Color and Weight Loss

Imagine a world without color.

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Color is Light.
Light is energy.
Light is life.
Color is everywhere.

The human race comes in many external colors, yet inside we all hold the universal rainbow.


Color is a powerful tool for transformation. We use color to heal the body, lift our emotions, energize, relax, motivate and ground. Marketing companies have used the “color” tool for years to get people to embrace products such as fast food, donuts, and prescription drugs. My goal and intention is to provide color education that provides positive change.

As a feng shui consultant and magazine editor, I often receive questions such as this: “As one of my New Year’s resolutions I would like to lose some excess unhealthy weight. Is there anything I can do in my living space to help me?” My response is: One of the greatest gifts in understanding conscious design and feng shui is the connection we have with our environment. We can truly support our wishes and dreams by working from the “outside in”. We can also support our goals by using tools such as color in our clothing and diet to bring our vibration to the desired place.

A truly balanced weight is the ideal goal. It is important to get very clear about honoring yourself and your body first – love every glorious inch of yourself. What is the “number” that best serves your body in a healthy, realistic and energizing way? Embrace that number – throw away your scales, and begin the process.

My mother died at sixty-nine years old at 70 pounds. She once complained at being 135 pounds during menopause years as she felt terribly fat. Her illnesses drained her body and her life force, and so her message was to embrace those few extra pounds if you are healthy. I support everyone in honoring yourself and also allowing your body to reach its true balanced and happy weight.

Here are some tips to get started:

Color and Scent – Lavender, both the color and the scent can reduce cravings. Lavender is often used to assist people battling alcohol addiction and can work miracles with sugar cravings. One of our clients painted her kitchen lavender and lost 40 pounds. The essential oil of lavender can be diffused in the home to reduce hunger and invite calm.

Shape – Shape also has a large impact on us and is often overlooked as a strategy. A square shaped dish will contain the appetite. The color blue also reduces hunger and appetite, so we recommend using a blue colored plate for meals. Use smaller dishes, use a place mat for boundaries.

Water and Red Crystal – Water is vital to weight loss. Using a red crystal glass for drinking will stimulate digestion and support the base chakra in survival and self-esteem. We will go into this a bit later as part of a 1970’s weight loss system.

Symbols – Check your room to see what symbols and messages you have around your kitchen and dining room. One friend that was working on her weight loss goals had a kitchen filled with country cows. Unless we choose to look like a cow, we may want to find images that are slim, streamlined, moving, joyful, and healthy.

I found some incredible advice many years ago (“Seventies”) through the words of Edgar Cayce, Louise Hay and Linda Goodman. I want to share some color weight loss tips that were introduced by Linda. The power of this diet resonates with the direct power of two specific colors: Red and Blue. Let’s take a look at these two colors.

Red is:

  • Warm – Hot
  • Spicy – Active
  • Motivating
  • Stimulating
  • Fire energy
  • Vitality
  • Power

Avoid using red in quiet areas, long hallways, risk handling areas. Red should not be used by people with high blood pressure or those that are emotionally volatile. Red creates hunger and aids the Fire energy of digestion. Survival and power are what the color red relates to the most.

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Blue is:

  • Adventure
  • Exploration
  • Communication
  • Calming
  • Individualistic
  • Inner Self
  • Reduces hunger

Blue can reduce hunger, slow digestion, cool the system and create calm.

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Here is your TO DO list to get started for your Weight Loss Color Diet:

  • Drink from a beautiful Red Glass
  • Eat foods from the Red/Gold ray – Stimulate digestion.
  • Avoid foods from the Blue/Green/Yellow ray
  • Wear Red/Gold/orange or White
  • Avoid wearing blue, green, brown, black
  • Visualize Red
  • Wear Red/orange/yellow tinted sunglasses
  • “Body bathe” nude under a red light.
  • Bring blue into the outer environment to reduce appetite.
  • Use the scent of Lavender to reduce sugar cravings.
  • Place a blue light in the “fridge.”
  • Use blue/square plates to reduce appetite.


Renae Jensen
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Renae Jensen has dedicated her life to promoting healthy space through the wisdom of Feng Shui and Conscious Design. For over fifteen years, she has lectured and consulted for many organizations including the Fragrance & Flavor Industry, Medical Facilities, the NBA, Real Estate offices, educational facilities, corporations, and more. She is a Feng Shui certified professional, Interior Redesigner, Color and Essential Oil expert, and licensed real estate agent. Read more about Renae.


Image Source:  Renae Jensen

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