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Feng Shui Wallet Wisdom and Wealth

Many people think about and focus on wealth when incorporating Feng Shui into their lives.  Enjoy this take on the Feng Shui Wallet by expert author, Lois Kramer-Perez. Feng Shui loves the color red. Red is our most auspicious color, connected with our fire energy; it...

Feng Shui & Money: Promoting the FLOW (or Why Not All Fountains Are Created Equal)

There are so many ways to facilitate money flow in feng shui. And there are also so many ways to block it. Find out more from Alabama based, Katie Rogers My friend and client, Dave Romanelli -- yoga & meditation teacher, Momenteer, and author of Happy is the New...

Feng Shui Prosperity Place

One way to attract wealth and prosperity is to find the Feng Shui prosperity place in your home and add the appropriate objects and colors according to Feng Shui principles. Learn about this hot topic by Feng Shui professional and speaker, Carol Olmstead Our...

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