There are Days.

There are Days, Finding Ways to Shift Your Chi and Feel Better
There are days.

Days when we are exhausted. Drained. Sick of it.

The world can be an exhausting place. [Yes, it can be an energizing place as well…but today we are talking about the tired.]

Days where you don’t want to face it. Can’t face it. Feel overwhelmed. Angry. Sad. Nothing.

Life is ups and downs.

So, if you have been feeling especially low these last days, weeks, months…there are a few tips you could try. Any of these. Any one of these. If the thought of doing a specific one of the following makes you say Meh, then that’s not the one for you.

*Take a walk; get outside; move. Five minutes is a start.

*Drink some water

*Take 30 minutes and clean. Put things away where they belong, make a bed, straighten your desk. Pick a room and get it looking great. [If you think you can’t afford to take that time, we get it. We really do. But we also have felt the experience when you take that time and it changes the day.] Even better, take an hour. Set a timer and stop.

*Phone a friend. If you have someone in your life who is supportive, encouraging, makes you laugh. This is a great one. If you don’t have that someone or don’t feel strong enough to reach out, that’s ok.

*Watch what you eat. Yes, carbs will make you feel better. Chocolate is a happy idea. But they can also give you a crash. Depending on your preferences, may protein is a good idea. Maybe even a granola bar or some slices of cucumber. As healthy and real as you can get with your food, the better that fuel is for you.

*Change your environment. Yep – this is the biggie. The Feng Shui one. Do you have things in your space you don’t love? Do you have things in your home, office, home office, garage that bug the heck out of you? Do you have objects that remind you of pain or a person who is not the best for you? There is a saying, move 27 things in your house to feel a shift in your chi. You would be surprised how easy it is to get 27 things. Put a pair of gloves where they go – that’s 2. Throw away some old magazines, that’s more. Not enough light in one room – move a lamp from one room to another. That’s another. Move, shift, move, shift.

*Look to your hobbies. Read, knit, garden, dance, do a puzzle, look at the stars. Maybe those sound cheesy; maybe you don’t know what your hobbies are. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

*Take a nap. Similar to the “I don’t have time to clean” from above, we are learning that naps are absolutely ok. Thirty minutes even. Ongoing exhaustion could be a nutrition issue or a health issue, so maybe also try water or a snack.There are Days, Finding Ways to Shift Your Chi and Feel Better

*Turn off the news. We can’t say this loud enough. We can’t say this enough. The news is not the way to feel better. Maybe you love a good feel good movie or cooking show. Awesome. But maybe even turning off the tv for an hour is even better.

*Get off social media. Talk about a drain. Sure there are funny cat videos, and checkins from friends. But there are more drains to your life in social media than anything else. Let’s say that again: social media is a huge drain of energy and life. Get your teens off it too.

*See a doctor. Prolonged times of low energy and exhaustion is a problem. Don’t feel bad. This is what they do. You could have a physical, health issue that can possibly be resolved. You could have depression or anxiety. These are also real. Very real. They are not in your head.

*Recognize everyone is going through something right now. Have you checked on your neighbor; your kids are experiencing school, friends, sports in crazy ways; is grandma alone more than she’s ever been? Help them find something on the list that they can do for themselves. Empower and encourage. Maybe make them a snack too.


We are definitely NOT trying to oversimplify the challenges any one person has. The world is complex. Diverse. Your perceptions and history, experiences and life are different than everyone else. 

What we are trying to do is encourage you to take One Baby Step. Shift the chi in your life.

Whether through your actions and activities, through your physical space, through your mind and soul. One. Baby. Step. The tired have a really hard time with the one baby step. So do it, or force yourself through it. That baby step gets you through today. That baby step is a catalyst. Take another baby step tomorrow until it becomes a habit.

Getting your chi moving is one of the best ways to influence your life, your future, your family, your job, and how you get through each day.

We fiercely believe in ripples. It starts with one drop.

There are Days - Finding Ways to Shift your Chi

Shift the Chi in 27 Simple Steps

In Feng Shui, regardless of which path you are follow, there’s a common theme… Change the Chi, change your life.  It works like a magnet… express a radiant new energy to the world and the universe responds by bringing new opportunities, people and all kinds of goodness your way. Just think of the awesome possibilities that might be just around the corner, if you give it a whirl.  To help you get started, here are 27 simple ways to Shift the Chi, from Wendy Yawching.

Wendy Yawching, 27 Shifts to Change the Chi


1. Yes, you have your own style; it speaks to the world and the world speaks back. So why not change the message and see what the response will be! Try changing your look ( hairstyle, dress style, accessories) in as many ways as you can dream up. Have fun! See what happens…
2. Get out in nature. Recharge ! Nothing rebalances the Chi like time spent connected to Nature.
3. Spend time in places that make you feel peaceful and happy, that make your heart sing.
4. Be still. Find a quiet space and practice just “Being”. Yoga and meditation are great for this.
5. And then, Move! Exercise, dance, and sing. Engage your body… it’s a walking talking miracle! Express yourself and your amazing existence through movement and music.
6. Our choice of companions can have a huge effect on our chi, whether positive or negative. So Surround yourself with people who make you feel uplifted and nourished.
7. Get lots of restful sleep…
8. Eat for Health! And drink lots of good water.
9. Gratitude jar : it’s amazing how much we have to be grateful for, no matter our situation. Acknowledging that will bring you back to centre whenever you feel a little low.
10. Pay it forward … do at least one good deed everyday, just because!

Firstly, Prepare the Space…
11. Clear the clutter. Get rid of anything that represents stuck or broken chi and create space for the new energy coming your way.
12. Clean it up. Make things shine! Sweep, dust, cobweb, repaint. Clean those windows, bring the sunshine in. It’s amazing how much brighter the place (and you) will feel…
13. Check that front door. It’s the mouth of the Chi for your home. Whats the message? Dead plants, garbage cans, old newspapers? Spruce up and beautify your front door, and the area around it. Make it irresistible !
14. Move things around a bit. Experiment with a new orientation for your bed, sofa or desk. Try to create a different flow or perspective in the room.
15. Make sure you’re in the command position. (Not sure how to do that? Ask your favorite Feng Shui consultant.)

And now, Decorate! Maybe you can’t change all the furniture, but it’s easy to create a different look ( and feel)…
16. Color affects our moods, so this is a very effective way to change the Chi. It can be as simple as changing the cushion covers!
17. Add your favorite artwork
18. Flowers and healthy plants bring in life energy, color and fragrance.
19. Candles provide gentle light, a sense of warmth and peace.
20. Water features can energize or create tranquillity, depending in your choice.
21. Use lighting to create a desired mood, uplift dark corners, or bring a warm glow.
22. Music is a great chi changer, and it’s so flexible!
23. Add some Room Aroma-therapy: think essential oils, incense, scented candles, flowers…
24. Animals add their own special energy ( and love ) to any home.

Many people work in situations where the chi-changing options are limited. Still, here are a few ideas…
25. Change your work position so you are in command, not blocked, have a clear line of sight
26. Add tasteful personal touches ( pictures, flowers, plants) to your workspace
27. Make it feel welcoming, both for yourself and your team-members. A jar of jellybeans can work wonders!

Have fun! Be playful with these suggestions. Enjoy the results!  

Want more shifts?  Like how it makes you feel?  Change 27 more.


Based in the Caribbean, Wendy Yawching’s clients and interests are international. As a Feng Shui consultant and mentor, her strength is in creating Healing Spaces… for people and animals, at work, rest or play. Whether a home or business-place, children’s playground, animal shelter or horse stable, her unique approach enables her to enhance the energetics in support of all living creatures. Read more about Wendy.


Photo Source: Wendy Yawching, Healing Spaces Caribbean

Everything You Own is You

One of the most frequent questions I am asked as a feng shui consultant is, “Are the grounds surrounding my house included in the feng shui adjustment?” Yes, yes and yes. Read more about how everything in your life is part of your Feng Shui and energy by the talented, Caroline Patrick Bornei

The art of placement includes the terrain, climate, vegetation, water source, power lines, shape of trees surrounding the environment, color and shapes of gardens and landscaping; statuary shapes, subjects and placement of these objects; ponds, lakes, swimming pools, hot tubs and color and shape of planters used for your flowers, vegetables and herbs. Not only is your surrounding landscape important, any land, buildings owned, leased or rented by the client is included in the evaluation of a person’s feng shui.

The balance of one’s environmental, physical and mental harmony are all considered part of the whole package, of where you stand today!

The initial response from the client is a blank stare and overwhelming expressions. “You are your possessions,” I inform them. “Why?” they plead. “Because; ‘they’ belong to you.”

Everything You Own is You, Caroline Patrick Bornei


Keeping nature healthy is the responsibility of humanity. Harmony and balance, or feng shui, can be translated as when wind blows on water. This action gently infuses ions into the water, bringing life to the planet earth.

Are you doing your part? How much of the environment are you taking care of? Everything you own plus your neighbor?

If that information is too overwhelming, pull all of “yourself” back together and assess what action needs to take place.

  1. What do you rent? A storage shed? Why? If it is temporary, then that is a plus on your survey. My husband and I rented three storage units for seven years, because we couldn’t give up our stuff. After learning the principles of feng shui, we calculated the money “invested” saving our junk. The figures indicated we could have taken a wonderful six-week cruise or bought a little car. The symbolism visually and mentally showed a fear of the future. Clogged, stacked, old ideas. The outcome included additional possessions: We couldn’t remember what was in storage so we bought another drill, saw, mixer or rug, resulting in a Ph.D. in dumb. Feng shui has freed us from excess (almost)! Now, before leaving a store, I scan the shopping cart for impulsive items, which usually include several “grandma purchases.” Forfeiting two of these “fun” items definitely helps my son and his family retain part of their living spaces by not adding clutter.
  2. What do you clutter? Are you moving or between jobs? Leaving your necessary stuff in Mom and Dad’s garage is hopefully temporary, however this puts a damper on Mom and Dad’s life. Leaving possessions at the parents house can bring comfort to an adult child, subconsciously grounding Mom, Dad and child’s relationship. Leaving belongings at the folks’ house gives us a reason to visit or not to visit, depending on the relationship between parents and offspring. This inaction only causes procrastination for both parties in moving forward toward a change.
  3. What do you own? A business, a home, a boat? Are you a landlord? Again, the responsibility of maintaining the properties can be tied to your successes. Remember to ask yourself: Am I bringing harmony to mind, body and spirit of my home and community? What is my God-given purpose? You will begin to understand why less is more. It is easier to promote harmony when you aren’t bogged down with things. It frees the mind to pursue talents issued at birth.
  4. Look around your property. Is it beautiful? Chi or energy doesn’t visit the dwelling with overgrown shrubs, dead trees and lawn. If you can’t take care of spaces, sell or pass on the excess of land for parks, herb gardens, houses for helping children learn, land to plant and nature to heal. The color yellow helps detoxify the system. Fields of yellow flowers, herbs, foods and art work help heal humans and animals. If yellow is lacking from your décor, depression begins to seep throughout the house like a slow moving stagnant river.
  5. Everything You Own is You, Caroline Patrick BorneiDoes my yard need feng shui? Absolutely. When the bagua, or eight-sided octagonal-shaped grid, is placed over the dwelling in question, energy extends over the whole property. Landscaping correctly can make or break the consultation. Putting a fountain, swimming pool or hot tub in the fame area of the home can “drown out” the correction inside and outside the house. Placing the children’s play house, swing set or other toys outside or inside the partnership section of the home strains marriages. Such placements are detrimental to placing the five elements used in incorrect spaces, causing destructive action of the balance. Most medical communities of the world consider principles of harmony. Body types and their elements of the patient are determined by practitioners. Using herbs, the Chinese evaluate the systems of the body to prescribe medicines. Water, wood, fire, metal and earth are tested and brought back into balance to promote healing of the dis-ease. Example, the typical cold drink used to wash down a quick lunch forces the cauldron, or stomach of the body, to attempt to digest food with mucus or cold fluids. This action dashes the fire in the belly which results in indigestion. Am I guilty? Yes — most of the time. I love iced drinks. The sin is, I know — and should drink hot teas more often during meals.

If clearing yourself of old ideas, habits, fear, worry and doubts seems overwhelming, start with one drawer, one room; the yards surrounding your properties will become easier to tackle. If you have acquired too many things, sell, throw away or take to a thrift shop. Everything you own is you! If you love yourself, great; if you don’t, unload.


Caroline Patrick BorneiCaroline Patrick BorNei brings the experience of over 5000 Feng Shui consultations. Caroline is known as “The Puzzle Master” intuitively “seeing” what is not working in large and small spaces such as homes, businesses, on properties, in cities and on land masses. A talented artist and writer, Caroline is based on the US west coast.  Read more about Caroline.


Article/Image Source:  Everything You Own is You

Feng Shui is More Relevant Today Than Ever Before

Feng shui is the ancient practice of arranging our environments to welcome good energy to our spaces for health and well-being.  With the industrial age and huge advancements in the last decades, how does Feng Shui even relate to where we are now?  It does. Find out why by Maureen Calamia, Re-Nature Feng Shui.

Nature, Maureen Calamia

Wise men observed the natural world and developed “truths” that became the foundations of this practice of feng shui. They developed this concept of “chi” or life force energy, that animates everything in creation. They understood that chi flows through everything in the universe, just like water or wind flows through the land. Chi, as water and wind, shapes everything in its path – bringing supportive, life-giving qualities, or negative influences.

They realized that there is a balance of complementary opposites, of which you cannot comprehend one without the other. They named this “yin and yang” to describe the relative opposites of dark and light, soft and hard, quiet and loud. They understood that yin and yang served to provide a necessary tension in the universe, which allows for change.

They observed change being accomplished in what they called the five transformations of energy, aka the Five Natural Elements. Each of these elements, consisting of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, represent a quality of energy found in all of nature.

Although its principles were developed thousands of years ago, and influenced all of the Eastern arts, including traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts, feng shui is more relevant than ever in today’s world. Why is that?

There are three main reasons why I believe this to be true.

# 1 – Location
When feng shui was developed the most important evaluation was of the land. The location of your home or village meant everything. There were two primary requirements for determining the best location: healthy, flowing water to irrigate the crops and the presence of mountains or hills to protect from harsh winds.

Location continues to be the primary driver for property values even today. However, given the rising population and limited open space, not everyone can have the best location. We build on land that has the least desirable feng shui, too. And principles of feng shui can be applied to help in those locations as well.

#2 – Technology
With the development of electricity, and other technologies, we no longer live with the natural rhythms of sunlight or the seasons. We work throughout all times of the day, eat bananas in northern climates, and we go tanning in the winter months.

In addition, we have immersed ourselves in a technological haze consisting of electromagnetic fields (both wired and wi-fi) that are not in-synch with the human body’s natural energy.

#3 – A Toxic Soup
The average American spends 90% of their day indoors, limiting their access to nature. And within these indoor work spaces and homes, over the last century, are built and furnished with hundreds, if not thousands of manmade materials. Toxins from paint, adhesives, manmade fabrics and materials contribute to poor indoor air quality and a further separation from the natural world.

These three forces converge to the detriment of our society. Now we are learning that, our physical bodies pay the price, as well as our mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

Wisdom of Feng Shui
It is no wonder that, as civilization has gone to one extreme, the opposite ideologies raise their head. This demonstrates the concept of yin and yang. The current state of the global culture has swung very deeply into a “yang” (Western thought) state – as seeds of the “yin” (Eastern thought) become a growing popular topic for education and practice.

Globalization has allowed this to occur, as never could have been done before. With the popularization of meditation in the 1960’s, yoga, and now Ayurveda healing practices, other Eastern arts have grown as well – interest in the martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, calligraphy, cooking, architecture, and feng shui.

The wisdom that feng shui can provide, is a wonderful counterbalance to the modern world. We need to build in locations that are less desirable, we will continue to advance in technology and work indoors, and can benefit in many ways from the ability to create manmade materials. Feng shui gives us the wisdom to acknowledge all of that, and yet, bring more yin into our lives – more nourishment for body, mind, and spirit.


maureenkcalamia_RRMaureen Calamia is founder of the Re-Nature Feng Shui™ philosophy based on the fact that we need to restore nature back into our lives. Maureen brings her passion for Feng Shui to the greater community as an educator and long time past IFSG board member. Read more about Maureen.


Article/Image Source: Feng Shui is More Relevant Today Than Ever Before on

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