The Peaceful Home

Your surrounding environment plays a significant role in how you experience life. Why not take time to explore the different ways you can create a peaceful home and manifest real change in your life? Here are some simple ways you can shift the energy in your environment. Read more from Mary Jane Kasliner

  1. The Peaceful Home, Mary Jane Kaslilner
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    Use mirrors, in moderation of course, to maximize the flow of energizing natural light through the home. Light promotes physical vitality and mental alertness – two dynamics that are important when it comes to peaceful living.
  2. Follow the sun on its journey around the room. Notice how the light changes depending on the angle at which the sunlight falls through the windows. Plan your decor to make the most of the natural light that enters the space.
  3. Use directional lighting to highlight your favorite objects or the room’s most interesting fabrics.
  4. Infuse mood lighting through the use of candles. Floating candles in interesting decorative bowls are excellent accents while establishing an ambiance of gentle mysticism.
  5. Use cushions in different hues to add changeable accents of color.
  6. Use patterns with restraint – too many patterns of different kinds may clash with each other and subtly disturb your mental equilibrium.
  7. Touch up paintwork, clean your windows and repair things. When there are things in disrepair is weighs heavy on the mind and disrupts feelings of peace.
  8. Add natural features in your decor – fresh flowers, a lively plant, seashells, stones, images of animals and other nature scenes give off positive energies.
  9. Burn incense such as frankincense and sandalwood to create a positive yet relaxing feeling.
  10. Welcome yourself and guests with a display of container plants at the side of your front door. By using pots of herbs you can combine a visual with an olfactory salute.

Have fun with these simple peaceful home tips and enjoy every moment in your environment!


Mary Jane Kasliner
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Mary Jane Kasliner is a teacher, speaker, author with a true passion for enhancing the lives of others. She is the President of  Body Space Alignment and the director of the Teaching Tortoise School of Classical Feng Shui.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from Skidmore College and an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences.  Read more about Mary Jane.


Article/Image Source:  The Peaceful Home

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