Feng Shui Wallet Wisdom and Wealth

Feng Shui Wallet Wisdom and Wealth by Lois Kramer-PerezMany people think about and focus on wealth when incorporating Feng Shui into their lives.  Enjoy this take on the Feng Shui Wallet by expert author, Lois Kramer-Perez.

Feng Shui loves the color red. Red is our most auspicious color, connected with our fire energy; it is expansive, passionate, aligning us with our highest potential, red is living! We love to wear red, paint our front doors red, and surround ourselves with this auspicious energy of red.  How about a Red Wallet?

We love to carry a Red Wallet.

A Red Wallet attracts and multiplies wealth.

Keep your wallet organized with room for the abundance of wealth you will be receiving.

Have your deposit slips handy or download your deposit bank app.

It is important to find the wallet you adore.

Love the way your wallet looks, the way it feels in your hand and how it organizes your cash, your cards, and your identity.

Prefer another color? We have some Fabulous Feng Shui for You.

Turquoise, Rich Royal Blues: Water energy, nourishing our new beginnings so that our ideas and trees will grow – ultimately fuel for the fire.

Blues: Spirituality, nourishing ourselves from the inside out.

Bright Rich Green:  Tree energy, new beginnings, ideas, ideas, ideas supporting the fire to ignite!

Terracotta, Chocolate, Earth Tones: Earth energy, support, strength, comfort and grounding.

Metallic: Metal energy, authority, precision, confident and refined.

Choose the wallet which represents you.
Enjoy, Go Forth and Prosper!


Lois Kramer PerezLois Kramer Perez is a published author and the Feng Shui Expert. She proudly serves as a General Board Member of the IFSG (February 2013-September 2017). Read more about Lois.


Article Source: Feng Shui Wallet Wisdom