Featuring the Feng Shui School of Chicago with director and founder, Laurie Pawli.  Read more about the school, her passions and joys of teaching in Laurie’s own words…

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The Interview…

Q: Please describe your very first coming into awareness about Feng Shui.
A: It was truly an “AhHa” moment which I remember so clearly as a turning point in my life. Feng Shui was being discussed during a 2 hour PBS special and after seeing the program, I was absolutely, positively “hooked”. It mirrored a reflection of who I am as a person… a focus on balanced design & helping others achieve their goals in life. I followed up with a 6 hour class and then received my Certification. The rest is history!

Q: What is your branch of Feng Shui? How have you made it your own?
A: BTB (Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui). I follow the guidelines of BTB closely according to the teachings of one of my first teachers, Professor Lin Yun.

Q: How has Feng Shui changed your life?
A: WOW! Now THAT is a question! The life changes have been massive. And fabulous! We were going through an extremely challenging valley in life, and after implementing Feng Shui in our home… Voila! New career opportunities appeared in unusual ways. Helpful people popped up from nowhere. Stuff started to happen to reform the paths in our family. I have been able to follow my passion of design and have found my true life path with Feng Shui.

Q: Describe your school’s approach to teaching Feng Shui.
A: Each student joins the class with an exciting energy to learn. My method is to continue that flow of energy while using a light hearted approach to the serious subject of Feng Shui. My technique includes examples of real life experiences using various Feng Shui adjustments, and the stories of success that are achieved.

Q: What is the newest addition to your curriculum?
A: The newest teaching program is through the addition of webinars. I’ve started a series of short, affordable classes that focus on particular aspects of Feng Shui.

Q: What is the latest area of expansion for your school?
A: We are now in Florida, too! And we will be hosting our first weekend retreat from March 1 to March 3, 2019, in Sarasota, FL which will focus on the middle areas of the Bagua: Sand, Surf, and Sun (Earth, Water & Fire)

Q: Besides yourself, what does your school offer that is unique to Feng Shui training opportunities?
A: Much of the Certification training is held in person. We also travel off site to conduct Feng Shui and Space Clearing consultations. The class also visits a design showroom where we analyze the 5 elements of Feng Shui in furniture to learn how each piece of furniture can be used in various guas.

Q: What is your guiding philosophy about teaching Feng Shui?
A: Everything is in perfect timing. Timing is always exactly as it should be for each student or client as they implement Feng Shui in their lives. I view myself as the catalyst to share the information of Feng Shui when that energetic time appears.

Q: What is your favorite nugget of wisdom about using Feng Shui yourself?
A: Always keep moving forward.


Director and Founder, Laurie Pawli
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More about Laurie
Laurie Pawli is the Founder and Director of the school, and has taught and certified hundreds of students from all areas of the world. Laurie is Certified from the Integrative School of Feng Shui (2001) and has studied with Professor Lin Yun, Katherine Metz, Crystal Chu, Roger Green, Eliott Tanzer and many others. She sends her mom much love and gratitude for placing her on the Feng Shui path!

The Feng Shui School of Chicago (Chicago and Sarasota campuses) teaches Feng Shui guidelines based on BTB, the front door of the space, exterior areas, flow of chi, the bagua, the I Ching, and incorporates teachings of Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun.

The 75 hour Professional Consultant Certification Training Program consists of a combination of 40 hours of “in person”, hands- on, classroom study, conference calls, field trips, on site consultation and space clearing, out of classroom projects, personal observations, meditations, bagua study, I Ching, marketing your business, EMF’s, Chi Flow, Color and Furniture placement, transcendental adjustments, blessings. 

Click here to read more or see them at Feng Shui School of Chicago.

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