Attracting Love and Partnership with Feng Shui

Love and Partnership Tips from Carole HyderThe partnership gua is the upper right corner of the bagua and it is used to call forth love, a romantic partner, enhance a current relationship or bolster self confidence. IFSG member Carole Hyder tells us about a time when she activated this gua to benefit herself.

Place an indoor-appropriate wind chime in the Partnership area of the bedroom to “call in” a partner.

Back in 1992 when I was first studying Feng Shui with Professor Thomas Lin Yun, I hung a wind chime in the Partnership area of my condo. I wasn’t calling in a partner as much as counteracting a bathroom and laundry room that was located in that area. I rang it occasionally as it was a sweet, small bell that had a beautiful sound to it. In the meantime, I offered this suggestion to several of my clients as well and, as attended 3 weddings as a result.

It wasn’t until I was moving out of my condo a couple years later, with the man who was to be my husband, that I realized he and I had met 90 days after I had hung my own wind chime. Even though it wasn’t my main focus, it worked anyway. I still have the bell and the man is still the love of my life. Now when I ring it, I ring it with gratitude.


Carole Hyder is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker, teacher, author and trainer in the field of Feng Shui. Carole has been a Feng Shui consultant since 1992, having studied with His Holiness Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun, Her Holiness Crystal Chu Rinpoche, and Roger Green. She founded the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui in 1998.

Feng Shui for the Way You Love

Feng shui design serves the mind, body and soul by increasing energy in appropriate spaces – like offices, fitness areas, and social areas of the home. Bedroom feng shui, by contrast, incorporates energy in the space differently. Read more from Feng Shui Professional, Samantha Shields.

Samantha Shields, Feng Shui Love, Bedroom Feng ShuiWith intuitive bedroom feng shui design, the master bedroom serves as a restful retreat, conducive to serene sleep and enriched with romantic allure. Unfortunately, since this area is often kept behind closed doors unseen by visitors, it tends to be the most forgotten and neglected room of the home.

Setting the Scene

Bedroom feng shui creates an enticing ambience that offers benefits such as:

  • Promoting restful sleep
  • Increasing feelings of security
  • Improving focus and concentration
  • Supporting recovery from heartbreak or sorrow
  • Encouraging the development of a new relationship
  • Stimulating intimacy and romantic connection
  • Providing a personal sanctuary
  • Revitalizing your energy daily
  • Eliciting positive emotions
  • Inspiring your creativity
  • Rest and Rejuvenation

Samantha Shields, Feng Shui Love, Bedroom Feng ShuiBedroom Feng Shui design pays special attention to our natural need for rest, rejuvenation and deep sleep.

Sleep is a basic physical requirement necessary for self-preservation, giving us the strength and clarity we need to survive, thrive and flourish each day.

Feng shui takes into account the complex nature of our human needs – fulfilling our most basic requirements and supporting our aspirations for future achievements. In the bedroom, feng shui design helps us gently disengage from our daily activities and stresses. It allows you to peacefully slip into the sanctuary of your bedroom to bring back balance to your body and mind. Bedroom Feng Shui also encourages you to create habits of self-care to nourish your body and soul.When you feel well rested and refreshed, you are more able to share yourself enthusiastically with your partner and the world.

Rekindle Your Relationship

If you feel your current relationship has lost its “spark,” bedroom feng shui design can help you create an intimate space where you can rekindle your romantic connection. The loving relationship that is supported in the bedroom is positively affected by furniture arrangement, color, romantic enhancements, sensual comforts and personal mementos.

Treat your bedroom as a sanctuary where positive communication is encouraged and yourSamantha Shields, Feng Shui Love, Bedroom Feng Shui physical and emotional health are nourished each day.

Design for New Love

Feng shui wisdom teaches us to open our hearts and clear our minds to make room for new opportunities. If you are single and looking for a partner, allow your bedroom design to reflect an openness and readiness for a thriving relationship. Prepare for love by creating a space designed for two instead of one.

Healing a Broken Heart

If you have experienced a breakup or other personal loss, bedroom feng shui adjustments provide supportive healing energy as well as inspiration to move forward and invite happiness.


Samantha ShieldsFor more than 20 years, Samantha worked as a sales and marketing professional. Though she enjoyed professional success in her career, she had a desire to pursue a more creative path. Through a love of decorating she discovered Feng Shui and began incorporating it into her life.  Read more about Samantha.

Article/Image Source: Feng Shui for the Way You Love

Feng Shui for Love

Whether you are in a committed relationship or still searching for The One,” Feng Shui paves the way for more harmonious relationships. Feng Shui helps you recognize how your space reflects your life and encourages you to create a new relationship with your space. Find out more details and ideas from Kim Julen, Finding Your Fiji.


Feng Shui for Love by Kim Julen

In the relationship arena, Feng Shui can help:

  • Bring balance, equality and harmony
  • Get the sparks flying again
  • Attract your soul mate
  • Reduce/eliminate arguments
  • Improve relationships with family, friends and coworkers
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself or creator

There are two main areas in your home we look at to improve relationships. One area is the partnership corner. (If you’re new to Feng Shui, click here to read my blog on Feng Shui’s mental map, the Bagua, to learn how your space reflects your life.) The other area is your bedroom, no matter where it’s located in your home. In this article, I’m focusing primarily on your bedroom. Ideally, this should be your favorite room in the house, an oasis that is both romantic and peaceful.

Let’s first talk about the things to AVOID in your bedroom:

  1. Clutter: As in every area of your home or office, clutter represents stuck energy. It’s also distracting. So, if you’re trying to get your partner in the right mood, removing clutter from the bedroom will help them feel less overwhelmed and more relaxed.
  2. Dirt: This can represent staleness in your relationship. To keep your Partnership fresh and new feeling, keep your bedroom dusted and clean. You will sleep better too!
  3. Dead Things: One client I worked with had pictures of dead relatives decorating a corner of her bedroom! Sometimes we place things in spaces without really think about the metaphorical message we are sending. You want things that are alive and thriving in your bedroom and Partnership area of your home. Remove any dried flowers from your bedroom (and home) as well.
  4. Pictures of your kids and other people: Even if the relatives are living, we do not want them invading our bedroom, right? And kids certainly are important in our life, but again, we do not need them coming between us and our partner. The bedroom is your personal partnership space.
  5. Toys and stuffed animals: We want to be an adult in our relationships so childish things do not belong in the bedroom. If they are keepsakes or mementos that you love, they can be placed in another area of the home – perhaps in the Creativity and Children area.

Next, let’s talk about the things you DO WANT in your bedroom. What can you do to get the love lava flowing again or to attract your soul mate?

  1. Two equal size/weight night stands: This symbolizes equality in the relationship and is particularly important if you currently do not have a partner. What does it say if one partner has a large dresser on their side and the other a small nightstand? Or if one partner has no nightstand at all? Will they have much say in the relationship? Matching lamps will bring additional balance and harmony to your love connection.
  2. Art symbolizing what you want in your relationship: Look at the art on your bedroom walls. Is it romantic? Or do you have pictures of a frozen lake? Is it peaceful and copacetic or showing conflict? Are there single people or animals depicted in the paintings? That single cowboy picture not only shows a desert, but the guy is alone, right? That leads me to the next tip…
  3. Pairs of things: Pairs represent partnership and intentionally placing pairs of things in your bedroom will help balance your relationship.
  4. A current picture of the two of you, if you’re in a partnership, should be placed in your bedroom and will help solidify your bond. Sometimes I recommend a wedding picture be placed here too, to help you remember how you felt when you fell in love.
  5. Vibrant, living things: To really promote a healthy sex life, place 9 lush plants in the bedroom. Then, make sure you keep them alive!
  6. Add Pink and Fire: The partnership color is pink and adding a dash of it here or there intentionally will boost your budding or rekindling relationship. Adding the element of fire, which is all about passion, will further heat things up. You can use the color red to represent fire or physical fire (like candles) or triangle shapes. We don’t like fireplaces in bedrooms, because it’s too much energy to allow you to sleep well. However, the Partnership area of your main level is a perfect place for a fireplace.

Making changes in your Partnership area and bedroom with intention means taking time to really think about what you want to cultivate in your relationships.

Your bedroom is a key Feng Shui area. It can affect not only your relationships, but also your sleep, your health, and your mind.


Kim JulenKim Julen, founder of Finding Your Fiji, is a dynamic thought leader, writer, entrepreneur, speaker and shift master. She provides unique tools, guidance and courses to bring harmony to your head, heart and home. Read more about Kim.


Article/Image Source: Feng Shui for Love

Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom for Health and Relationship Improvements

Learn how to take your bedroom for the ho-hum to the “Feng Shui wow” with simple tips by Karen Rauch Carter.  So much time is spent in this important room for rest and rejuvenation as well as reconnecting with your partner.  Take the time to incorporate at least one of her suggestions and feel better and sleep better – for your overall health!

Feng Shui Bedroom tips, Karen Rauch CarterOn average, one third of your life is spent in your bedroom. I think it is practically impossible to “waste money” on creating the perfect bedroom as it is your most impacting room of your house! Here are my tips for bedrooms if your love life seems stale or is non-existent, or your health could use some improvement, or you are looking for a new or different outlook on life:

  1. Remove anything that does not support love/passion and health/rest. If your bedroom looks more like an office or multi-purpose room, your environment is working against you. If you want to go the extra mile with feng shui, try to get a good balance of the five elements in there as well.
  2. If you are looking for a major change, then stretch yourself and make major decor changes within the bedroom. In other words, “Don’t buy the same old comfort zone stuff that will get you the same old love and health-life situations!”
  3. Buy a wooden bed if you have the choice. Metal beds can conduct electrical fields which can be a health concern. Avoid having anything plugged-in near your bed, and especially no electrical blankets (even if they are plugged in but not turned on they can be harmful!), heating pads, or massage pads.
  4. Check the lighting level to see if it is not too harsh (yang) or too dim (yin). Listen for distracting sounds and try to alleviate or remove.
  5. Avoid large living plants or water fountains in the bedroom.
  6. Avoid large mirrors in the room. You should not be able to see yourself reflected in any mirror when in your bed.
  7. Avoid sharp metal within the bedroom (knives, axes, swords, guns, scissors, etc.) Sharp metal near you in bed usually results in “being cut” in life – as in surgeries.
  8. Create a headboard for the bed and place it against the most solid wall in the room – cure poison arrows or “bed in line with doorway” lines by hanging a crystal between the bed and the negative item.

Don’t settle for a “6″ Bedroom when you can have a 10!!!!!


Karen Rauch CarterKaren Rauch Carter is the author of the national bestselling feng shui book, “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life” (Simon & Schuster, 2000). She is a feng shui consultant and healthy lifestyle designer, international speaker, feng shui educator, mentor, and coach. Read more about Karen.



Article Source: Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom – for Health and Relationship Improvements

Enhance Your Relationships, Love and Marriage

In Feng Shui, Relationships, Love & Marriage is located in the back right 1/3 corner of your home (or Compass Direction: SW) where you can enhance loving relationships.  Four tips on enhancing your love and relationships by Jen Leong.

Receptivity, the quality associated with this gua, is important in communication with one another for a loving relationship. Unconditional love, support, flexibility, adaptability, and devotion are other qualities associated with this area. The element is Earth, and the Earth energy in this gua is that of Mother Earth, having the qualities of receptivity and nurturing. The pink color associated with this gua also brings in the Fire element, adding warmth and passion to a relationship or help to start one. (excerpts from “Make it Happen with Feng Shui: attract what YOU want”)

To enhance the Relationships, Love & Marriage area of your home, implement these 4 processes:

Love, Relationship, Jen Leong1. Using Feng Shui, decorate using any combination of the following representations:

  • Colors that are pinks and reds.
  • Pairs of things, such as roses, rose quartz hearts and doves.
  • Materials, mementos or gifts from a loved one that have romantic and loving associations with them.
  • Artwork including paintings and posters symbolizing love and romance, photos of yourself with your significant other such as a wedding picture or inspirational quotes.

2. Transformational Life Changing (TLC) Process ™
Promoting healing on the mental/emotional/spiritual levels and allowing you to self-sabotage or “emotional blocks,” start with deprogramming or clearing statements, and then reprogram with positive affirmations to better align yourself with your goals.

3. Aromatherapy
The scent from essential oils for therapeutic purposes provides biochemical healing within the mind and body. Essential oils can enhance a specific area in your home, health or life by helping you create new positive thought patterns.

Use a blend of any of the following with the intention of creating a healthy, loving and joyful relationship and deeper romance with your partner: Jasmine, Lavender, Orange, Pine, Rose, Sandalwood, Ylang ylang

4. Crystal Therapy
Love, Relationships, Jen LeongCrystals or gemstones provide the physical anchor that facilitates life-changing success and well-being. Choosing the right crystals, you can focus and amplify positive energy needed for well-being and to achieve your goals. Select one of the following crystals that resonate with you and personalize it with your affirmation: Pink Tourmaline, Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Malachite, placing the crystal and affirmation somewhere in the gua.


Case Study: Finding Mr. Right
Elizabeth, single mother with a pre-teen daughter, wanted to build a healthy intimate relationship with the right man. She had been dating for the ten years, including two unpromising long term relationships. About two years ago, Elizabeth decided that she would only date the “Right Guy” who would meet her most important qualifications – he had to love her daughter and accept and support her full and exciting life. However, since reaching that decision, she had not attracted one man in her life. No dates, no introductions, not even phone numbers!


  • used the TLC Process with this affirmation: “I attract and have an intimate, healthy relationship with my dynamic life partner now, who has the qualities I want on all levels now.”
  • applied a blend of essential oils to the Relationships, Love & Marriage area of her home with a room spray and a body oil.
  • personalized and placed two rose quartz crystal hearts in the Relationships, Love & Marriage area of her home.

The Results
Within two days of implementing the program, Elizabeth was approached by a man she had met previously who possessed all the qualities she wanted. They have since formed a dynamic, passionate relationship that also includes business partnerships, travel and loving family support.


Jen LeongJen Leong is an Author, Speaker, Feng Shui, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Consultant.


Article Source:  Enhance Your Relationships, Love and Marriage, for the Health of It

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