What are EMFs – and Simple Ways to Reduce Exposure

What are EMFs?  Learn how EMFs can affect our lives and health – and how to reduce the risks and affects with simple lifestyle changes by Peg Donahue


EMFs are electromagnetic fields. They are made up of electric fields, magnetic fields and a combination of electric and magnetic fields at high frequency levels.

AC electric fields are formed whenever a wire is plugged into an outlet, even when the product is not turned on. The higher the voltage, the stronger the electric field.

AC magnetic fields are present whenever a device is turned on. The greater the flow of the electric current, the stronger the magnetic field.

What are EMFs
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When you plug the power cord for a lamp into a wall socket, an electric field along the cord is created. When the lamp is turned on, the current flow through the cord creates a magnetic field. Meanwhile, the electric field is still present. At high frequency levels electric and magnetic fields cannot be separated; they are known as electromagnetic fields.

Why does this matter? More and more information is available which indicates that long term exposure to low frequency fields disrupts the body’s electrical system (heart, nerves) and long term exposure to high frequency fields disrupts your body’s biology (cell membranes) and produces a biological stress response. Factors that influence your exposure include:

Type of wiring in place

Proximity to person

Length of time spent in the area

The adverse effects of long term exposure to high electric fields (often low frequency) which affect the nervous system include: insomnia, anxiety, depression, aggressive behavior and a higher risk of leukemia.

The adverse effects of long term exposure to high magnetic fields (often high frequency) affects cellular function. Your pituitary, thyroid, adrenal glands regulate stress in your body. If exposure is prolonged, your stress-response system becomes exhausted and your immune system wears down. Long term exposure to high magnetic fields is statistically linked with increases in cancer cell growth rate, Alzheimer’s, miscarriage, and birth defects.

The fields drop off with distance. Some people report that they feel better when their exposure to EMFs is reduced.

Simple Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure

Wear natural fibers, select natural fiber décor.

Use laptops computers on a desk, not lap.

Avoid placing “active” cell phones on your body.

Locate power sources away from sitting and sleeping areas.

Move electrical items away from the bed.

Use power outlets beside bed vs. behind the bed.

Don’t sleep in metal beds or water beds.

Sleep on mattresses without metal springs.

“Quiet” your house before sleeping:

Shut off cell phones and mobile phones when not in use.

Shut off wireless internet

Shut off computers, printers and as many electrical items as possible

If you are building or renovating:

Include ability to turn off bedroom circuits

Use wiring in conduit to minimize elevated magnetic fields…in offices and bedrooms.

Maintain indoor humidity levels 40-60%

Wash arms and hands under cold running water after sitting at the computer.

Take a salt bath to help remove toxins from your body.


Click here for an EMF Awareness Guide


Peg Donahue
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Peg Donahue combines her intuition with advanced training and experience in feng shui, Bau-Biologie, mind-body energy techniques, manifestation, coaching and business to provide highly personalized feng shui consultations for individuals and businesses. Read more about Peg.

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