Feng Shui and Weight Loss Tips

Diets and weight loss plans are trendy – every few years there is a new one guaranteed to take the weight off. Weight loss is a hot topic whether you are setting new year goals or getting ready for a beach vacation. See these great tips to help with your weight loss goals and inspire a better you – inside and out – using Feng Shui concepts from Michelle Luongo


Feng Shui and Weight Loss Tips, Michelle Luongo
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Tip #1: Eat food on square plates
In Feng Shui round shapes stand for curiosity and square shapes for contentment. So, if you eat your food on a square plate it reduces your craving for more food.

Tip #2: Use earthen colors
If you are serious about your weight loss program, paint your kitchen and dining room in earth tones. Brighter colors arouse your appetite, mellow shades offer contentment and reduces your food craving.

Tip#3 De-clutter!!!
One of the most common reasons that people continue to hold weight is that they are holding onto the past, and thus holding themselves back from change and growth. Do a major de-cluttering in the home. If you want to drop weight and feel more alive and vibrant, you must have clear energy around you. Once you have created room for new habits and positive energy to flow you have a much better chance for success.

Tip#4 Hide the Scale – No Judgment
Avoid judging yourself! If you have a bathroom scale in full view every time to enter the bathroom, it is a physical reminder that you have yet to meet your goals. Weigh yourself once a week, then store it out of sight.

Tip#5 The Power of Color
Avoid the fire colors of red or orange in the kitchen, as it encourages your appetite. Instead use colors of blue or black in place mats, dining linens and plates. Better yet, eat on black, square plates. Black makes food look less appealing, and there’s less contrast of a food’s color against a black plate. Black dampens your inner chi, whereas bright colors make you feel more energized, so you won’t feel like eating as much.

Tip#6 Visual Affirmations
Keep prescriptions & supplements out of sight. Having them on your bathroom vanity, reflecting in the vanity mirror will just magnify the health issue. Use a weekly pill organizer for your medication & supplements

Tip#7 Tien Yi
If you are having health concerns, you can tap into your “Tien Yi” (health) direction according to BaZhai compass formula to improve your health. Everyone has a health direction based on their year of birth and gender. To know your direction, you have to first find out your gua number.

Tip#8 East direction
Use a compass to identify the east corner of your home, which is the area of health and longevity. In this corner, remove clutter (which symbolizes heaviness and obstacles) and put images that represent your weight loss or fitness goals.

Tip#9 Bagua – Family & Health
Find the middle left side of the home. It is the Family & Health Gua of the Home. Add Wood Elements: Colors of green or blue, Plants & flowers, Pictures of flowers & landscapes, Floral or striped fabrics, items made out of wood, tall, column or pillar shapes.

Tip#10 The Kitchen
Avoid seeing the kitchen from the front door. If you have this situation, try to create an eye-catching view in another direction when entering the home or add doors or screens to block the view of the kitchen.


Michelle Luongo
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Michelle Luongo is a Feng Shui consultant and educator who is passionate about her work with clients, students, and the design community. Read more about Michelle.



Article/Photo Source:  Feng Shui and Weight Loss Tips

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