Using Sound to “Clear” Your Home

Space clearing doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to have the right intention and be sincere about dispelling the negative and bringing in the positive. And one of my favorite ways to clear a space is to use sound. “Hear” more about this by regular author, Maureen Calamia

One of the basic premises of good Feng Shui is that the space (building, room, nature area) is free of unwanted, negative energy. If negative energy resides there, the space cannot be “Feng Shui’d” into a positive space without the techniques of what we call a space clearing.

Here are some great ways to use sound to clear a space:

Using Sound to Clear Your Feng Shui HomeBells, bowls, and baubles – For use in space clearings, I have several pieces that I love to use including Tibetan bells, singing bowl, and a beautiful Balinese bell that I selected just for me. (It’s best to hear the instruments that you buy first since each resonate differently and have to appeal to you).

Historically, bells are associated with religious ritual, warding off evil spirits and connecting to heavenly energy. I always start at the front door and work my way around the home, making sure that I go into each corner of each room to break up any negative or stale energy and allowing it to dissipate out of opened windows and doors. Being the Holiday Season there is no shortage of bells in my home!

Wind chimes – Metal or wood wind chimes are a great way to keep energy flowing once you have cleared a space. They can enhance a particularly difficult spot that retains stale energy, such as corners. They are great to place over your work area, including your desk chair and stove.

Door bells – Make sure your door bells work in your home. If they don’t work properly, you are draining energy from your home.

The sound of cheer – One of my favorite ways of clearing space is to have a great, joyful party! Housewarming parties are great for new homeowners. I’ve also recommended these parties to clients that have had particularly challenging times. Parties bring lots of cheerful energy and can really move the stagnant chi in your home!

And since this is the Holiday Season, I highly recommend you have a party! And don’t forget to invite me!


Maureen CalamiaMaureen Calamia is a Feng Shui Consultant, educator, and mentor and is passionate about her work and the environment. She is also a regular contributor with the IFSG. Read more about Maureen.


Article Source: Using Sound to “Clear” Your Home

Feng Shui Tips for Moving into a New Home

From Anjie Cho, Feng Shui Tips for Moving into a New Home helps you get started making your new space uniquely and wonderfully yours!

Anjie Cho - Feng Shui Tips for Moving into a New Home

Where we live is an essential element of our lives. It is where we feel safe.  It is such a precarious time when we are moving into a home, so it is during this transition time that Feng Shui can be of great assistance.  It is helpful to implement some Feng Shui when moving because it’s easy and extremely effective to start off your home with the right fundamentals in place. Below are some simple Feng Shui tips when moving into a new home.

Space Clearing

When you move into a new apartment or house, it may have lingering energy of past inhabitants.  This energy may be stagnant or negative, so it’s beneficial to start your life there with a clean slate.  The best way to do this is with a space clearing.  This can be done before you move in, with your boxes unpacked, or even after you have already unpacked.  But is best to do this as early as possible.  This process is a way of blessing the space, so be sure to do so with the intention that you are creating a new home to support and nourish you.  Start opening all of the windows and doors for a minimum of nine minutes.  After 9 minutes of airing out the entire place, use orange essential oil to clear the space.  You can purchase an orange essential oil spay or get a diffuser for each room.  Oranges are very auspicious and the essence from the peels transforms energy into something positive and bright life affirming.

Rededicate the Home

After you have cleared the place of the existing energy, it is time to rededicate this space as your home.  Begin by selecting one personal object per room that has a positive special meaning for you.  Some examples are: family photos of happy times, an heirloom with positive memories, or a favorite plant. Place one personal object in each room starting at the entry, and then go clockwise placing the other objects in the additional rooms. Pay special attention to the entry, the kitchen, office and bedrooms.  After each object is located in each room, head back to the entry door.  From the entry, proceed clock wise from room to room.  In each room focus your positive and joyful intentions for your new home on first by recognizing your personal object then the room that it is now in.  Visualize that the happiness associated with that object is filled the room with supportive and lucky energy.

Command Position

My last suggestion is to do your best to locate your new furniture based on the command position.  In Feng Shui the concept of the command position is to locate your bed, desk, stove and other major furniture in such a way that it has the most expansive view of the entry door for the particular room.  You always want to be facing the door, while not directly in line of the door.  This typically means that you would be in command when placing your bed diagonally from the door, on the opposite side of the room and facing the door with the wall behind your headboard.  This position allows you to be in command of your home and life, creating a stress free and relaxing abode.

Congratulations on your new home!  Remember that Feng Shui is about focusing conscious intention in whatever you do. With all these Feng Shui tips remember that you are improving the energy flow in your life to create a safe and nurturing abode.


Anjie ChoAnjie Cho is a registered New York State Architect and Feng Shui Interior Designer.  She has created beautiful and nourishing environments throughout New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and beyond. She is also the co-founder of Mindful Design Feng Shui School. Read more about Anjie.

Article/Photo Source:  Feng Shui Tips for Moving into a New Home

The Three Most Important Times to do Space Clearing

Three Most Important Times to Do Space Clearing by Karen Kingston – simple tips for incorporating space clearing into the changes of our lives, especially the major ones

Space clearing is the Feng Shui art of clearing and revitalising the energy of buildings. It has many uses, but when I’m asked to summarise the three most important times in a person’s life to do space clearing, here’s what I say:

Moving into a new home

Space ClearingThis is the most obvious time to do space clearing, to clear out the predecessor energies of previous occupants and land yourself energetically in your new home. Until you do this, it will never be truly yours. There will always be residual energies from the past affecting everything you do there.

If you move into a completely new building that no-one has ever lived in before, you might think this wouldn’t apply, but in my experience space clearing is still very helpful. It clears out any energies left by the builders and harmonises the space after the disruption of all the building work, so that it immediately starts to feel like a home. Without space clearing it can take much longer for this to happen.

For a home that has had a very chequered history, either because of problems during the building process or because of the history of previous occupants, it is best to call in a professional to do the first space clearing for you, and definitely do this if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, not in good health, or do not feel confident to do space clearing yourself. Most people can do annual space clearings to maintain the energy of their home themselves by carefully following the steps in my book. It’s the very first space clearing that is the most challenging to do and the most essential to get right.

When you feel stuck

Space Clearing - when you feel stuckAnother important time to do space clearing is if you feel stuck in some way in your life. When you feel like this, there will also be a corresponding stuckness in the energy in your home that has been building up for some time. A good space clearing practitioner can tell by sensing the energy of your home what is happening in your life without you even needing to tell them.

Because you are energetically connected to the place you live, space clearing your home is one of the most effective ways to get your life moving again. Where there is stagnant energy there is often an accumulation of clutter too, so clutter clearing done in conjunction with space clearing is usually the most effective combination for this situation.

When you’re going through a major life experience

This can take many forms. It may be the beginning of a new relationship or the end of an old one, starting a new job or leaving an old one, a birth, a death, a wonderful success, a traumatic loss, or any other significant life-changing event.


Space clearing your home creates a supportive environment that will help you to move through a major transition with more clarity and ease. You can do this type of space clearing for yourself, but it’s at times like this that the skills and objectivity of a trained professional are so valuable. All the practitioners I train know how to conduct a space clearing ceremony without projecting their own opinions or agendas onto clients. They will never tell you what to do, but they are very skilled at opening a space for you to be able to see the higher possibilities for yourself so that you can make your own decisions from a more perceptive standpoint.


Karen KingstonKaren Kingston has pioneered the development of space clearing since 1978 and is recognized as the western world’s leading authority in this field. Her two books, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui and Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui are both million-copy bestsellers in 25 languages and have established themselves as ‘must read’ feng shui classics. Read more about Karen.


Article Source: The Three Most Important Times to do Space Clearing

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