Feng Shui Life School of London
Feng Shui Life School of London

Director/owner of the Feng Shui Life School of Feng Shui in London, Vicky Sweetlove, is a natural intuitive and professional feng shui consultant and teacher. She has been teaching and consulting for over 20 years and currently teaches in London and around the world a Feng Shui Foundation Course, Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy Practitioner Course.

You will love hearing about her upcoming plans and thoughts on Feng Shui.  Her work with the senses and Akashic connections, adds a powerful level to her work.

Q: Please describe your very first coming into awareness about Feng Shui.
Vicky: I was working at City University in London in the Faculty as a PA/Office Manager.  They were very forward-thinking, not just in IT, and they even demonstrated an auric field machine to read your aura.  The internet had only just started, along with email, and virtual office was something new with people having virtual meetings.

I was introduced to Feng Shui when Gina Lazenby dropped into the office with her partner who lectured at the university and she had her Feng Shui book, “The Feng Shui House Book,” with her. I then started looking into feng shui, how it worked, what were the effects, and how it affected the environment and the people.

Q: What is your branch of Feng Shui? How have you made it your own?
Vicky:  I love all aspects of Feng Shui and I would say that most of my clients come to me because of the earth energy work I do with their homes and the land.  I dowse and work with the elementals, the etheric world, and the spirit of place.  I dowse remotely and am shown the site of the home/office, the portal energies, circles in the carpets, tree branches that hug each other, before I even arrive at the home/office.

Learning from the etheric world how to read the signs and synchronicities, I am able to help my clients.  “Magic” happens when we do the offerings to the earth and its always something that the client has and didn’t know they had or their favourite treat to eat.

Q:  How has Feng Shui changed your life?
Vicky:  My life changed dramatically with Feng Shui with every bit of knowledge I learned. I put it to use in my own home and saw the affects when changing my sitting and sleeping directions; changing what I surrounded myself with in artwork and colours. Also, I find it also important to know more about the shape of the houses we live in, the effects of missing spaces, how important to have a square house, or at the very least no missing spaces.

By making significant changes in my own home, I gained better health, traveled to far away places meeting amazing clients from all walks of life, and enjoyed adventures that I would not have experienced otherwise. It makes magic happen in all areas of your life.

Q: Describe your school’s approach to teaching Feng Shui.
Vicky: With my school, I take a different approach working more with the landscape’s earth alchemy, geopsychic stress of traumatised land, elementals and spirits. Taking in all aspects of the six senses to connect to the energy of the space as it lives and breathes as we do and if a home or the land is unhappy then it will create unhappiness for the occupants too.
It’s understanding how to harmonise the energies to benefit the home, the elementals and the etheric world all working together to bring harmony for everyone, when you work with the harmonic energies of all living beings seen and unseen.

Encompassing the practices of traditional compass feng shui working with the directions, five elements and the clients astrological bazi charts to give deeper insights into what is happening with the clients, as well as the flying stars for the home and the year as well as checking environmental energies that can affect well-being with EMF’s and Wifi.

Q: What is the newest addition to your curriculum?
Vicky: The latest addition to what my School teaches is the Akashic Connections Practitioner course which takes in Traditional Celtic Shamanic Practices, Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching methods and the Akashic Records working from the heart. When we work with our heart and not our head then ego does not present itself and we can let go of everything.

Working with the Akashic Records of homes, buildings and land; we have had some amazing adventures with the students as well as deep insights on future expectations.

Q: What is the latest area of expansion for your school?
Vicky: I recently published two sets of oracle cards which were channelled to me when I was in Greece in the summer of 2019 and had them published end of 2020. The first set being 56 cards called the “Alchemist Wisdom” from the Akashic Records and gives a chakra reading as well as daily, 3 card and 5 card spreads. Oracle card App coming soon.

I am teaching online oracle card workshops and workshops in London. The second set of cards have not been released yet and they are called 30 Days of Akashic Wisdom from the Akashic Records.”

Q: Besides yourself, what does your school offer that is unique to Feng Shui training opportunities?
Vicky: The Feng Shui training with my school brings in different aspects not just feng shui but space clearing, environmental factors, shamanic practices, earth alchemy and learning how work safely with psychic protection, grounding practices and knowing when, what and how to work with the land and home energies. Reading and diagnosing by using your intuition and all your senses – even when people say “I am not intuitive” everyone is to some degree.

Q: What is your guiding philosophy about teaching Feng Shui?
Vicky:  Listen, sense, see, hear, smell and feel, when you know how to use these your intuition with Feng Shui will give you deeper insights that you will not receive from a book. It’s good to have the book, but then use your intuition and note what are your first intuitive insights from your senses, that is where you will glean the most helpful information you need.

Q: What is your favourite nugget of wisdom about using Feng Shui yourself?
Vicky:  When it feels good and it works leave that life area/sector alone in your home. Only when something is not working in your life then make changes. I find a good clutter clearing will always spark movement to get things to change and shift quickly then a space clearing to balance. [IFSG:  We love all of this!]

Q: What additional training does your school offer or plan to offer?
Vicky:  I will be expanding on my Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy practitioner course to give deeper insights into working with the energy of space for health, and mental wellbeing.

Vicky Sweetlove is a natural intuitive and professional feng shui consultant and teacher. She has been teaching and consulting for over 20 years and currently teaches in London and around the world a Feng Shui Foundation Course, Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy Practitioner Course and offering a Practitioner training course in the Akashic Records – the Akashic Connections, an amalgmation of Soul Coaching, Celtic Shamanism and the Akashic Records.

She has now created the Feng Shui Life School of Feng Shui to bring a Feng Shui Practitioner Training Course which offers basic practitioner certification courses. Over the past 22 years, she has trained with Joey Yap at the MasteryAcademy, Malaysia, Denise Linn, Robert Gray and Patrick McManaway and the Warrior in Heart Foundation, Glastonbury, Journey to the Heart, Bali and now wishes to share her knowledge and pass it forward to others.
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