Common Feng Shui Shapes for Decorating

Feng Shui Shapes by Kathryn WilkingFeng Shui shapes are often the easiest Feng Shui enhancement to manipulate when working with an area in the Bagua. Learn more from Kathryn Wilking

The three most common shapes:

SQUARES: If the life area you choose to enhance needs solid grounding, then squares would be the shape. You can choose one item, or you could arrange several items into a square shape. In addition, you can arrange several ’square-type’ pictures into one larger square shape. It is rather easy to find squares and rectangles as they are rather common in a home: cupboards, windows, appliances picture frames, etc.

TRIANGLES: Triangles are trickier; they bring attention and drama into a space. Many people default in this area and just use the colour red. (A fire makes a red flame = triangle.) To attract more intensity in your space, use regular candles, a fireplace, or lights to represent actual fire. Arranging three vases in a triangle shape or planting three plants in a triangle will also form a sharp shape. Many birds have a pointed crest and many trees and bushes have sharp leaves. See what images you can find in your home to make triangles.

CIRCLES: Circles or ovals can open creativity. They can be found in picture frames and mirrors, plant pots, flower petals and glassware. Curves, archways and circles can be found in paintings or images printed on fabrics or upholstery. Soften a sharp stairwell landing with smaller items shaped into a curve. Outside, you can plant bulbs or plants in curved or circular patterns.

If your room feels a bit off-balance, try using a variety of textures and shapes in the same space. The variety of shapes can give you well-rounded energy and support for many areas in your life!

Get creative with what you already own; and get these shapes working for you!


Kathryn WilkingKathryn Wilking is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Home Stager from Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more about Kathryn.


Article/Image Source: Common Shapes for Decorating

Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

My friends and clients always ask me what they can do to fill their homes with good energy for gathering and entertaining during the holidays. From an energetic and Feng Shui perspective, find out more from New York based, Julie Schuster

Julie Schuster - Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

Cleanse the Home

Preparing your home requires a clean home with a fresh energy, so clutter and space clearing before, and after, your celebrations is crucial. Space clearing can be achieved any number of ways such as by burning incense or sage, or by performing an orange peel ceremony.

If decorations are coming out of storage, give them room. Your year-round, normal décor and room accessories can easily go into the holiday boxes you’ve pulled from the attic to be packed away until after New Year’s Day. There’s no reason to suffocate your rooms and surfaces with both your everyday arrangements and seasonal accents. Edit the two together, and let your house breathe.

Harness the Power of Scent

Pay attention to the subtle messages of your home, particularly the home scents featured in different areas. Keep the energy of your home consistent by deciding on one scent (maximum two) to use throughout your home. Candles and essential oil diffusers are all perfect ways to keep the energy of your home fresh this time of year. Thanksgiving, in particular, lends itself to cozy, spicy smells such as cinnamon, rosemary, pine and wood.

Accentuate Earth and Fire Elements

Depending on the season and the celebration, there will always be a predominant Feng Shui element energy that needs to be heightened or strengthened. With Thanksgiving we emphasize and celebrate the Earth and Fire elements:

Earth Element: This element celebrates the bounty of the earth and is represented using light yellow and sandy brown colors. Incorporate the grounding, solid square shapes representative of the earth element wherever possible. Earthenware containers are highly recommended.

Fire Element: This element has a nourishing and supportive relationship with the earth Feng Shui element and is represented using reds, oranges and gold. Incorporate triangular shapes wherever possible to represent fire. Work candles into centerpieces or light up the fireplace to warm up and purify the energy of your home.

Keep Good Company

Ultimately, the best celebrations are the ones that keep you in great company. Creating a comfortable setting for friends and family is the best way to achieve “Good Feng Shui” for the holidays.

Good food, good friends, and a dose of the tips suggested here are the best ingredients for a well-celebrated holiday.



Julie SchusterJulie Schuster is a Feng Shui Consultant, Interior Designer, and Real Estate Stager focused on the holistic well being of your space. Read more about Julie.


Article/Photo Source: Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

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