Fame and Reputation Gua – A Case Study

Thinking about how the world sees you – your reputation in the world – the growth of your business – your name and visibility? Then consider the Feng Shui gua of Fame and Reputation.  Enhance anytime you want to boost this energy and build your credentials and personal strength. Read a case study, by Feng Shui professional, Carmel Malone-Quane.

The fame and reputation sector of the ba gua is located in the back center of the home. (facing the home at the front door, laying out a tic-tac-toe grid on your building.  Click here to read more about the ba gua.)  It has to do with being your authentic self in the world. When this gua is activated, one can live with clarity and integrity and thus truly live their best life. It is associated with the element of fire, animal energy, the number 9 and triangular shapes.

The Case Study…Fame and Reputation with Windows , by Carmel Malone-Quane

Carmel Malone-Quane had a client who wanted to attract new windows and also mentioned her eyes were gritty. Carmel immediately recognized this was an issue with the Fame gua, as it relates to the eyes, and windows represent our vision.

The Fame and Reputation gua of the home included a bathroom. Fame is represented by the fire element; whereas the bathroom is a strong water element, so having a bathroom here was a bit of a challenge. The client was on a fixed income and didn’t expect any new windows anytime soon. She needed to apply for a grant and had previously received funds, so had little hope she would get new windows. Believing the money will come once the right intentions are places, Carmel suggested to her client to place intentions to get the money for the windows.

Specific recommendations included:

  • Clean her current windows as they were a little dusty.
  • Place some earth elements in the bathroom to dam the water, she liked shells and stones.
  • Add a plant in a red pot, which represents the Wood Element, to feed the fire element of this gua.
  • Bring in some red color, here we added a lovely red floral blind.
  • The client reinforced her intent and the let go of any attachment to the outcome.

All of the adjustments worked seamlessly with her design and were easy to implement.

The Results…

Approximately two months later the client received a letter, out-of-the-blue, stating she was getting new windows.

Her eyes improved almost immediately.

Fame and Reputation Case Study, Carmel Malone-Quane

This is the power of our intent and adding some feng shui adjustments to our space to attract what we want.


Carmel Malone-Quane is a feng shui consultant and wellness coach who works with women to transform their physical environment to create more time and freedom. She is an entrepreneur and mom herself with a background in nursing, so she knows how challenging it can be for women who are juggling it all.  She is also on the IFSG Board of Directors.  Read more about Carmel.  

Feng Shui for Love

Whether you are in a committed relationship or still searching for The One,” Feng Shui paves the way for more harmonious relationships. Feng Shui helps you recognize how your space reflects your life and encourages you to create a new relationship with your space. Find out more details and ideas from Kim Julen, Finding Your Fiji.


Feng Shui for Love by Kim Julen

In the relationship arena, Feng Shui can help:

  • Bring balance, equality and harmony
  • Get the sparks flying again
  • Attract your soul mate
  • Reduce/eliminate arguments
  • Improve relationships with family, friends and coworkers
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself or creator

There are two main areas in your home we look at to improve relationships. One area is the partnership corner. (If you’re new to Feng Shui, click here to read my blog on Feng Shui’s mental map, the Bagua, to learn how your space reflects your life.) The other area is your bedroom, no matter where it’s located in your home. In this article, I’m focusing primarily on your bedroom. Ideally, this should be your favorite room in the house, an oasis that is both romantic and peaceful.

Let’s first talk about the things to AVOID in your bedroom:

  1. Clutter: As in every area of your home or office, clutter represents stuck energy. It’s also distracting. So, if you’re trying to get your partner in the right mood, removing clutter from the bedroom will help them feel less overwhelmed and more relaxed.
  2. Dirt: This can represent staleness in your relationship. To keep your Partnership fresh and new feeling, keep your bedroom dusted and clean. You will sleep better too!
  3. Dead Things: One client I worked with had pictures of dead relatives decorating a corner of her bedroom! Sometimes we place things in spaces without really think about the metaphorical message we are sending. You want things that are alive and thriving in your bedroom and Partnership area of your home. Remove any dried flowers from your bedroom (and home) as well.
  4. Pictures of your kids and other people: Even if the relatives are living, we do not want them invading our bedroom, right? And kids certainly are important in our life, but again, we do not need them coming between us and our partner. The bedroom is your personal partnership space.
  5. Toys and stuffed animals: We want to be an adult in our relationships so childish things do not belong in the bedroom. If they are keepsakes or mementos that you love, they can be placed in another area of the home – perhaps in the Creativity and Children area.

Next, let’s talk about the things you DO WANT in your bedroom. What can you do to get the love lava flowing again or to attract your soul mate?

  1. Two equal size/weight night stands: This symbolizes equality in the relationship and is particularly important if you currently do not have a partner. What does it say if one partner has a large dresser on their side and the other a small nightstand? Or if one partner has no nightstand at all? Will they have much say in the relationship? Matching lamps will bring additional balance and harmony to your love connection.
  2. Art symbolizing what you want in your relationship: Look at the art on your bedroom walls. Is it romantic? Or do you have pictures of a frozen lake? Is it peaceful and copacetic or showing conflict? Are there single people or animals depicted in the paintings? That single cowboy picture not only shows a desert, but the guy is alone, right? That leads me to the next tip…
  3. Pairs of things: Pairs represent partnership and intentionally placing pairs of things in your bedroom will help balance your relationship.
  4. A current picture of the two of you, if you’re in a partnership, should be placed in your bedroom and will help solidify your bond. Sometimes I recommend a wedding picture be placed here too, to help you remember how you felt when you fell in love.
  5. Vibrant, living things: To really promote a healthy sex life, place 9 lush plants in the bedroom. Then, make sure you keep them alive!
  6. Add Pink and Fire: The partnership color is pink and adding a dash of it here or there intentionally will boost your budding or rekindling relationship. Adding the element of fire, which is all about passion, will further heat things up. You can use the color red to represent fire or physical fire (like candles) or triangle shapes. We don’t like fireplaces in bedrooms, because it’s too much energy to allow you to sleep well. However, the Partnership area of your main level is a perfect place for a fireplace.

Making changes in your Partnership area and bedroom with intention means taking time to really think about what you want to cultivate in your relationships.

Your bedroom is a key Feng Shui area. It can affect not only your relationships, but also your sleep, your health, and your mind.


Kim JulenKim Julen, founder of Finding Your Fiji, is a dynamic thought leader, writer, entrepreneur, speaker and shift master. She provides unique tools, guidance and courses to bring harmony to your head, heart and home. Read more about Kim.


Article/Image Source: Feng Shui for Love

Decorating with the Five Elements

Feng Shui as an art emphasizes the importance of the placement of objects in your surroundings to create balance and harmony in your life. By using these principles you can arrange, decorate and accessorize your home to promote health, wealth and happiness. Find out more about Feng Shui decor and the Five Elements by Diane Alba-Means.

Feng Shui Decor, Diane Alba-Means

Source: MorgueFile

Feng Shui and Feng Shui decor uses several tools to help enhance the flow of energy in your home or office. One such tool is called the Pa Kua or Bagua map, which divides your home or office into nine sections, each associated with a specific area of life, such as health, wealth, career and relationships. Another important tool, which is used hand in hand with the Pa Kua map, is the Five Element theory. The Five elements are derived from nature and are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These are considered to be the building blocks of everything physical on earth. Feng Shui observes that we, as humans are made up of all five elements, and we are generally most comfortable when all the elements are represented in our surroundings.

Feng Shui decor includes the Five Elements that are associated with shapes, colors and materials and can be introduced into a space in pure form, using actual plants, fire, soil, metal or water, or in the form of representative objects. The most powerful objects are those, which combine the shape, color and material of an element. For example, a square, terracotta pot filled with brown soil for earth energy.

In decorating your home or office, we can use the following guide to assist us in creating an elementally balanced environment.

Wood is represented by the color green. It can be found in all wood, plants, flowers and paper. The shape for wood can be found in columns and pillars. Examples would be a tall, green vase; a green picture frame, or a tall lamp with a paper shade.

Fire is represented by the color red, and is found in lighting, candles, fireplace, sunlight, animals, leather and wool. The shapes triangle, pyramid and cones signify fire. Examples would be star-shaped candleholders, oil lamps and red or animal print fabric.

Earth is represented with yellow and earth tones. It is found in the soil, ceramics, tile, brick and stucco. Its shape is represented with square, rectangles, and plateaus. Examples would be a clay pot with yellow flowers, a square plate or checkered fabric.

Metal is present in the colors of gray, white and pastels. It is found in all metals, such as gold, silver, copper, pewter, and brass. The shapes are found in arches, circles and ovals. Examples would be a round silver tray, a pewter pitcher or an oval brass frame.

Water is represented by the colors blue, black and dark tones. Water is found in a bubbling fountain, glass, crystal and mirrors. Asymmetrical or irregular shapes are a part of the water element. Examples would be a crystal vase, a mirror or black satin fabric.

These elements can be introduced in various forms to suit your own style of decorating. You might choose wallpaper with green vertical stripes to bring more uplifting wood energy, making the ceiling appear higher and the room more spacious. Red fabric pillows on a sofa will increase the fire energy, creating an exciting atmosphere. Yellow checkered curtains in the kitchen will enhance the earth energy, which will make the room feel cozier. A round, brass, metal bowl used, as an accent piece on a coffee table, will make it feel more complete and finished. A water feature in the entry enhances the water energy, conveying a peaceful flowing atmosphere.

Combining appropriate colors with particular patterns and materials can be especially effective in manipulating the existing energy, which is the basis of many Feng Shui remedies. When using these tools and surrounding yourself with things that you love, you are creating environmental affirmations which support you in having a peaceful place to live and a place for the vital energy to circulate harmoniously throughout your home.


Diane Alba MeansOwner of Hawaii Feng Shui based in Maui, Hawaii, Diane Alba-Means is a professional, certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Color Expert, Image consultant, and author. Read more about Diane.



Article Source:  Decorating with Feng Shui

The Feng Shui Fire Element and Fame and Reputation Gua

Every room needs a little bit of the Fire Element to warm things up and set a really groovy mood. But like cayenne pepper, a little goes a long way especially when introduced to rooms outside of the Fame and Reputation Gua.  Read more about this element and gua combination by Bridget Saraka

Photo Source: Pottery Barn

Photo Source: Pottery Barn


The Fire Element is often described as expansive, explosive and destructive and therefore does not always play well with the other 4 Elements. When most people think fire they think in feelings of passion and rage as they see red. Feng Shui looks at fire in a more dynamic manner as it is not only represented in textiles, home decor and by colour but in the print and fiber content as well. For instance paisley with it’s sharp points and dynamic movement can add warmth to even the most neutral colour palette.

Various shades of reds, depending on the tint and hue such as pinks, fuschias, oranges, and purples can also be classified as a fire element depending on the intensity of the red present in the colour. The sharp angles and sunrays on the printed pillows and silver mirror of this purple passion room lend themselves to the fire element. Sharp, pointed and explosive.

An exotic creative way to introduce the Fire Element to your design theme is to add some animal prints such as leopard, zebra, tiger, and either real or man-made animal textiles of leather, sued, furs and wools into your space.

As a Feng Shui Consultant when I think of the Fire Element I think movement, intention of space and how the Fire Element may influence the occupants of the space. So if you have a little one with an active animal or cartoon character print on their bedding it may not be the sugar high that’s causing all the monkey business but the vibration of their bedding and curtains. When decorating your children’s room try and remember what the intentions are for the space. Sleep or Play? If both find a balance of form and function so that you can find a balance between rest and play.

Shape has a big part in playing the role of any of the Five Elements. Fire is represented in shapes of stars, triangles, diamonds and pointed leaves.

When considering the fiber content of the textiles in the room, it’s important to recognize that nylon, polyester, acrylic, olefin represent the Fire Element from a Feng Shui perspective.

Bet you didn’t think there was that much to Feng Shui and choosing the most basic of design elements.

Feng Shui and Interior Decorating is the perfect marriage between a space that is beautiful to the eye and a space that is pleasing to all your senses. Make good sense of your home decor.


Bridget SarakaBridget Saraka happily serves clients in Canada and the US through her business, Feng Shui by Bridget. Hybrid Feng Shui (TM) and dowsing are her specialties. Read more about Bridget.



Article Source: Fame and Reputation Gua

The Fire Element

The most energetic, exuberant, and expansive of the elements, fire is associated with midday hours, the south, angled shapes, the planet Mars and the full moon. Fire is the sun itself and the spark that creates fusion.  Read more from Feng Shui professional, Diane Gallin

The Fire Element, Diane Gallin

It’s the element that warms and excites us and makes our lives a little more interesting. Fire energy is there when we are happy and explodes when we are mad. It entertains us and ignites our passionate thoughts and feelings. Fire alerts us to danger and attracts a crowd. Fire tells the world your story and in business promotes your talents and gifts. But mostly, fire energy emanates from the heart.

Fire’s association with the cardiovascular system is found in traditional Chinese medicine, where a person’s physical and emotional health are viewed as one. Not only is the heart responsible for moving life-giving blood through the body, but this complex circulatory system is also tasked with dispersing life force energy (ch’i) through the spirit. This is called “shen.” A broken heart in Chinese medicine is a physical condition, as is anxiety, fear and sorrow. Self-confidence and enthusiasm are gifts of a happy heart while emotional upset invariably leads to physical deficiencies that affect behavior, mood and energy levels. However, if the fire element is out of balance either in a person’s physical constitution or surroundings, there are simple steps you can take to remedy the situation.

Here are some signs that the fire element is out of balance and what you can do about it.


If you are feeling hot, agitated, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, restless or confused it is likely there is too much fire energy around you and it will be helpful to introduce water. Wear black or dark blue clothing, go for a walk in the cool night air, soak in a bath or take a swim. Turn the lights and temperature down in your home or office and listen to clear, soothing music. Try to avoid large crowds and noisy events until you are feeling settled and strong again. Pace your activities so there is enough rest and relaxation time. Spend time alone or with peaceful people restoring your own equilibrium before offering to take on the burdens and distractions of others.


If you are feeling insecure, exhausted, cold, withdrawn, timid, melancholy, forgetful or speechless, you might benefit from having more fire energy in your surroundings. Spend time outdoors during the midday hours to replenish your fire energy. Wear the colors red and orange and stay physically active, preferably during the day. Take a walk through the city and mingle in crowds. Allow lots of natural light into your home and work environment and up the wattage of lamps at night. Listen to stimulating music and spend time with positive people who lift your spirits, not dampen them. Extend your hand to others then open your heart to allow them in.


As with each of the five elements, there is both a yin and yang nature that changes with the seasons of the year. Fire’s nature is to expand and reach but it must also be contained. Learning to harness the power of fire in your own surroundings will illuminate your path along the way.


Diane GallinDiane Gallin is the founder of Wind and Water Feng Shui Consulting in Tampa Bay Florida. She distinguishes herself in the feng shui world with her clear and practical application of the ancient Chinese art and science to modern buildings and lifestyles. Read more about Diane.



Article/Image Source: Feng Shui Florida – The Fire Element

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