The Perfectly Imperfect Feng Shui Life

As I headed outside this morning to try to get the mowing done before impending weekend storms hampered any outdoor clean up, I mentally was going through my long checklist of things to get done.  Emails to send, contacts to make, updates and web pages…phew, you get the gist.  I was actually kind of cursing having to mow. “I have too much to do!”

Then, I rounded the corner to the front of the house where part of our career gua is outside in the yard.  [GASP, I know.  But some of us bought our house decades ago, before we even had a glint of what Feng Shui is all about.]

Checking that mental “work-to-do list,” I looked over and noticed the weeds first.

In. My. Career. Flower bed.

And then, the bird bath.  Crap; empty and dirty.

Was good career Feng Shui going to happen by leaving that and dashing inside for those all-important-emails?  Or was it better to take the time to “tend my own garden” so to speak.


It got me thinking of a conversation from a few days ago, with a dear friend who is also a practitioner and lover of Feng Shui…she felt one of the troubles of our industry, is that none of us want to share our own spaces.  It’s not personal enough; we don’t share enough of ourselves for fear of competition. [Duh, it’s Feng Shui people; stop that!]  Many popular bloggers or instagramers are sharing everything they do in their own house and that’s what makes them so relatable and sharable and watchable [I’m not even sure those are all words, but you get what I am talking about].  How many of us in Feng Shui do that?  Not many.

We seem to be all about: watching the other person, the client, imparting wisdom, and the dang perfect photo or quote to share – the perfect Instagram shot that’s been filtered and lightened and juiced up.  But we aren’t about ourselves.

Afraid to show that you might have something wrong in your space and need to fix it, that sometimes your own Feng Shui eyes get clouded and you need a fresh look…does that mean a potential client might not hire you. Gosh, I hope not. I believe there is an abundance of clients and we all resonate with those who are meant to find us.  [That being said, this is still a business, so get yourself out there and get cracking on your business goals.  It doesn’t happen by sitting on your bum simply loving the magic of Feng Shui.] 

I have thought about this conversation with my friend for a few days, and I actually take it one step further.  And maybe I will shoot myself in the foot and you will all think, “wow, she’s a mess.”  But, here’s where my mind goes…

Maybe it’s also about sharing our vulnerabilities. 

That we are good at what we do BECAUSE of [not in spite of] the things we have going (or not going) in our own “proverbial house.”  So………here’s me:

I tend to think of Feng Shui as not having a lot of shoulds – EXCEPT THE TOILET.  CLOSE THE LID FOR GOODNESS SAKE.  That’s a should. My training at the Western School of Feng Shui taught me a concept that works for me – there aren’t really any bad spaces; just less-than-excellent spaces.  So, I use that phrase a lot.

Yep, my career gua is partially in the yard.  I’ve got a flower bed with bird bath, flowers and evergreens, and a wind chime.  We have plans for some other enhancements in the future.

My wealth gua contains a bathroom.  [Don’t email me.  I know.  Less-than-excellent.  But as a Feng Shui practitioner, I know there are things I can do; and moving this bathroom would be a huge pain and maybe even stupid. And I am not going to move over it.]

Are there beautiful things I would love to have in my house?  Had my eye on a natural crystal or two?  Yes. But I also live with small clumsy people [cough cough kids] so sometimes practicality has to factor in.  How else can I do it?  You gotta be creative sometimes.

I have networking friends who have talked about meditation being really great first thing in the morning.  But with a feisty 6th grader who needs to get on the bus, that’s probably not going to happen at this stage of my life.  But sometime.

Would I love to have a rectangular house to make the bagua that much easier?  You bet.  But I don’t. I can still embrace where I live.

Do I wish the projects in my house were all done. Oh yeah.  But they aren’t…Yet.  It’s a work in progress.

For me, I love my 2 acres.  I love the nature that comes to my door such as deer (my spirit animal), birds, rabbits and squirrels; and just recently, I saw a bald eagle on the lake as I was driving down the block from my house out of the neighborhood.  Swoon. These things make me happy. 

So, today, I’m doing Feng Shui my way.

I am taking a few minutes [after mowing – sigh – and before the emails begin] to clean out that bird bath and weed my career.  I am going to fill the bird feeders that sit outside my Fame and Reputation that I see from my desk; wildlife and animals are terrific fire element enhancements.    And that’s ok.  I will do what I can and what is best for ME and my career, right now, today.

That is good Feng Shui. To me and for me.

Different than yours?  Maybe.

But that’s ok.  It really is.



 Change happens. Embrace it or move with it finding ways to adapt.

Weeds do grow (faster than should be allowed). Pull them out.

Things break. Fix them.

Being vulnerable and messy is ok.

It’s not a one and done…remind your clients of this too! Feng Shui is a living, breathing love of our lives.  You gotta keep working it.

Above all…

Give yourself grace.  Showing your scars demonstrates that you know what you are talking about.  You’ve lived it.  You live it.  You love it.  Tell your story.


Deb Dermyer Lamb is a wife, mother, feng shui practitioner, and still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up.  She’s been the office administrator for the IFSG since 2007 and loves, loves, loves that part of her life.  IFSG members are everything to her.  She’s also the current IFSG CEO, since 2017, and previously served on the Board of Directors from 2006 through 2011.

Give her a shout if you have questions about the IFSG, or want to share your messes.

Career Outlook for 2019

February 5, 2019 marks the year of the Earth Pig. This means a shift of energy for all of us. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the energy of Earth Pig to help you prosper in 2019, from Donna Stellhorn

Not sure of your Animal sign?  Click here to calculate.

Year of the Earth Pig, Feng Shui Career with Donna Stellhorn

Rat – Focus: Do more than the next guy and you’ll succeed.

In a job – You’re at the end of your 12 year cycle. So it’s very important to make an assessment of your industry and think about whether or not it’s going to be there in one year, five years, 10 years. If not, you need to start thinking about what you really want to do. Most people know when or if they need to bone up on their tech skills. If you do, you’ll need to put the hours in this year so next year, when opportunities come, you’re ready.

Looking for a job – There are lots of opportunities out there this year, but few perfect opportunities. This is by design. The universe doesn’t want you to get stuck. If you need the paycheck then take something—anything you can tolerate—and know you need to take the time when you’re not working to build something you do love; or to gain the skills for something more enjoyable. Many good opportunities are coming in 2020.

Looking to start a business – You can start a business this year even though you’re in the closing year of your 12-year cycle. However, be aware the business will change substantially in 2020. Most of the changes will happen because of the lessons you’re learning in 2019. That’s a good thing. Rat has the ability to adjust. You’re nimble and quick. Get in there, make mistakes and then correct your course.

Expanding your current business – The best advice for you right now is to expand into markets you know. Create a profile of your ideal customer or client and think, “Where are they?”, “What captures their attention?” Go and be there! In 2020 you’ll expand into new markets. This year grow your business by getting more “best” customers.

Ox – Focus: Close the loop and finish your projects.

In a job – You’ll have many opportunities this year for moving up, transferring to a new division/department or shifting positions within your company (or your industry). You’ll need to ask if you want to make these opportunities appear; inquire and show interest in a change. You can also stay in your current position. There will be shifts and many opportunities for you in 2021

Looking for a job – You’re lucky in the area of finding work, especially in a field you’ve worked in before or have a proven skill set in. You need to put yourself, your resume, and your intention out there. This can be done through networking with family and friends as well as searching on business social media sites like LinkedIn. You will enter a new 12-year cycle in just two years, so you don’t have to look for the perfect position this year. Look for something enjoyable that pays the bills. Then take the next few years and build skills and accomplishments for opportunities in the future.

Looking to start a business – you can start a business this year and find a supportive partner or staff to help you out. Look for people who have experience in business especially in the field you’re interested in. Find people who are willing to tell you when you’re beating down the wrong path. Notice when doors open for you and step through.

Expanding your current business – Absolutely. This is the perfect year for expanding your business. Look for ways to reach more people through social media (marketing avenues you may not have been giving enough attention to in the past). Make yourself both helpful and valuable in other people’s lives and they will beat down your doors for your products and services.

Tiger – Focus: In a battle Tiger wins against Pig every time – don’t be stopped by the word “No!”

In a job – While you’re job looks secure, there may be many changes at your company. New positions will open up, new people are coming in, personnel are being shifted around. New rules will be implemented. It’s very important you have a clear vision of who you want to be in this company and who you want to work with. Set that intention early in the year to attract the opportunities you want.

Looking for a job – This is a battle year for you, and you’re well armed. Send lots of resumes, and as you send them out, visualize your resume is seen by the right person. Send out the energy on the spiritual level too, by lighting candles or doing prayers. This will add energy to your job hunt. Practice your interviewing skills. Picture your new job in the same way a tiger sees the delectable antelope. Time to chase down your supper.

Looking to start a business – Business is a battle and this is a battle year so YES, by all means start a business, a side hustle, whatever you can to bring in money. But know this is a business you’ll need to bootstrap. Avoid taking out loans or borrowing if at all possible. Look for crowd-funding and other sources of support. And if you find you’re not getting the support you need, check and see if your idea needs tweaking. or if the idea needs to be changed entirely.

Expanding your current business – Time to fight for territory, fight to get your content/ads seen. The energy and effort you put in this year will pay off big. Sit down weekly and analyze the data of what’s working and what’s not. Tigers don’t just run after prey. They study, they watch, they create a plan, then they strike.

Rabbit – Focus: Use your natural empathic and intuitive ability to get the help you need.

In a job – Happy days, you’re in a harvest period. Even if there are significant changes going on in your industry you can always find a job somewhere doing things you like in general. This is a good year to ask for a raise, figure out if you can get bonuses, and ask if it’s okay for you to put a better title on your business card.

Looking for a job – This is a fortunate year. When it comes to jobs you can find more than one possibility or more than one offer. You can make a jump to a larger or more prestigious company, but you also can leap into a start up with great potential. You do best if the industry is one you’ve worked in before or where you can use your current skill set. This is also a good year to update your skills or develop expertise in something you already have a basis in.

Looking to start a business – This is the perfect year for you to go solo and take what you’ve been doing for someone else and put your own spin on it. If you’ve been doing social media for others as an employee it might be time to build your own business, same with starting a restaurant, or doing sales. You’re in your harvest period so stick with the types of businesses you know well.

Expanding your current business – By all means, expand. This is your harvest period so any business projects you’ve been procrastinating on, now need your full attention. Update your website, get on board with social media advertising. Focus on expansion and you will grow. It’s time to go all in.

Dragon – Focus: Incorporate the ideas of others and you’ll succeed.

In a job – This is a year of adjustment. In 2019, your job may not be as satisfying though it’s still good enough for you to want to stay. You may feel there’s no change that would really make things better. But even small adjustments can make a huge difference (and that doesn’t necessarily mean changing jobs). Consider changing the hours you work now, or how you spend your free time. Or, shift your attitude about a coworker. Try to make small changes to bring happiness. You’re a Dragon, you have the power to make change in your life.

Looking for work – You may look at what’s available for people with your skill set and not like anything you see. But actually once you’re in the new job you will find many things you like about the position, perhaps its the people or the work itself. So consider taking a job even if you’re uncertain and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. That said, there will be many offers for you because this is a “adjustment” year. Put your resume out there, apply to many jobs, and you’ll have many choices.

Looking to start a business – Yes, and be prepared to work hard. This is a great year for the steep learning curve. You’ll have some initial success and you’ll think everything is flying high but then you’ll have a small setback here or a flat line in sales there. At that point, you need to buckle down and put in the hours. Study the market, try A/B testing (and if you don’t know what this is then you need to do that homework too). Make small adjustments and you’ll find success.

Expanding your current business – Yes and be prepared to work harder. You’re in a harvest period so this is one of the best years of your entire 12-year cycle—especially for expanding a business, but the world is changing and you need to adjust. What worked five years ago or even five months ago may not be working now. You are a powerful Dragon and have the ability to shift and adjust. Now is the time to look at new ways of bringing in customers and clients.

Snake – Focus: To succeed this year operate behind the scenes.

In a job – This year is a challenging year and, unless you are quite vocal, you may be passed over for a promotion or an important project. It’s okay to kick up a fuss, but recognize you need to be playing the long game here. Build up your position with lots of quiet wins and make lots of meaningful connections you can use later. Position yourself for a big win in 2020 and it may come sooner than that.

Looking for a job – Go the extra mile to be noticed to get the interview and the job. This could mean writing a kick-ass cover letter to go with your resume upload. Do some research about the company you’re interviewing with so you can make meaningful comments when you’re being interviewed. And send out your intention to get hired on several levels by praying for or meditating on success, lighting candles, talking to friends and family, and DM people who might help you.

Looking to start a business – Yes, though a side business might be the best idea this year. Test your ideas in the marketplace and when things take off you can give up your day job. Snake natives have amazing business acumen, so give yourself some time to look for emerging trends. These will be hidden to most people but trends will reveal themselves to you. You can get in on the ground floor and build quietly this year, only to explode into the marketplace next year.

Expanding your current business – Expansion this year comes through friends and meaningful connections you have with other professionals. This is your “collab” year. Find a way to increase your market share by investigating related businesses or professions that are willing to share their mailing lists in exchange for yours. Start by connecting with others encouraging and supporting what they are doing.

Horse – Focus: Go to where the support is and meet people where they are.

In a job – Lots of changes are happening in your industry and perhaps your company. You may not be with the correct company or in the right position now. But this is a change year, so many opportunities come your way. Dust off your resume just in case you hear of a great opening at another company. Look at the changes coming down the pike and see if you want to stay where you are.

Looking for a job – This is a great year for finding a new position, though this may be a job that lasts only a few years because more and better opportunities will be coming. As there will be several (even many) options for you, consider negotiating for the best deal you can. Start by writing out the three most important things you want in your new job (hours flexibility, supportive boss, interesting work, etc.) and keep the list in your pocket and on your mind as you job hunt.

Looking to start a business – Yes, this is a good time for you create a business around something that irritates you, or needs to be fixed in people’s lives. Build a business around providing a solution. Tap into people’s pain and you’ll find a business that takes off. What is your pet peeve right now? What do you wish you didn’t have to do, or wait for, or look for? What gadget doesn’t work in your life? Find solutions and customers will roll in.

Expanding your current business – To expand, you need to make some adjustments in your business. You may have to fire some people who needed firing a long time ago. You may have to change some of the basic principles of your business, right down to the corporate culture. This is a adjustment year for Horse natives. Look at big sweeping changes to bring you the best results.

Sheep – Focus: Look to make small improvements which will compound to bring you much success.

In a job – This is a positive year for you. You have a good and growing network of contacts. You can stay in your current position or move up the ladder. You can also shift to a larger, more prestigious company this year through networking with people who have moved on before you. Keep your contacts alive through coffee meetings and DMs. The effort you put in will pay off.

Looking for a job – Many opportunities will drop into your lap. People will come to you with openings and they welcome you in. You can interview with the confidence that any door that closes is not the door for you. You can negotiate a better salary or more flexibility in your work week this year. And there’s an opportunity or two leading to bigger and better positions in the future.

Looking to start a business – If you’ve been thinking about/planning to start a business don’t wait any longer. You can get more support and funding now than you have been able to in years. You don’t want to sleep through this opportunity. Plus, if you work hard and put in the time, your success will multiply.

Expanding your current business – This is a great year to expand your business as you have more support than in previous years. Set your sights high and dust off your stretch-goals because you have many opportunities this year. This is a good year to expand your marketing budget in the areas where it has already been working. This may mean spending more time rather than more dollars but your ROI will be amazing.

Monkey – Focus: you are a quick learner and very adaptable; it’s time to put your knowledge to work for you.

In a job – If you’re in a job you like push yourself this year to take on the bigger projects or volunteer to lead the meeting. Stand out in the crowd by going the extra mile. Make deeper, more meaningful connections with mentors and people who are farther along on the path. If you’re unhappy in your current job make the leap. Think of yourself as the rock climber. You may not be sure of the next handhold but you can’t stay where you are just hanging on a wall.

Looking for a job – Yes, this is a great year to find a job, one that’s interesting, exciting and pushes you to learn. You will get more than one offer. You may feel torn between two jobs that are quite different. See if there’s anyway to do both or choose one and commit to it for six months and if it’s not great jump to another job or another company.

Looking to start a business – Yes, it’s time to do what you love; but just know, it’s going to be hard work. You’re going to need to devote some nights and weekends to making this happen. You need to study, find support staff, and analyze results. You can start small, you can make this a side hustle, but there’s no point in waiting any longer. Just start.

Expanding your current business – Yes, and be ready to fight for what you want. They say if a business isn’t growing it’s dying. Are you hungry enough to put in the extra hours? If you’re so busy in your business just running your business with no time to expand you seriously need to spend time figuring out how you can streamline and automate. This is your wheelhouse. You are clever, Monkey native. How can you make your business run without so much of your attention, so you can get out into the world to expand it?

Rooster – Focus: Focus on what is bringing you results.

In a job – This may be a fairly new job for you. You can keep this job, but if it’s not fulfilling your needs it’s a good year to look around and make a switch. You have a growing skill set. Start collecting testimonials and work recommendations (especially from people who have already moved on). This is not a year to rest on your laurels, rather a time when you’ll uncover many opportunities if you root around for them.

Looking for a job – This is a good year for finding several opportunities, any of which could bring you financial success and job satisfaction. Reach out to colleagues and people in the industry and you will get a good response from those who will be useful in your job hunt. If you’ve been looking for a while you need to reorganize your time, look at where you could be more effective in your job hunt. This is the year things come together.

Looking to start a business – There are many opportunities for you this year, probably more than any time before in your lifetime. If you have an idea, an interest, or someone who’s excited about your idea, it’s time to take it from paper to reality. There are no guarantees in life. So stop waiting for all your ducks to be in a row. Instead, start and learn as you go.

Expanding your current business – This is the year of trying new things. Sit down and make a list of 20 things you have heard about or thought about using to market your business you haven’t tried yet. Can’t come up with 20? Then do a list of 50, 50 marketing ideas, business ideas, people you could talk to, etc. The more outreach you do the more success you’ll have. You won’t know what works until you try.

Dog – Focus: Persistence is what’s going to win for you this year.

In a job – You might have changed jobs recently. If that’s the case, then you’re still settling in. But if you’ve had this job for a while you may not be as happy in it as you’d like to be. This could be due to changes in the company, personnel or the benefits you’re getting. This is a good year to make small shifts to improve your circumstances. This could be as simple as asking for a better light for your desk, or a new chair. This may be hanging out with a different crowd at lunch. All things improve this year if you get down to the details.

Looking for a job – You are in the middle of your seed planting years and so there are many job opportunities for you—though none of them will seem quite perfect. Take the job that covers most of your top goals and know there’s still a lot of beneficial change energy you can tap into which could move you to a different department, transfer you to a different division, or introduce you to someone who takes you with them in their next job move.

Looking to start a business – Yes, this is one of your best years to start a business. There will be a growth spurt in the beginning and then it will get harder, but it will only take work to get through the challenging periods, and Dog natives do know how to work. Look for ways to get a business going on a shoestring. Don’t overspend right out of the gate, because the business will change much before the year is done.

Expanding your current business – This is a good year to expand in whole new directions. Go where you haven’t gone before. This could mean you start doing videos where you’ve only done print ads before. Perhaps you need to start public speaking. You might need to form a partnership with a competitor. Break new ground for the most success this year.

Pig – Focus: it’s your year. Use your tenacious power to focus on a goal – and get to work.

In a job – There’s a good chance you will change jobs or there will be a shift in the position you hold. Many things will change this year. This may not sound comfortable, and you may have tried to avoid thinking about it for the last few years but you’ll do just fine. You will land on your feet and be better off. So allow change to happen. If you like your job and you’ve had it awhile, think about the industry you’re in; do you think your job will be around in the next few years? If you see instability coming, it’s time to start looking for something new.

Looking for a job – This is one of your best years for finding a new job. You can go into a field you’ve worked in before but the best energy is around doing something new. See if you can take your skill set into another industry. Or, if you want to do something entirely new, parlay the skills you have to get a job in a different field. Get in there and sell yourself.

Looking to start a business – Yes, this is a good year to start a business. However, it may be best to start small this year. This may be a side business, or one you’re bootstrapping. There’s going to be a learning curve plus the entire business landscape is changing quickly. Do your homework. Study the market. Try different ideas and be patient. It may take the entire year for you to see traction and real growth in your business.

Expanding your current business – Now is the time to branch off into different directions. You may want to expand horizontally by buying up a competitor. Or perhaps you want to expand vertically and add products to your line. If you’re in a service business you might launch a product. If you sell a product think about the services you can offer. Expand in new directions for the most success.

Not sure of your Animal sign?  Click here to calculate.


Donna Stellhorn is an Astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books, including Feng Shui Form and a popular yearly Chinese Astrology series on Amazon. Donna is a board member of the International Feng Shui Guild and does Western and Chinese Astrology consultations by phone and video conference.

Year of the Earth Pig, Feng Shui Career with Donna StellhornClick here to find out more in Donna’s annual book, Chinese Astrology, this one for 2019, Year of the Earth Pig.

Click here to see Donna’s YouTube video on the outlook for 2019 Year of the Earth Pig.

Missing Gua in the Bagua – A Case Study

When the bagua maps the space perfectly, making a feng shui assessment is straight forward. However, when a gua is missing, things can become more complicated. In this blog, Kristi Stangeland discusses how she worked with a client who was missing a key gua.

I was contacted by a woman who had left her corporate job to start her own company focused on bringing mindfulness and social innovation into large companies, but she was struggling to find clients.

When I met with her, I noticed that she was missing the Kan (earth) area in one part of her home since the entrance featured an inner courtyard that was surrounded by the Gen (mountains) and Qian (heaven) areas. This courtyard was not well maintained and included large pieces of driftwood, sprouts of grass and a desolate, barren area around the front door. We discussed how to enhance this area with new plantings and a fresh coat of paint on the front door. I suggested removing the driftwood and tending to the grass to improve its health and appearance. I also recommended hanging a wind chime near the door. Finally, I taught her the Black Sect tradition of blessing the items on auspicious days.

Approximately one month later she informed me that a large corporation had asked her to join their staff to integrate revenue opportunities with social innovation She was in disbelief that she would be able to do this work as an employee and not have to deal with the stress of running her own business. The outcome was even better than what she had imagined!

Kristi Stangeland, Bagua and a Missing Gua Case Study


Kristi StangelandKristi Stangeland is the founder of FSC, a company dedicated to helping corporate and private clients realize their goals using Feng Shui practices. Kristi holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a CPA license and trained as a Feng Shui practitioner with the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program. She is also IFSG Board Treasurer. Read more about Kristi.


The Feng Shui Element of Water

There are five elements in feng shui. Fire, metal water, wood and earth. Each has its own unique characteristics and role in feng shui. Read about this flowing Feng Shui element from Angela Davis.

Water is the Feng Shui element of inward reflection, patience, mindfulness, and release. It is soothing, calming, and comforting in its timeless power. Just think of how the Grand Canyon was carved with the Colorado River slowly, over time but with an amazing outcome.

The Feng Shui Water Element by Angela DavisWater is associated with the career gua and is the most yin, or feminine, of the elements. It is introspective, philosophic, receptive, and creative. To replenish your strength, sleep more, drink more water, and listen to your instincts. In Feng Shui, feeling safe is a Water Element trait, true to the core.

Need to get some happy Chi in your life to feel the soothing safety of belonging? Use any of the following ideas:

In the front of your home, plant beautiful undulating vines and plants like delphiniums, kale, and violets. Install a water feature to bubble and gurgle in your safe haven; make sure the flow is directed inward toward your home (for a fountain’s flow, never direct water away from your home). Re-do the pathway running from your street to your front door with a snaking, wavy pattern (the undulating shape of Water) to slow down the energy flowing toward you. This will welcome chi gently instead of having energy slam against you all day. This simple change in landscape can be also be achieved with lining the straight walkway with plants, staggered alternately, along the walkway. Now you have a spot to sit, stay, and relax.


Angela Davis, Green Feng Shui LadyAngela Davis The Green Feng Shui Lady is a Red Ribbon Professional through the International Feng Shui Guild. She earned her Black Hat Feng Shui Certification through Karen Rauch Carter’s Academy of Exquisite Living as an “Inspired Practitioner” and is a part of Karen’s lineage under Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun. Read more about Angela.

The Impact of a Stand Desk

From Portland, Oregon based Feng Shui professional and clutter expert, Sugeet talks about his journey toward a stand desk.  Why did he do it?  Fad? Physics? Productivity? 

My old office arrangement, even when I had cleared most of the clutter still looked, well . . .

A Stand Desk, by Sugeet

– – cluttered.

I had recently finished working with a couple who worked from home. She had build a rigid standing desk and loved it. He was building one for himself. They were both enthusiastic for them. They had many positive things to say about them. I became curious.

I saw a Kickstarter campaign to build a reasonably price standing desk that could be both – a sitting desk and a standing one. The campaign was very convincing – lots of studies extolling the benefits of a standing desk.

Research was needed.

A Stand Desk by SugeetSitting is the new smoking.

What began as a curiosity has provoked a great deal of studious inquiry. Results?

  • Reduced risk of obesity
  • Reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic problems
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduced risk for many kinds of cancer

Wow! And that’s just what the Smithsonian Magazine reported. (March 26, 2014)

Sitting six hours a day ups he death rate by 20% for men, 40% for women!

That’s scary while some other research says otherwise, but the consensus indicates we should be standing/walking at least 2 hours a day and then work up to 4.

OK – I got into the Kickstarter campaign and got my desk a couple of months ago.

I had to rearrange my office.

Time to declutter.

Pounds and pounds of files into the trash, Scan others.

4 file drawers to 2.

Fewer printers, fewer everything.

And the result?

A Stand Desk by Sugeet

What a difference! Take a look just at the top:

A Stand Desk by Sugeet

No, I don’t stand all the time, but I’m standing more and more and sitting less and less. I find not only has the simplification made me more focused, but much more productive. I love the top – it’s bamboo, my favorite building material.

You can jerry-rig a standing desk for yourself and try it. I like mine because I can take it up or down, and stop it any place that suites me or my arms or my chair (all at the touch of a button.) A programmer friend just bought himself one that uses counterweights to go up or down. He has a bit of a weight problem, so this is going to be good for him as well! And a major client I just worked with we designed his office so not only could he have a standing desk, but combine it with a treadmill!

If you want to see the one I bought, (also because I support new companies) go to


SugeetAn expert in lighting and Feng Shui – Sugeet was a gallery art director for 12 years! Certified in both the basic and Advanced levels of BTB Feng Shui, Sugeet has been serving clients from Northern California to the Candian border since 1999. He has taught Feng Shui for the home, business and landscape design at Southern Oregon University; as well as private classes in Clutter elimination. Read more about Sugeet.


Article/Image Source: The Impact of a Stand Desk

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