Trust: the Process, Timing and Most Importantly Yourself – Finding Your Ideal Clients
An Exercise in Self-Reflection

Recently, we spent time listening to Feng Shui professional practitioner, Arizona-based Jillian Rothschild-Scholar, founder and owner of Feng Shui in Motion.  She shared her thoughts on cultivating your ideal client and business strategies for solopreneurs – and we were blown away.

If you are a business owner, thinking about starting a business, an entrepreneur or in a partnership…this is FOR YOU.  This article is directly from Jillian’s comments as much as possible, as we wanted to share the gist of her words and the wisdom in her advice.

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In Feng Shui – we believe and know there is abundance for everyone.  Each one of us is not the practitioner that can serve everyone.  There is plenty of business out there for all of us.  So, it’s important to identify who your ideal client is – and that you are giving them what they want.

Finding the ideal client – takes time.  Finding the ideal business strategy – takes time.  And it takes a lot of inner searching.  But it is so well worth it.  So, take this time.  The goal:  discover who you are and who is best served by what you do.

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Ask yourself questions such as:

What is my skill set?
What are my talents?  My gifts?
What do I do well?
What do I like?

You will also want to ask and reflect:

Who are the people I really enjoyed working with? 
Who have I really resonated with and who has resonated with what I do?
What did they take away?
What did they need from me?

These people become your “ideal client.”  This work helps you to find the kinds of clients that you are satisfied working with.  It then no longer becomes a job – it becomes your work.  We don’t want an existence of just going through the motions and getting clients and doing the job.  Our work is important and we deserve to be satisfied and feel fulfilled in what we do.  Finding that ideal client helps you work toward that feeling.

Note:  this takes time.  But also know that this list or this image will continue to evolve as you continue to grow and change in your business and in your self growth.  But that’s all good.

“Once I got clear on who is the most satisfying to work with – the universe started providing me those types of clients.”


It may not be easy to start on the above questions.  Maybe you don’t know what you are good at, or what your skills are.  This becomes the big aha:  it’s crucial to do your own work, to learn about yourself.  You must do the inner work to get you there. This self-reflection can be a fulfilling process in building and maintaining a business and a life of work that gives you joy and satisfaction for what you do and who you are as a practitioner, person, mentor…

The fun part about this process of finding ideal clients – is that is also helps you discover who you DON’T want to work with.  This does not mean they are bad or a bad client.  They just aren’t the right fit for you.  But like we always say – there is enough.  Stop doubting that.  There is enough – and these folks are just meant to work with someone else.

Another suggestion of Jillian’s is to create an altar or vision board in your office.  Her altar has a headline of “SATISFYING CLIENTS.”  She has a list of 8 characteristics and attributes that she feels satisfied and wants to work with.  “This is what is delivered, and then I can co-create with these clients…”  [We love this!]  And it reminds us – and should remind you – the value of written goals, plans, vision boards…ask the universe for what is best for you.

You’ve done the work.  You are cultivating those ideal clients.  Now is the time to be putting your message out there.  A huge piece of advice:  stay true to who you are.

Be consistent and don’t give up too soon.  Keep doing what works.  We all have something to offer, an action, a something.  And we tend – in our instant technology world to think – I put it out there – now they will come.

Except they don’t.  Or at least they don’t like you thought they would, in the timing you expected, or in the format you dreamed.

Jillian’s advice:  Be true to your message.  Be consistent.  

When you share, and continue to share and your message is consistent showing the authentic you – enthusiasm is building and you might not be able to see it yet.  Keep doing it.  Two people in a workshop, 4 likes on a social media post…leads to frustration about what am I doing wrong.

You aren’t doing anything wrong.  The gap between you sending out your message and them not responding quickly – that gap where you are freaking out – this is the time to do your own work about feeling vulnerable, not feeling good enough, not happening quick enough.  There will come a sweet-spot over time and things will spark.  As long as you stay true to who you are and the gifts you bring to this planet and this world:  there is enough.

Told you we were blown away.  😊

Jillian Rothschild-Scholar
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Jillian Rothschild-Scholar is a classically trained Feng Shui Expert who has been working in private Feng Shui consultancy since 2010. As part of her Classical Feng Shui work, she consults for both residential and business properties worldwide. Jillian combines modern, practical solutions with the authentic Feng Shui perspective to successfully collaborate with her clients in personal and business matters.
Website: Feng Shui In Motion

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