Energy Work and Space Clearing
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Everything is alive with energy and everything is connected. The ancient Chinese sages called this invisible life-force energy Qi (pronounced chee.) Although we cannot see Qi it affects everything in our lives. If you are sad or feel stuck, chances are the Qi energy in your space is stagnant and toxic. When you are joyful and motivated, the energy in your home or office is uplifting and happy. Our physical environment needs to support us so we use space cleansing techniques to stir up Qi to enliven our spirit.

Spirit begins with prayer and what better way to speed up that communication then by lighting incense.

Smoke is the vehicle that dispatches your wishes and dreams to the universe.

Incense is one of the most powerful space cleansing tools dating back 6000 to 8500 years to ancient Hindu texts or Vedas. The trend spread to Greece and Rome when Babylonians wafted incense sticks during prayers. Peddlers along the Silk Route turned incense sales into big business when various techniques, multiple scents and a variety of styles became accessible. The famous trade route changed its name to the Incense Route.

Incense Basics

  • Coiled Incense burns from hours to days and is best used in temples
  • Cone Incense pressed into a pyramid shape was invented in 1800s Japan and best used for prayers on-the-go
  • Stick Incense is coated on bamboo sticks also called joss sticks and best used for temple offerings and ambiance
  • Powdered Incense is sprinkled on lit charcoal bricks and used for rituals and space cleansing

Know Your Incense

  • Sandalwood from India vibrates with Ganesh to remove obstacles, blesses new beginnings and attract prosperity
  • Dragon’s Blood is not really from dragons, silly. It is plant resin that is a powerful remover of negative energy from people and places
  • Sage is a leaf associated with American Indian rituals that protects against evil and purifies sacred spaces – remember that sage clears a space but you must add blessing back using another incense
  • Frankincense is a resin from the Bosellia tree to create a sacred space and provoke spirituality
  • Rose is a floral fragrance made from dried rose buds for love and romance (Miranda’s favorite)
  • Money Draw is a Wiccan blend that increases finances
  • Vanilla comes from the vanilla plant and stimulates sensuality
  • Palo Santo sticks are a fragrant wood that protects, heals, and brings good luck – plus they smell yummy

*this is a short list of my favorites.

How to Space Cleanse

You need powdered incense with a cauldron and charcoal bricks. Light the charcoal brick and drop inside the cauldron (it gets really hot.) Sprinkle incense on top of the sizzling charcoal.

Start at the front door with your smoking cauldron and move clockwise throughout the house, room or office. Waft the incense and make sure smoke gets into the corners where energy tends to get stuck. Prayers and wishes invoked during the process are helpful. You can also stay quiet and listen to what the house has to tell you. If you are an intuitive, by connecting to the physical space through the lighting of incense, can be a very emotional and telling experience. Once you are back to the front door, Space Cleansing is complete.

Reasons to Space Cleanse

Don’t even think of moving into a new home or office without first clearing predecessor energy. Never take on anyone else’s stuff: bankruptcy, bad fortune, broken relationships, arguments, or in some cases spirits that won’t leave. Especially after renovation or construction, you want to clear workers’ energy. Whether you are removing other people vibes or jumping up your own frequency of attraction, the point is to make the space your own.

What if there are unwanted spirits?

No one wants to “see dead people” and neither should you. That is why you call in a professional to rid property of spirits. Whether unwanted spirits came with the house or you brought them home from an event or even from antiques or travel souvenirs, spirit removal is high level ceremonial work and not for the novice.

Final Note from Anita
Make sure you get your space cleaning supplies from a trusted source. On my Good Karma Shop I created signature Money Seal magical incense and a collection of magical candles made by a local healer during specific moon phases with soy wax, high-quality oils and strong intent.

Anita Rosenberg
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Anita Rosenberg
She’s an expert in Feng Shui BaZi Chinese Astrology and the Qi Men Dun Jia. In her more than 20 years experience in Chinese Metaphysics her high-profile clients like Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Ashley Tisdale, and Paula Abdul (partial list) rave she is fun to work with, authentic and heartfelt. Anita starred in the TV pilot “The Feng Shui Way” and has been featured on VH1 Discovery Channel HGTV and “Adam Carolla and Friends Build Stuff Live” on Spike TV. Read more about Anita.

If you require assistance in picking out your space cleansing tools you can find Anita at: Anita Rosenberg.

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