February 4, 2019 launches the Chinese New Year. The Ji Hai or Earth Pig will be slow-paced with opportunities to rejuvenate and replenish.  Learn more from Feng Shui consultant, author, and former movie director, Anita Rosenberg. Earth Pig Forecast 2019 by Anita Rosenberg It is a good time to reflect and make plans for the future. The Hai Pig is at   the end of the 12 animal sign cycle, making this a time to review previous years, tie up loose ends and get ready for a new cycle starting 2020. That is not to say you can’t make progress and take big leaps. Nurture and build relationships in 2019 to move forward and accomplish your goals; new friendships, a like-minded tribe, and if you aren’t in a romantic relationship this is a good time to put yourself out there to attract someone into your life. These are the areas of focus that will have the most impact in 2019:
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Wellness and Well-Being
  • Feng Shui of your space
  • Eastern and Western Arts and Practices
  • Using Metaphysical tools to help make life better
The big industries and focus for 2019 include the wellness platform, Metaphysics both Eastern and Western, social media platforms, publicity and putting yourself out there to spread your message, as well as the entertainment industry. Fire is the top element this year representing spirituality, metaphysics of all types, and energy healing. Fire is also media and entertainment. Spreading platforms to a wider audience and learning how to monetize social media – not just throwing up posts – is what you want to learn to do. If you combine entertainment with spirituality and healing you will have a winning formula in 2019. Wood is strong which means that anyone in the healing industries in 2019 should reach out to help everyone with their anxiety, grief, stress and overall depleted and stuck energy. 2019 is going to be a year of health issues and disease because when water mixes with earth it created contamination that can result in cancer among other illnesses. Best Advice: prevention and personal maintenance. Also, check the Feng Shui WEST sector in your house where the 3 Killings resides in 2019. OVERALL FORECAST: The Earth Pig Year 2019 will be a bit sluggish with earth meeting water, because those elements create mud. In muddy water, there are things that will grow – both good and bad – so expect growth in many areas. On a global scale be prepared for political failures that will catalyze social change. Technology, entertainment, oil and gas industries are expected to flourish. 2018 was a year of tremendous geopolitical and economic change. Many of those events will create new opportunities in 2019. In order to profit from these opportunities new governments, policies and commercial infrastructure will have to be put in place. The year will start out slow with more change happening in the second half of the year. Behind closed doors political priorities and ideas will be changing, but we will not see those forces at work. Officials are putting on a brave face – like hidden fire slowly boiling away water. There will be increased political geopolitical tension, fraught trade negotiations and conflict between administrative power houses and countries in the South and West of the globe. There will be progress in religious relations and tensions will ease. The Ji Earth suggests stability while the Pig branch hints at instability and impatience. The general public will feel growing dissatisfaction towards their government, who appears to be unable to solve problems. This will motivate people to take matters into their own hands. People – not governments – will drive new development and better policies. Monkey/Tiger clash represents widespread dissatisfaction. Ren Water represents people taking matters into the own hands. Big players in industry will keep the economy moving. The Earth Pig year is about new government alliances, economic collaborations, mergers and treaties. In 2019 people will become more connected, so on a personal and professional level you would do well focusing on this area of your life. Social media will grow even larger, even if this is something you are not into. More people will log on and the tech giants collaborate on new platforms. The Fire element is bright and influential so this is your year to be a shining star. In 2018, Hollywood and the entertainment industry were rocked by allegations of misconduct. In 2019, new scandals will break because of the influence of Fire where rumor and scandal will be able to spread like a raging wildfire (as I am writing this in November 2018 the wild fires are still raging in southern California.) It’s going to be a fiery year. The financial sector won’t fare well. The rate of inflation is expected to rise further, slowing demand for precious metals. The weakness of metal in 2019 and the clash between metal and wood in the yearly chart is how we see the financial outlook. Agriculture industry should brace for one or more natural disasters, stunting growth. The most likely disaster is flooding, which is possible across the globe. The strong fore element can melt ice, turning up the volumes of water. It can also blaze through wood creating fires. Fans of space exploration can look for major new discoveries about our solar system as indicated by the Hai Pig branch. On a personal level, there will be minor setbacks for some and drastic change for others. If you are planning to get married in 2019, there can be setbacks due to wedding venues, issues with the law of rescheduling due to inauspicious dates. Create multiple backup plans. Watch for digestive viral illnesses in 2019. Ji Hai represents muddy water, symbolizing virus, outbreaks of disease, and digestive problems. Keep your eye on reproductive systems, urinary tract and bladder issues. Sadly there will be more road accidents than normal. Stay vigilant behind the wheel and make sure your insurance is renewed. There is a lot to look forward to in 2019. With insight into your year, you can better prepare for events that may affect you. As always, we look to each person’s individual BaZi chart to map out the best game plan for the year. TOP 3 elements are FIRE, EARTH and WOOD. Weakest are METAL and WATER. If you have all three of the top elements in your BaZi Astrology chart you are off to a good start. If not, it will be challenging because things will be happening to you. The goal here is to make better choices in 2019. Take better action. You need a smart action plan. OVERALL 2019 BULLET POINTS:
  • Fire is hot so expect more fire-related issues; like volcanos erupting
  • Expect transportation-related problems
  • Finance and property goes up so more people will want to start their own business and not be employed
  • War-related conflicts will emerge because when metal chops wood people hate each other
  • If you aren’t having a good year, surround yourself with those who are
  • Networking is an art, so if your network is good – you can have a great year
  • Those in the healing and metaphysical worlds have the potential for a prosperous year
  • Find your voice and spread your message
Anita Rosenberg an expert in Feng Shui, BaZi Chinese Astrology and the hot new practice Qi Men Dun Jia. In her seventeen years of experience in Chinese Metaphysics her high-profile clients like Virginia Madsen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Ashley Tisdale and Paula Abdul (partial list) rave that she is fun to work with, authentic and heartfelt. Anita starred in the TV pilot, “The Feng Shui Way” and has been featured on VH1, Discovery Channel, HGTV and recently on “Adam Carolla and Friends Build Stuff Live” on Spike TV.