On Monday, February 4 at 11:16 am, the Year of the Earth Pig will officially arrive bringing new energy into each of the 9 sectors of our homes and offices. Learn more about each of the sectors and plan to empower your plans and manifest your intentions, from Beth Grace.

Whatever your resolutions and goals are for this year there is a sector, or a combination of sectors, that you can utilize. The best way to tap into this energy is to physically spend time in the sectors which best suit your goals – preferably by taking the actions necessary to make those dreams a reality.

Please note these sectors are determined by magnetic compass directions and notby their position relative to the main door. To find determine these directions a compass app set to magnetic North on your smart phone will do just fine. Simply take a bird’s eye view of your space and divide it up like a pie labeling each wedge or sector according to it’s compass direction as in the image below.

Beth Grace Feng Shui for the Earth Year
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Star 9: Joy, Positive Attitude, Fulfillment, Accomplishments

This is the feel good sector for the year, one that will help you feel joy and give you a more positive outlook. The energy here can also propel you toward the fulfillment of personal achievements and accomplishments making it an ideal place to take action on big goals and plans. For those looking to boost your marketing reach or increase finances, especially in terms of long term investing, this is a great sector to fuel growth.


Star 4: Creativity, Artistry, Romance

For those who wish to create something or be more creative in general, especially when it comes to writing or artistic endeavors, this is the best place to hone your craft. A special alignment of energy here makes for wonderful alchemy and can get your creative juices flowing. If your goal this year is to be noticed and make connections with others, this area can also boost your likability. Use this sector to reach out and make connections with others, boost your social media presence or even find romance.


Star 2: Unearthing, Uncovering, Mining for Truth

Things may appear just fine on the outside but if there are issues below the surface this sector can allow you to uncover the real problems and address them. This sector may not be the most positive this year, but if you have been plagued by nagging questions or wrestling with doubts or suspicions, utilizing this sector this year can help you get to the bottom of things. The energy in this sector can help you dig deep to the root of your problems and solve them but only if you have the resolve to face them head on. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!


Star 6 : Pruning, Paring Down, Eliminating, Letting Go

If your goal this year is to simplify, streamline or otherwise pare down then this is the sector for you. It’s a great sector for those who have issues with clutter or who over commit themselves. Use the energy here to prune and weed things from your life that you no longer need. Spending time here can help you figure out what to let go of so you can focus your energy on what’s truly important to you. If weight loss is your goal then this sector is the ideal place to prepare healthier meals or pursue your workout regimen.


Star 7: Competition, Rivalry, Balancing Loss & Gain

This is not the most positive sector this year but if you need to compete this sector can be used for quick gains. The energy here brings competition and rivalry and in any competition there are winners and losers so make sure you know when not to compete. Think carefully before you strike out to conquer by making sure you have a long term plan. If not, you may win the battle but loose the war.


Star 3: Arguments, Discussion, Dialogue, Acceptance

If you want to find a better balance of give and take in your relationships then this is the sector that can help foster a better way forward with the people in your life. Utilizing this sector has the potential to spark heated arguments but it can also bring breakthroughs which can lead to more honest and open dialogue. Sometimes it is necessary to get things off our chest and to clear the air. This sector can help both parties foster acceptance of one another when approached with an open heart.


Star 5: Challenges, Productivity, Asset Growth

This is a tricky sector as it hosts the negative 5 Yellow Star his year. Renovations and disturbances are to be avoided both inside and outside as that could bring negative outcomes, especially if there are children or vulnerable people in the household. However, the 5 Star is not as volatile in the Southwest so utilizing this sector could produce some positive effects and gains as well. For those wishing to have a baby, this sector could produce the pitter patter of little feet. It can also bring financial gains and a boost to assets, especially if other Feng Shui factors, like land forms, have positive features in the Southwest. Just be conservative with using this sector and seek input from a professional if you are unsure of how to proceed.


Star 1: Nobleman, Self- Discipline, Self-Control, Structure

If you have goals and aspirations that you have been procrastinating on this sector can help you cultivate the self-discipline and self-control you need to see things through. If you need more structure in your life then working here can help you become more organized and focused enough to stick to your plans. This is also a great sector for weight loss as you will be able to develop greater self-discipline with your diet and work-out regimen and the self-control to steer clear of what’s not on your diet!


Star 8: Prosperity, Opportunities, Travel, Pilgrimage

The central palace is an extremely positive sector this year. Since the annual prosperity star is located in the central palace it is important to keep this area neat, tidy, and as open and unencumbered as possible. If you are able to utilize this are of your home or office you may find yourself inspired to travel or take a pilgrimage as the energy here also promotes travel and new vistas. Those with a Snake in their chart will be particularly inspired to travel by this sector as their sense of wanderlust is particularly strong this year! For more information about how the year energy will affect you based on your personal astrology, be sure to check out my annual Chinese Astrology Horoscopes!

Click here to read a more detailed review of each of the above sectors.

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Beth is an internationally recognized Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics consultant who has trained with several masters in the U.S. and Asia. In addition to Feng Shui, she uses I Ching, BaZi 4 Pillars Chinese Astrology and Qi Men Dun Jia.

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