Storyboard ONE by ONE

Katherine Metz, the founder and creator of Feng Shui Storyboard, which has now become The Storyboard ONE by ONE , studied with world-renowned H.H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun for 25 years. He was a revolutionary thinker who took the best of traditional Feng Shui and, with extraordinary insight, introduced new concepts to suit our changing world.   Read about her journey and how things are changing yet staying the same at the Storyboard.  

Feng Shui Storyboard ONE by ONE

Q: Please describe your very first coming into awareness about Feng Shui.
A: As a child, with shovel in hand and on the sly, I rearranged the flowers in neighboring gardens – much to the chagrin of my mother. As the creator and owner of Blooming Success, my interior landscaping business in the San Francisco Bay Area, mall operators asked for my assistance guiding the flow of visitors. They noticed that as I changed the plantings, people moved in ever-changing ways. We worked together to encourage movement that eased the movement of the elderly, provided teens with safe places to congregate, and opened areas of congestion.

I had not yet heard of Feng Shui.

It was standing on a mountain side, as a location scout for a movie film crew, that I realized I knew something about placement. After two days and wasting thousands of production dollars, I whispered, up close and personal, in the ear of the exasperated director, “Move the car just three feet to the right and you’ll get the shot.” Quite impertinent for a location scout, but successful.

This was the beginning of my search to learn more.

Q: What is your branch of Feng Shui? How have you made it your own?

A: I listened carefully for over twenty-five years, and with each and every meeting, Professor’s Black Sect teachings were broader and deeper. To this day, I continue to be inspired by his desire to share all that he knew.

In that same spirit, I created The Storyboard ONE by ONE, my chronicle of Professor’s mastery. The teachings are “Pure Professor,” rich and unaltered. They carry the weight of time and centuries of positive results. They are steeped in the humility of an enlightened being, and flow from his compassionate heart and wise mind.

With access to this robust and exclusive archive of Professor’s teachings, as well as my 36 years of experience, you can expect to develop a deep understanding of this work in your day-to-day life.

You will develop your craft and sharpen your skills with the knowledge that the information comes directly from One Lineage and One Master. This is the heart of The Storyboard ONE by ONE.

Q: How has Feng Shui changed your life?

A: In addition to becoming a career that has sustained me for 36 years, I am most grateful to truly understand the importance of a masterful mentor. Professor challenged me at every turn. He asked me to take risks. Perhaps, most importantly, he asked, “Are you ready, in an instant, to face someone in need, knowing the most precise and effective answer is at your fingertips?”

I learned that in all things, practice is necessary, courage is mandatory, and loving inspiration is paramount. I learned that it takes time and experience to offer answers that help untie knots and resolve unease. It takes an artist with a masterful sense of timing and great respect for the sanctity of another’s life to “simply” be present and aware. Compassion and inspiration unfold and beauty happens.

Q: Describe your school’s approach to teaching Feng Shui.

A: We must allow ourselves to be surprised by the present moment. In Professor’s words, “We must get a hold of our hearts.” The knowledge we provide enables one to confront chaos and complexity with reason and structure. The methods of spiritual cultivation we provide enable one to confront chaos and complexity with composure and wisdom. With both in place, inspiration and artistry will flourish.

It is our goal to support every student’s original and unique offering, and in the same breath, to offer warmth, courtesy, kindness, respect, generosity, humor, and precision.

Q: What is the newest addition to your curriculum?

A: The Storyboard ONE by ONE is the perfect place to unravel the hidden, quirky, and nuanced Feng Shui clues that you would surely miss without the trained, masterful eye of a Feng Shui Master Teacher.

Q: What is the latest area of expansion for your school?

A: Katherine on Call is open.

I have found that it is here, one on one, listening carefully, that we learn to hear Professor’s whispers of wisdom. I have been graced with the understandings of a master. They must not disappear with me.

Space is limited to 12.

Here are notes from former participants to help you understand why this may be the perfect way to continue to cultivate your mastery of Black Sect Feng Shui.

  • The teachings are true to the lineage, and I hear H. H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun come to life as Katherine shares her knowledge.
  • Katherine is accessible to answer questions every day. This is a rare opportunity to ask anything you wish! Her explanations are insightful, nuanced, and clear, reflecting her passion for maintaining the integrity of the lineage.
  • Truly mind expanding, even after years of study.

Q: Besides yourself, what does your school offer that is unique to Feng Shui training opportunities?

A: The Storyboard ONE by ONE offers flexibility – Your choice of 48 Case Files every time, any time, and from anywhere.

Q: What is your guiding philosophy about teaching Feng Shui?

A: Surround yourself with those with eyes to see beyond.

Q: What is your favorite nugget of wisdom about using Feng Shui yourself?

A: From the I Ching, a close and constant mentor:

“Success comes to those daring enough to initiate a new era.”

Q: What additional training does your school offer or plan to offer?

A: Katherine’s Practitioner’s Library contains more than 220 hours of audio and 24 eVolumes for purchase.

In the works and when the time is right – a cross country, photographic road trip meeting practitioner’s and clients.


Storyboard with Katherine Metz

Katherine Metz, the founder and creator of Feng Shui Storyboard, which has now become The Storyboard ONE by ONE, studied with world-renowned H.H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun for 25 years. He was a revolutionary thinker who took the best of traditional Feng Shui and, with extraordinary insight, introduced new concepts to suit our changing world.

Over the years, Katherine chronicled her teacher’s words, honoring his knowledge by chronicling his teachings as succinctly as possible. She now expertly shares her first-hand account of Professor’s teachings and over 36 years of experience as a practitioner, teacher, and mentor. Her quiet presence and nuanced writings continue to educate and inspire students and practitioners around the world.