Create Your Ideal Home Selling Experience

Learn why it’s important to clear ourselves of limiting or negative beliefs that get in the way of our goals especially when selling a home, by Feng Shui professional, teacher and amazing artist, Tina Falk

Create Your Ideal Home Selling Experience, Tina FalkChange Your Mindset

Many things motivate us to put our house up for sale. Sometimes it’s joyful events: a growing family needing more space; empty nesters wanting smaller space to create more freedom for their new normal; a job change that calls for relocation. Sometimes it’s unfortunate events like divorce, job loss, or a health crisis that leaves no choice but to move. Whatever the reason, we face varying degrees of confusion, doubt, chaos, uncertainty, fear and even resentment and pain.

So, why is it important to clear ourselves of limiting or negative beliefs that get in the way of our goals? Because we need to make sure our beliefs surrounding the sale and transition support our purpose and goals in a positive manner. We have all heard or lived the nightmare stories about deals that fall through, agents that don’t communicate, buyers that won’t budge and scam moving companies. The more we listen to these stories and retell them (gossip) the more we secure this belief into our subconcious, thus becoming more likely to recreate these scenarios for ourselves.

Stop yourself from going down that road of fear and negativity and check in! How are you dealing with challenges as they come up? Are you modeling positive responses (not reactions) in front of others, like your children? No need to imprint your children with the belief that the home selling process is grueling and not fair. Wouldn’t it be fun to tell your friends how awesome your experience was because you decided to make it that way?!

Give & Receive

To give and receive is the nature of the ruling forces that govern our earthly experience. What you put out there, you will get back. Start the day in a crabby mood and we have all seen where that gets us. You start by getting out of bed stubbing your toe, then you forget where you left the keys, your coffee isn’t what your ordered and the day snowballs into other events that you create until you catch yourself by realizing that you won’t make it through the day if this keeps up! You stop yourself, take a deep breath and the the energy shifts and the day turns out to be alright after all. Am I right?

Same thing with selling your house. If you are going into this process only thinking about what YOU are going to get out of it…well, it’s gonna be a challenging road. Of course, you may need to make a certain amount of money to make your deserved profit, cover expenses and assist you in moving forward. We want the process to be smooth and for everyone to show up and do their part. But, what’s YOUR part? How are you going to show up for the new owner? Will you be generous with your time in answering their questions and addressing their concerns, or will you feel put-off and aggravated by the hassle? Will you meet them in a fair place or will you stand so firm that you send a negative vibe throughout the whole ordeal, thus creating more hassle for you down the road? What are you willing to give? It’s not all about you and what YOU will get out of this? There has to be give and take. Not just between you and your buyer, but you and your agent, the finance broker, the appraiser, and anyone else you need to work with along the way. The more you see this as a Give and Receive event, the more your experience will be met with clarity, ease and joy. And I’ll bet that you do end up getting what you really want because you were willing to give a little more of yourself, your time, your energy.

Get Real Clear!

Sit with your family members and write out a list of all the POSITIVE aspects you wish to be a part of this transition. Write a list of your intentions for selling this house. Do you want to the buyer to pay their own closing costs, or be a nice family that fits right in with your wonderful neighbors? Perhaps you want new homeowners who will appreciate the hard work and attention to detail you put into the building of this home, or that they love the home as much as you did and that they create beautiful memories here. Do you wish for helpful people to show up to assist you in packing, cleaning and moving? How about desiring that the transactions go smoothly, without misinterpretation or any unexpected expenses!

Be sure to create another list that describes what kind of home you are looking for next and how you want that to play out and support the next phase in your family’s life! Wrap these lists up in a silver ribbon, or place in a silver box, and place them in the northwest area of your home. This will invite helpful people to assist with your intentions.

Always consider all parties involved. Be empathetic to others, bring trustworthy people into your experience, and be forthright. The belief that this process should be arduous and trying is an old belief that needs to be broken down. Create your own way! Make this experience unique to you — make friends and good karma along the way.

With a positive mindset, clarity and a little give and take, your real estate transaction can become a process to write home about!


Tina Falk, Create Your Ideal Home Selling ExperienceTina Falk is a Utah based Feng Shui professional, passionate teacher and incredibly talented artist. She uses many perspectives of Feng Shui when working with her clients and students, and loves looking at connections between mind, body, soul, and the environment. Her infectious smile and compassionate heart make her a client’s dream. Read more about Tina.


 Article/Image Source:  Create Your Ideal Home Selling Experience

Feng Shui Tips for Moving into a New Home

From Anjie Cho, Feng Shui Tips for Moving into a New Home helps you get started making your new space uniquely and wonderfully yours!

Anjie Cho - Feng Shui Tips for Moving into a New Home

Where we live is an essential element of our lives. It is where we feel safe.  It is such a precarious time when we are moving into a home, so it is during this transition time that Feng Shui can be of great assistance.  It is helpful to implement some Feng Shui when moving because it’s easy and extremely effective to start off your home with the right fundamentals in place. Below are some simple Feng Shui tips when moving into a new home.

Space Clearing

When you move into a new apartment or house, it may have lingering energy of past inhabitants.  This energy may be stagnant or negative, so it’s beneficial to start your life there with a clean slate.  The best way to do this is with a space clearing.  This can be done before you move in, with your boxes unpacked, or even after you have already unpacked.  But is best to do this as early as possible.  This process is a way of blessing the space, so be sure to do so with the intention that you are creating a new home to support and nourish you.  Start opening all of the windows and doors for a minimum of nine minutes.  After 9 minutes of airing out the entire place, use orange essential oil to clear the space.  You can purchase an orange essential oil spay or get a diffuser for each room.  Oranges are very auspicious and the essence from the peels transforms energy into something positive and bright life affirming.

Rededicate the Home

After you have cleared the place of the existing energy, it is time to rededicate this space as your home.  Begin by selecting one personal object per room that has a positive special meaning for you.  Some examples are: family photos of happy times, an heirloom with positive memories, or a favorite plant. Place one personal object in each room starting at the entry, and then go clockwise placing the other objects in the additional rooms. Pay special attention to the entry, the kitchen, office and bedrooms.  After each object is located in each room, head back to the entry door.  From the entry, proceed clock wise from room to room.  In each room focus your positive and joyful intentions for your new home on first by recognizing your personal object then the room that it is now in.  Visualize that the happiness associated with that object is filled the room with supportive and lucky energy.

Command Position

My last suggestion is to do your best to locate your new furniture based on the command position.  In Feng Shui the concept of the command position is to locate your bed, desk, stove and other major furniture in such a way that it has the most expansive view of the entry door for the particular room.  You always want to be facing the door, while not directly in line of the door.  This typically means that you would be in command when placing your bed diagonally from the door, on the opposite side of the room and facing the door with the wall behind your headboard.  This position allows you to be in command of your home and life, creating a stress free and relaxing abode.

Congratulations on your new home!  Remember that Feng Shui is about focusing conscious intention in whatever you do. With all these Feng Shui tips remember that you are improving the energy flow in your life to create a safe and nurturing abode.


Anjie ChoAnjie Cho is a registered New York State Architect and Feng Shui Interior Designer.  She has created beautiful and nourishing environments throughout New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and beyond. She is also the co-founder of Mindful Design Feng Shui School. Read more about Anjie.

Article/Photo Source:  Feng Shui Tips for Moving into a New Home

Top Feng Shui Tips to Help You Sell Your Home

For Sale - Real Estate TipsProfessional Feng Shui consultants from around the world shared some of their favorite tips and suggestions to help guide clients who are trying to sell their home.  You have heard of curl appeal, now we are introducing you to Feng Shui appeal.  What a space not only looks good but feels good too, it is bound to sell faster.

1.  Clutter Clearing

  • Nearly all agree, clutter clearing is one of the most important things you can do for your space.  As one stated, “clear clutter, clear clutter, clear clutter!”
  • De-personalize the space, remove family photos, clear off the refrigerator, and put away extra electronics and cords.
  • Don’t forget to clean the basement (or lower level), as everything in the basement anchors a homeowner and can keep them locked in the current home.

2.  Curb Appeal and Front Door

  • Manicure the yard and put welcoming plants in red, yellow or lush green at both sides of the front door.
  • Put a wind chime at the entrance to create good chi keep the positive energy in the home.
  • A water element (mirrors work well) combined with plants and good lighting enhance the WOW factor of a good feeling as you enter the home.
  • A new door mat creates a new energy at the front door.
  • Keep the front stoop clean and well lit.
  • Cut back any shrubs that overhang the path to the front door – the front door should be easy to see and access.
  • Make sure the house number is easy to see and read.

3.  Support Helpful People and your Intention

To attract a new homeowner, it’s important to support and encourage helpful people to guide you along the way.  This includes the right agent, home stager, landscaper, cleaner, painter, handyman and others.

Several Helpful People tips include:

  • Create a metal ‘Helpful People’ box and place it in the Northwest section of the home or in the area to the right of the front door.
  • Place the real estate agent’s card, the price you desire for the home, and a welcome greeting for the potential buyer in the box.
  • Tie the keys in the lock box with 9 inches of red ribbon.
  • Write an intention of the amount needed to make a successful sale.
  • Determine five of current homeowners most treasured possessions, pack them up and seal them in a moving box as a sign of being “ready, willing, and able” to move.
  • Place the “for sale” sign to the right of the property, and display the sales materials in upright racks rather than flat on the table where they are symbolically “lying down on the job. ”

4.  Staging

Staging incorporates some factors of de-cluttering, but it is also important to make sure the furniture fits the space and function.

  • Make sure furniture is placed in the Command Position, especially in the living room and bedroom, and home office if there is one.  When potential buyers walk in and see/feel that they will be able to be “in charge of their lives” in this home, they feel more comfortable immediately.
  • Make sure that each room has a singular purpose. So if the seller had a room set up as a guest room and office, decide which is needed more to sell the home, a guest room or an office and make it that.
  • Remove excess furniture and accessories; it’s important to make the home feel open and spacious so the potential buyers can envision themselves in it.  You have to literally make space for them!
  • If home is occupied, have live healthy plants in every room; if the home is unoccupied, use silk plants.
  • Wash the windows, inside and out.  Windows are the eyes of the home, make them sparkle!
  • Repair dripping faucets, stuck doors, and anything in broken or in disrepair.
  • Replace any burned out light bulbs.

5.  Kitchens and Bathrooms

Realtors know: bathrooms and kitchens sell homes.

  • Keep them clean and tidy.
  • Put away all unnecessary appliances and knick-knacks.
  • Clear counters, move as much as possible into the cabinets.
  • Remove all items from the front and sides of the refrigerator.
  • Close toilet seats and drains as to not suck money and positive energy down the drain.
  • Give all bathrooms the spa treatment, add plants and plush towels to offset the strong water and metal elements usually found in bathrooms.

6.  Celebration, Ceremony, and Energy

Many consultants encourage their clients to perform or participate in a gratitude, releasing or blessing ceremony of some kind.  These ceremonies can be helpful in creating the energy that welcomes the potential new buyer while gently releasing the home and current homeowner from one another.

  • “Spend some time in each room sharing beautiful memories, then write on slips of paper things the clients are grateful for about the home. At the end, ceremoniously burn the slips of paper and release the home to its new owners. It’s usually a very beautiful and touching experience.”
    Space clearing is important to release the old energy while supporting the energy that attracts a buyer.
  • “As a Christian practitioner, so when doing a “cure,” I use Christian prayers to activate it! Jesus Mary and Joseph is a lot faster than all of the mantras that I learned in Feng Shui training. It is all about INTENTION!”  Wherever blessings are used, they must be comfortable for the homeowner/client.
  • Locate the areas that are anchored in the structure and release them and activate other directional points so the sale moves to an interested and realistic buyer.
  • Make sure there is an energetic UNITY with marketing materials, physical environment, and staging.  You are selling the “lifestyle” of the home, not just the house!
  • Tie a red ribbon around the doorknob, walk 9 feet away while holding the loose end of the ribbon, turn and cut the ribbon.  This symbolically cuts the energetic cord connecting the homeowner and the home.

In addition to the above, many general suggestions can and should be incorporated to preparing a space for sale:

  • Place live ‘lucky’ bamboo in the wealth corner of the home.
  • Address “scent” as an important element.
  • Paint to freshen and enliven a space – make it feel new.  Fresh paint is the easiest cure for bad wallpaper or a low energy space.
  • Activate the Wealth Star in the house with a beautiful fountain with moving water.
  • Have the seller write their intention on beautiful stationery and then place it in the soil of a plant that is in the Abundance area of the home.
  • Each time the plant is watered, the client is “feeding” their intention.

In summary, most potential buyers will decide within the first 8 seconds whether they like or dislike a property. Incorporating Feng Shui into your pre-sale preparation will make the home feel so warm and inviting the potential buyer will want to move right in!


Special Thanks to Contributors:  Suzi Ball, Laurie Bornstein, Matthew Chapman, Ann Bingley Gallops, Catherine Hilker, Teresa Hwang, Mary Jane Kasliner, Joan Law, Carol Olmstead, Bridget Saraka, Nicolette Vajtay, Gwynne Warner

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