.  February 12, 2021 brings the Year of the Metal Ox and new energy. Coming out of the Metal Rat year in 2020, we learned to adapt to new circumstances and to hustle for what we wanted. Now, energy becomes more deliberate, measured, and steady. Ox energy is about rebuilding and planting new seeds for an abundant harvest in the future. Keep reading for predictions for each sign for your career prospects in 2021. 

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Rat natives, you have likely experienced some changes in your career in the past year, and now there are more changes ahead. But you may be feeling some longing for doing what you did in the past or wondering if it would be more profitable to return to what you’ve done before. So this year, even though there is the pull to do new things, you may step back into an old job or past profession. However, Rat natives, you have started a new 12-year cycle, and so it’s difficult to retreat. You can take all the knowledge, contacts, and experience forward, but it is hard to slide back.

Networking is key this year. You can connect through individuals, organizations, or groups. You may not feel as though this is worthwhile at first, but by April, you find these links really paying off. Consider joining a professional group for a career boost. Find like-minded people in Facebook groups and be active about posting. Also, look at humanitarian groups as you can meet interesting people who can open up career doors for you while at the same time, you have the joy of helping others.

A new job or promotion opportunity opens itself up for you in early October. If you’re a contract employee, your contract may be extended at this time. Promises made to you in the past of promotions or salary increases come through for you in 2021, making this a strong career year for you.


For Ox natives, career is an important area this year. While you’re not necessarily a big fan of change, you may have been wanting to make some adjustments in your career trajectory over the last year or so. Now opportunities begin to manifest.

Ox natives may live by the philosophy that slow and steady wins the race; this year, you will recognize if you’re racing for a winning team. If there is some cracks in the veneer of your company or your industry, take that as an early warning sign of hurdles ahead. It’s time for you to look into careers that offer more stability and income possibilities.

Technology is important this year, and so the more you can work on your tech skills by learning new platforms and software, the more opportunities you are going to have. Additionally, your ability to work with others and to bridge communication gaps will help you enormously. This could be dealing with differences in language or explaining data from quality control to the marketing department.

As you progress through the year, you will be aware of something coming to an end in May. This could be a contract deadline or a project coming to a close. This is a natural jumping-off place if you want to change jobs. For those Ox natives in a stable job, this period could bring a change of management, or your company may be acquired by a larger firm. Watch out for the ripples from a corporate shakeup.


Tiger natives, while you may be looking around at job opportunities, it’s possible you won’t make a big career move until 2022. That said, there are some lateral moves or some small shifts possible where you change companies but work the same type of job as before. There is interesting energy for this in May, October, and possibly January 2022.

There is very positive energy around acquiring new skills. You may be in some accelerated education program this year. This could be for sales, social media marketing, or web design. Tiger natives are often early adopters, ready to jump into new technology and had the courage to explore new ways of thinking. You may also be developing skills in organizing groups of people and speaking in front of an audience.

It’s likely you’ll receive some recognition this year for your contribution to the company or your own business. This could come in the form of recommendations from managers or great reviews from customers.

For those Tiger natives who are working around people, you are getting high marks. You are well-liked among your coworkers, and you find them helpful and supportive. More Tiger natives will be working at home, but you may not find the isolation much to your liking. You may opt to switch back to an office situation in November or early December. The ideal situation for you would be a flexible one where you could go into the office a few days a week and work at home the rest of the time.


Energy around career comes together this year after the disruption of the previous 12 months. You might find coworkers a little bit shell-shocked and looking to lean on you for encouraging words. This year you venture forward, building your skills in organizing and pulling people together to benefit everyone in the organization.

Those Rabbit natives who own a business can find lots of assistance through government programs and the usual financing sources such as banks and crowdfunding websites. The community is coming together to help you. It’s good to let people know what kind of help would be most useful for you this year. Allow others to publicize what you need and just open your arms to accept.

The month of June brings some changes in your industry, and these could trickle down to affect your job. But Rabbit native, you are unruffled. You saw this coming a while back, and you have your escape route well-planned. As you reconnect with colleagues who have moved on to other positions, you will see doors opening for you that you can effortlessly bounce into.

Towards the end of the year in December, you may be called upon to educate some fellow coworkers on new procedures or to bring people up to speed on an important project. This puts some pressure on you. But management will be open to hearing your suggestions and is on your side. Take any concerns you have to them early and they will step in to support you.


Dragon natives enter 2021 with an eye for making changes. After all the disruption of last year, you recognize that you are good at changing directions, and so this year, you may be thinking “why not.” There are opportunities for making more money if you jump to a new company or even a new industry. This energy lasts all year but is particularly strong in November. During that month, doors will open and welcome you in.

What really helps your career this year is your myriad of connections with people from different professions and walks of life. People seem to flock around you, and this gives you networking opportunities that others envy. In some industries, Dragon natives will notice cutbacks and downsizing, and here you can step in to help your friends. You can bestow a few favors and receive endless gratitude.

Dragon natives also may be inspired to return to some creative endeavor that you were doing years ago. You may be experiencing a renaissance of interests or through technology, can find new ways of delivering music, art, or writing. What might have been a side business or even just a hobby now starts to make you some actual money.

Some Dragon natives will join with their families to open a business together. This could be with adult children or extended family. You’re good at spotting talent. You could assemble a team with a family member to do the back office, another to do sales, and someone in charge of marketing.


Now you’re entering the harmonious year of the Metal Ox, 2021, and Snake natives can feel happy as this is very grounded, well-paced practical energy. You can now focus on building your business. This is right up your alley as Snake natives have lots of business acumen. You may be changing jobs in 2021, but it’s more likely you will have an offer of a new position and then can use that offer to gain a promotion or salary increase at your current job. The high point of career energy is in June, and this is when you want to be ready to negotiate with management.

This year Snake native, you may have more work than you can handle. Your success in previous years has brought you to the attention of management, and they may pile projects onto your desk. This is also true for Snake natives who have a business. Your previous success now multiplies, expanding your territory or customer base and causing you much more work. This is a good year for you to learn how to delegate, streamline operations, or eliminate unnecessary tasks.

Snake natives have good career opportunities in education, legal, import-export, and international relations. You may have to take a licensing or certification exam this year, and this is something you do not want to put off. This energy could be quite difficult for you in November and December. Try to do any sort of retesting or paperwork for licensing earlier in the year.


This is a much better year than last year for Horse natives with quite a few opportunities for working interesting jobs, part-time gigs, or expanding your own business. Many of these opportunities are in creative fields such as web design, entertainment, the dating industry, or anything to do with children and art. This year there is a focus on doing things you really love to do and expanding that into full-time employment. You may have been dabbling before, but now you can get some real traction on this.

If you work for somebody else, a new contract for employment could come in May or December, but some negotiation will be needed to get the terms you want. But don’t be afraid to ask for everything you’re looking for. The emphasis this year is on a flexible work environment. It’s likely you would be able to work at home or just in the office part-time.

It’s important to find your footing again after the disruption of the last year. Horse natives might feel less productive in February and March. Sometimes it takes you a while to get up to a full gallop. It’s helpful to focus on what you love about your current job or actively look for a new job. In April and September, you may find that through productivity apps, reworking your calendar, and with the support of your family that you have made much more progress in less time. This could land you a big opportunity at the end of the lunar year in January 2022.

Sheep (or Goat or Ram)

This year Sheep (or Goat or Ram) natives may be following their dream job, making the climb toward something that really brings you fulfillment. You may be working from home full-time with your own business or through an employer. There are a couple of exceptional Sheep natives who will change their home for their career by relocating or teaching in a foreign country.

Most success for Sheep natives comes from jobs involving technology and home life. This could mean construction, interior design, home healthcare, landscaping, real estate investments, etc. Helping people find happy, secure homes will bring you a lot of career success. By November, you have received some recognition from a manager or great reviews from clients, which gives your career a boost.

For Sheep natives who are looking for work, you won’t have any trouble finding an interesting job this year. Your perseverance in studying new technology can give you a leg up in the competition. It’s possible to get a supervisory position where you have a team. But everything still looks like it’s run remotely and so you have lots of time to spend at home with your family.

Sheep natives have opportunities for lucrative business partnerships such as finding a mentor, advisor, or influencer to help you out. This could be a professional who helps you with your resume or a person who is a full-time, fully invested business partner. Watch out in May, where miscommunications could cause some issues. But once you pass that, it’s a swift climb to the top.


While Monkey natives may not like putting the brakes on in the metal Ox year, there is no one more adaptable than you are. And so you find, after a couple of months of adjusting and rebuilding, your career goes well this year. Professions involving communication or transportation will do very well. Also, look at opportunities in the music industry, health and fitness, writing, teaching, publishing, and translating.

If you prefer to cobble together several different jobs to give yourself more flexibility, you will have no trouble whatsoever finding a long list of places wanting to employ you. That said, there are technical jobs involving communication or customer service that you can do full time. If you want to take a bigger risk, consider working for a startup in the tech field.

At your job you generally find hard-working, interesting people to work with. But there will be occasional challenges with some personalities. Be tactful and diplomatic in May as well as November. During these months, misunderstandings could bring trouble to an office situation with a coworker. Some Monkey natives may opt for an opportunity to work at home rather than deal with office politics.

Monkey natives who are looking for work, April brings some good opportunities and a potential contract for employment. There will be a more lucrative deal if you’re willing to relocate as part of the process. This could be a move to the next county or to another country. This could bring adventure as well as some great new connections.


Rooster natives know how to work with the energy brought by the metal Ox in 2021. You’re in harmony this year, and you have many career opportunities. Jobs in sales, high-end goods, social media marketing, and jobs dealing with supply chains are all fields where you can easily find profitable employment.

For those Rooster natives who own a business, you can also rebuild your business from the disruptions of the previous year. There are opportunities to expand your territory using technology or social media connections. Very niche businesses will do best in the metal Ox year as you collect together your “1000 true fans”. There’s more energy this year for balancing work and home life. Rather than knocking yourself out trying to get every customer, there’s a strong focus on having the right customers.

If you’re looking for work, you have several months bringing possibilities, including May, June, October, and December. Additionally, the harmonious energy of 2021 allows you to work on projects that really speak to your heart. This is a good year to launch your own business, especially one that’s bootstrapped, taking on no external debts. If you have adult children who are interested in business, bring them on board.

This year Rooster natives have opportunities for government jobs or getting government assistance for your own business. There is help for you to get through the patches where you may be between gigs. Others can be quite helpful this year, even those who seem to ignore you last year.


This is a year of vitality and career ambition for Dog natives. You may find yourself in high demand, especially as a team leader or manager. You also have moneymaking opportunities for doing something unusual this year. You can find unique jobs that few other people can get. Jobs like being a Disney character, pearl diver, or skydiving instructor are the kind of offbeat jobs you might find available to you this year. It’s good to think outside the box when you’re looking for ways to make money doing something you really love.

There is, for the most part, job stability if you wish to stay in your current position. It’s possible to work out of the home or have a flexible work schedule. The money and time that saves you in commuting and in childcare can really make this a profitable year for you. But working outside the office can feel a little isolating for Dog natives. You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons. You may receive some recognition for the work you’ve done around April when managers or customers single you out for praise.

For Dog natives who are business owners, you’re quite busy this year. You may be contracting work out with product manufacturers or marketing companies. Your business may outgrow the dining room table this year, and you may look for office space. You will have innovative ideas when it comes to marketing, managing employees, or finding funding. Sales in December may hit a new record.

Pig (or Boar)

Pig (or Boar) natives are quite comfortable in their career this year. The harmonious metal Ox energy can help you continue to rebuild what was upset in 2020. Your job is more stable, and you may be able to continue throughout the year with few bumps in the road. This is especially true if you work in the fields of healthcare, alternative health, entertainment, or in any job that people would associate with vices such as bartending or the cannabis industry.

Pig natives who are looking for work can find lucrative contracts when it comes to sales, jobs in communication as well as transportation. And while these jobs could come easily, they’re not necessarily your true calling. The opportunity you’re hoping for may come along in May or June. It will take a little bit of negotiation to get everything you want, but you have the power to say the right words to get a signed offer.

It’s good to keep an eye on the industry you work in, especially if you are in retail sales as there could be some top-down changes that trickle down to affect your job in November or December. Be ready with your updated resume to make a change.

If you own a business, you are working a great deal behind the scenes, perhaps getting ready to launch a new product. You may be working extra hours this year just because your business is expanding. When hiring help, you may find remote workers give you the most bang for your buck.


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Donna Stellhorn is an Astrologer and Feng Shui expert with more than 25 years’ experience. She’s the author of 15 books including Fühl Dich wohl mit Feng Shui (published in 1996 by Fischer Switzerland) Sage and Smudge: Secrets to Clearing Your Personal Space (1999 by ETC Publishing Reno NV) Feng Shui Form (2006 by ETC Publishing) and A Path to Pregnancy: Ancient Secrets for the Modern Woman (a Feng Shui guide to adding fertility energy 2014 by ETC Publishing). Donna’s annual Chinese Astrology series is the best-selling Chinese Astrology series in the world. 

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