Shift the Chi in 27 Simple Steps

In Feng Shui, regardless of which path you are follow, there’s a common theme… Change the Chi, change your life.  It works like a magnet… express a radiant new energy to the world and the universe responds by bringing new opportunities, people and all kinds of goodness your way. Just think of the awesome possibilities that might be just around the corner, if you give it a whirl.  To help you get started, here are 27 simple ways to Shift the Chi, from Wendy Yawching.

Wendy Yawching, 27 Shifts to Change the Chi
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1. Yes, you have your own style; it speaks to the world and the world speaks back. So why not change the message and see what the response will be! Try changing your look ( hairstyle, dress style, accessories) in as many ways as you can dream up. Have fun! See what happens…
2. Get out in nature. Recharge ! Nothing rebalances the Chi like time spent connected to Nature.
3. Spend time in places that make you feel peaceful and happy, that make your heart sing.
4. Be still. Find a quiet space and practice just “Being”. Yoga and meditation are great for this.
5. And then, Move! Exercise, dance, and sing. Engage your body… it’s a walking talking miracle! Express yourself and your amazing existence through movement and music.
6. Our choice of companions can have a huge effect on our chi, whether positive or negative. So Surround yourself with people who make you feel uplifted and nourished.
7. Get lots of restful sleep…
8. Eat for Health! And drink lots of good water.
9. Gratitude jar : it’s amazing how much we have to be grateful for, no matter our situation. Acknowledging that will bring you back to centre whenever you feel a little low.
10. Pay it forward … do at least one good deed everyday, just because!

Firstly, Prepare the Space…
11. Clear the clutter. Get rid of anything that represents stuck or broken chi and create space for the new energy coming your way.
12. Clean it up. Make things shine! Sweep, dust, cobweb, repaint. Clean those windows, bring the sunshine in. It’s amazing how much brighter the place (and you) will feel…
13. Check that front door. It’s the mouth of the Chi for your home. Whats the message? Dead plants, garbage cans, old newspapers? Spruce up and beautify your front door, and the area around it. Make it irresistible !
14. Move things around a bit. Experiment with a new orientation for your bed, sofa or desk. Try to create a different flow or perspective in the room.
15. Make sure you’re in the command position. (Not sure how to do that? Ask your favorite Feng Shui consultant.)

And now, Decorate! Maybe you can’t change all the furniture, but it’s easy to create a different look ( and feel)…
16. Color affects our moods, so this is a very effective way to change the Chi. It can be as simple as changing the cushion covers!
17. Add your favorite artwork
18. Flowers and healthy plants bring in life energy, color and fragrance.
19. Candles provide gentle light, a sense of warmth and peace.
20. Water features can energize or create tranquillity, depending in your choice.
21. Use lighting to create a desired mood, uplift dark corners, or bring a warm glow.
22. Music is a great chi changer, and it’s so flexible!
23. Add some Room Aroma-therapy: think essential oils, incense, scented candles, flowers…
24. Animals add their own special energy ( and love ) to any home.

Many people work in situations where the chi-changing options are limited. Still, here are a few ideas…
25. Change your work position so you are in command, not blocked, have a clear line of sight
26. Add tasteful personal touches ( pictures, flowers, plants) to your workspace
27. Make it feel welcoming, both for yourself and your team-members. A jar of jellybeans can work wonders!

Have fun! Be playful with these suggestions. Enjoy the results!  

Want more shifts?  Like how it makes you feel?  Change 27 more.


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Based in the Caribbean, Wendy Yawching’s clients and interests are international. As a Feng Shui consultant and mentor, her strength is in creating Healing Spaces… for people and animals, at work, rest or play. Whether a home or business-place, children’s playground, animal shelter or horse stable, her unique approach enables her to enhance the energetics in support of all living creatures. Read more about Wendy.


Photo Source: Wendy Yawching, Healing Spaces Caribbean

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