Feng Shui is Universal
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The IFSG is all-inclusive.

We always have been. And we always will be. No matter what is happening in the world – and there is a ton happening…the statement above is the founding tenet of the IFSG. It’s how we started more than 2 decades ago and it’s how we will always be.

The world is very divisive right now. We know you feel it – as do we. We know many are sad, angry, confused, wondering what’s next, frustrated, elated…and who knows what else.

That being said – we want to remind everyone – our clients, feng shui consultants, feng shui schools, our friends and followers…

WE, energy workers, have an important job to do. Our work is more important than ever. As light workers, we will continue to unite and bring people together.

We must.

We must work to lift chi – for everyone and everything. To make things better. All good is possible. Positive shifts are ours for the making. The world – the global one – and the one in your backyard – will be better for it.

Do not lose hope. We sure haven’t.
Do not fear – for you attract what you fear.
Instead shift your perspective to the positive you can do. Feng Shui is universal.

We got this.

Keep doing your work.  It matters.

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