Grandma’s Plant

She’s never looked better.

This peace lily plant is more than 20 years old. She was a plant at my grandmother’s funeral.  Every time I look at her, she reminds me of that feisty lady I loved. But over the years, in my #FengShui story, this plant has gotten moved around a lot, as I have tried to find the right place, the right light, the right everything.  Then trying to remember to keep her watered.

Luckily, she’s super resilient.  Whenever I notice the leaves drooping, I give her a quick drink and she pops right back up the next day.  Much like my grandma.


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Plants are amazing enhancements in Feng Shui.  A plant can bring in the wood element, trusting and progressive.  Representing growth.

In the five elements, Wood can fuel a fire – which is awesome when you want to produce more fire or fame in your life.

Wood can absorb an abundance of water.  You will often hear that plants shouldn’t be placed in a bathroom.  I forget the reason (and that’s ok, I am not going to beat myself up over it).  But seems to me, that when you have an abundance of water – like in a bathroom – wood might be a good idea.

To me, this gal represents family.  Which now that I think about it, her current placement is bordering between the Health + Family and Wealth + Prosperity guas.  Hmmmmmmm….I like it.

Is this her permanent place?  Probably not.  In fact, when I placed her here a few weeks ago – relatives and friends were coming for the holidays and she was in kind of an awkward place in the living room and I didn’t want her bumped.  I truly expected the hubs to say “what the heck are you doing…it can’t sit there.”  I was ready for a big discussion – I had it all planned out – you know how you get yourself armed for a discussion while practicing it in the car.  Yeah, I did that.  (now laughing at myself)

To my husband’s credit, he hasn’t said a word.

And like I said above…she’s never looked better.

  • She’s in a location where we see her every day. In fact, she’s almost in the way.  (again, like my grandma)
  • She’s getting regular talking to and hydration; because, well we see her prominently every day as this is a busy room.
  • The Bagua:  Health + Family and Wealth + Prosperity guas.  Yeah, that’s gotta be good right?
  • She’s finally getting what she needs.  Even with all the windows in our house, I need windows – I get claustrophobic – this is the first window that really feels like she fits.
  • In a bathroom. I know – some of you don’t like them in the bathroom, but as I mentioned above, I’m ok with it and so it’s good Feng Shui for me.  Everyone, and I mean everyone needs to do Feng Shui their wayNot my way, not your client’s way, or even your neighbor’s way.  The brilliance of Feng Shui – means it’s individual – special – unique – for everyone.

And yes, I have said before there are some universal rules like putting the toilet seat down – that’s a big one and I can’t for the life of me understand why the in-laws don’t do this.  There are also universal ways to read a compass and such.

But for me, the uniqueness of Feng Shui is what I love the most.  With billions of people on the planet – something that works for all of us, needs some flexibility and grace!  Sidenote, it’s also one of the reasons I love the IFSG so much…we have SO MUCH diversity among our consultants…all perspectives, all welcome, all celebrated because we ALL HAVE A VOICE AND PLACE.]


So, here are my takeaways….

  • A plant can be great Feng Shui. Wood, growth, and all that jazz.
  • If you don’t like plants, then DON’T. ADD. THEM.
  • Try to get plants that you can care for. They need light and water and time that you have available.  So, don’t get something labor intensive if you just don’t have it in you.  We are all in a different place.
  • Put plants where you want them. There is probably a rule about where you “shouldn’t” put a plant, but I can’t remember if there is, and even so…well, I hate shoulds.
  • If someone gives you a plant, and you don’t like that person or a memory or a story associated with that person, then by all means – pass it on. [This goes for anything in your house…let it go.]  Ok, so I guess that’s a should.
  • Grandma’s up in heaven saying something to the effect of “took her long enough to figure it out,” and she’s chilling with her dogs, and maybe having a smoke.
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Mary Leone

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Deb Dermyer Lamb is a wife, mother, feng shui practitioner, and still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up.  She’s been the office administrator for the IFSG since 2007 and loves, loves, loves that part of her life.  IFSG members are everything to her.  She’s also the current IFSG CEO, since 2017, and previously served on the Board of Directors from 2006 through 2011.

Give her a shout if you have questions about the IFSG, or want to share your messes.

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