Feng Shui for Attracting Wealth and Prosperity

The concepts of Feng Shui can help us prevent misalignment of energies leading to ill-health, financial problems, social or family issues, and so on. In this article, let’s discover the potential of Feng Shui to bring wealth and prosperity. From Feng Shui expert Nora Ben, founder of LivHoli LLC.

It is important to understand that Feng Shui is not about certain objects like the three-legged frog or laughing Buddha. It is a body of wisdom, beyond materialism. Therefore, your intuition and positive feeling are the true indicators for the right application of Feng Shui. So, if you do not like an excess of golden or red color in your room, that’s ok. Go for what agrees with you and brings a positive vibe!

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Let’s look at some of the most basic ways to attract wealth through the elementary principles of Feng Shui.

Have More Open Space

Open spaces with an unhindered view of sight ensure a free flow of chi or energy. But this does not imply that you must have a bigger house for a better flow of energy. This concept only signifies the importance of a clutter-free and well-organized environment. 

Get Organized

The clutter in your house indicates the existence of blocked energy. Worse, this blocked up energy is a reflection of mental blocks and lack of awareness. This disorganized state of mind is the fundamental cause for loss of opportunity and thereby wealth! A cluttered and disorganized environment also reflects a complacent acceptance of a substandard life.

Let’s look at this state of mind from the perspective of the law of attraction. The universe will give you more if you exhibit a skill to manage more. However, the clutter in the house sends a signal to the universe that you are not able to manage what you have, and therefore you don’t need more! And the wealth may gradually fade away. So, as a beginner to Feng Shui, declutter, declutter and declutter!

Get Organized

Decluttering does not mean throwing everything away. After decluttering, you will be left with some useful objects. According to Feng Shui, everything emanates a distinct type of energy. Therefore, if you do not organize your belongings properly, these items will emanate negative energy and put you off the path to wealth and prosperity. But when organized properly, they will emanate positive energy that will attract peace of mind, good luck, and wealth.

Use a Bagua Map

Feng Shui uses a tool called the Bagua map to enhance the wealth area in your house.

The Bagua map divides the concerned area into a grid of 9 equal parts.

To find the wealth space, stand at the entrance of your bedroom and imagine your bedroom divided in to the Bagua grid. Your far left will be the wealth corner according to this imaginary Bagua map.

Enhance the Wealth Area

After finding your wealth space according to the Bagua map, you can start working on it. Here are some tips to stimulate the energy in your wealth space:


  • Declutter the wealth area.
  • Ensure that this space remains clean and well-organized.
  • Repair broken items in this area.
  • Add wooden elements to the wealth area – like the wooden decor, images etc.
    You can also add color related to wood – for example, different shades of brown.
  • Add water element to the wealth area. According to Feng Shui, water element helps to nourish wood. You can add an aquarium or water related artwork like images of waterfall etc.
  • Place a plant in the wealth area. Any plant is good for decorating the wealth area; however money trees are especially helpful in attracting wealth.
  • In Feng Shui, purple color signifies wealth. Add something purple to the wealth – purple flowers or crystals like Amethyst. However, if you choose to keep purple flowers make sure that they are fresh and beautifully arranged.
  • Try using a Feng Shui crystal called Citrine. Putting this crystal in the wealth space or in your wallet may help to invite more abundance and success in your life.

Set up a Wealth Altar

Allocate a big or small area for developing a wealth attracting energy. Avoid using the bathroom or laundry area for this purpose. Decorate this space with things related to wealth; for example, coins, jewels, or crystals. Ensure that this sacred space remains clean and well-organized. Meditate on this wealth altar every day. Gradually, you will see new and innovative wealth-creating ideas popping up in your mind. you will become more open to new money-making opportunities. And this receptive mind will naturally lead you to wealth and prosperity.

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These are a few of the fundamental steps before you go into Feng Shui details.

As you implement these changes…

You will see the positive effect of the unhindered flow of energy.

You will see new and innovative wealth-creating ideas popping up in your mind.

You will become more open to new money-making opportunities.

And this receptive mind will naturally lead you to wealth and prosperity.

Nora Ben, Feng Shui for Wealth
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Nora Ben is a founder of LivHoli LLC; a holistic Interior Design Studio that specializes in commercial as well as residential projects. Her practice incorporates a fusion of modern technology with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui as well as vedic sciences of Vastu Shastra and Ayurveda. Nora is a graduate of Western School of Feng Shui and has earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design Engineering.  Find out more about Nora.

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