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These days I find that the hardest thing to correct in a couple’s bedroom is the multitude of tasks such as watching TV, reading a book, exercising and laptoping (yes I’m making up a new word here but isn’t it fitting wink wink). All these tasks take away from the main focus that a bedroom is intended for and that is passion and rest….ONLY! Read more about the bedroom and how to get it back to it’s intended purpose of romance by Frankie Jackson.

Source: Pinterest/HGTV

Source: Pinterest/HGTV

The modern day multitasking bedroom has taken its toll on our health as well as our relationships. Funny how we wouldn’t go to the kitchen table to sleep but we’ll bring the kitchen table to the bedroom with our snacks and drinks! Then we wonder why we toss and turn all night so we take a pill to help us sleep which helps in the beginning but it starts to work against us after a while which makes us irritable which makes us to start biting the heads off our loved ones just because they left their shoes in the hallway…whew…sound familiar?

Feng Shui is all about proper placement so let’s take all those electrical items out of our bedrooms and let’s start electrifying our romance relationships! Here are some tips to start with:

  • To return the focus to your relationship, remove the TV, books and or laptops. If you just can’t bear to remove the TV at a minimum place a blue cloth over it but it would be best to unplug it from the wall whenever you are not using it.
  • To turn up the passion flame, remove any harsh lighting and add candles instead.
  • To improve that connection between you and your significant other make sure there are paired items in your room and if you have a bed with the two separate box springs cover it with a red sheet or piece of fabric…heck throw on some red sheets for the entire bed to add some heat to your relationship but beware…you might not want to keep them on all the time or you’ll never get any sleep!
  • To only have eyes for you make sure you only have pictures of the two of you in the bedroom so no pictures of the kiddos, other relatives or deities.
  • To improve your position make sure your bed is not in the path of your bedroom door and its best if your headboard is on a solid wall. Want to get a little creative…put your bed in the creative section of your bedroom! The creative section of any room or home is the middle right quadrant if you were to section your room/home off like a tic-tac-toe game – your door is the starting point.
  • To improve the feel of things make sure nightwear and bedding is soft, comfortable and fresh and clean.

You can get results with these Feng Shui tips, some are instant and some may take a bit; but either way what do you have to loose when there is so much to gain in romance from making what seems like simple but very literal changes?


Frankie JacksonFrankie Jackson became a certified practitioner in 2011; then started her own Feng Shui business of consulting called Silver Leaf Feng Shui. She practices the Black Sect school of Feng Shui mixed with Building Biology and a lot of Organization. Read more about Frankie.

Enhance Your Relationships, Love and Marriage

In Feng Shui, Relationships, Love & Marriage is located in the back right 1/3 corner of your home (or Compass Direction: SW) where you can enhance loving relationships.  Four tips on enhancing your love and relationships by Jen Leong.

Receptivity, the quality associated with this gua, is important in communication with one another for a loving relationship. Unconditional love, support, flexibility, adaptability, and devotion are other qualities associated with this area. The element is Earth, and the Earth energy in this gua is that of Mother Earth, having the qualities of receptivity and nurturing. The pink color associated with this gua also brings in the Fire element, adding warmth and passion to a relationship or help to start one. (excerpts from “Make it Happen with Feng Shui: attract what YOU want”)

To enhance the Relationships, Love & Marriage area of your home, implement these 4 processes:

Love, Relationship, Jen Leong1. Using Feng Shui, decorate using any combination of the following representations:

  • Colors that are pinks and reds.
  • Pairs of things, such as roses, rose quartz hearts and doves.
  • Materials, mementos or gifts from a loved one that have romantic and loving associations with them.
  • Artwork including paintings and posters symbolizing love and romance, photos of yourself with your significant other such as a wedding picture or inspirational quotes.

2. Transformational Life Changing (TLC) Process ™
Promoting healing on the mental/emotional/spiritual levels and allowing you to self-sabotage or “emotional blocks,” start with deprogramming or clearing statements, and then reprogram with positive affirmations to better align yourself with your goals.

3. Aromatherapy
The scent from essential oils for therapeutic purposes provides biochemical healing within the mind and body. Essential oils can enhance a specific area in your home, health or life by helping you create new positive thought patterns.

Use a blend of any of the following with the intention of creating a healthy, loving and joyful relationship and deeper romance with your partner: Jasmine, Lavender, Orange, Pine, Rose, Sandalwood, Ylang ylang

4. Crystal Therapy
Love, Relationships, Jen LeongCrystals or gemstones provide the physical anchor that facilitates life-changing success and well-being. Choosing the right crystals, you can focus and amplify positive energy needed for well-being and to achieve your goals. Select one of the following crystals that resonate with you and personalize it with your affirmation: Pink Tourmaline, Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Malachite, placing the crystal and affirmation somewhere in the gua.


Case Study: Finding Mr. Right
Elizabeth, single mother with a pre-teen daughter, wanted to build a healthy intimate relationship with the right man. She had been dating for the ten years, including two unpromising long term relationships. About two years ago, Elizabeth decided that she would only date the “Right Guy” who would meet her most important qualifications – he had to love her daughter and accept and support her full and exciting life. However, since reaching that decision, she had not attracted one man in her life. No dates, no introductions, not even phone numbers!


  • used the TLC Process with this affirmation: “I attract and have an intimate, healthy relationship with my dynamic life partner now, who has the qualities I want on all levels now.”
  • applied a blend of essential oils to the Relationships, Love & Marriage area of her home with a room spray and a body oil.
  • personalized and placed two rose quartz crystal hearts in the Relationships, Love & Marriage area of her home.

The Results
Within two days of implementing the program, Elizabeth was approached by a man she had met previously who possessed all the qualities she wanted. They have since formed a dynamic, passionate relationship that also includes business partnerships, travel and loving family support.


Jen LeongJen Leong is an Author, Speaker, Feng Shui, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Consultant.


Article Source:  Enhance Your Relationships, Love and Marriage, for the Health of It

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