Where Can I Put My Chair?
Where Can I Put My Chair

Where does this go?  Where can it go?  Feng Shui isn’t all about moving furniture.  But there are components to it that require looking at the physical layout.

Feng Shui is an art and science – with many perspectives and approaches depending on the school.  It’s about energy, placement, balance, and yes, sometimes about a chair.

There are some simple things to consider when arranging a room.

Give yourself or your guests the command position.  Face the door or the entry to a room.  Do not put yourself in a vulnerable position by having your back to the door.  If this is absolutely not possible, consider a mirror or other reflective piece to give that look behind.

Remember, Feng Shui is thousands of years old.  Times were different.  And the command position is based on the concept of not letting your enemies sneak up on you.  Give yourself a view of the door. Hint: it’s good if the dog loves it.

Consider the flow of traffic.  Sometimes when we are arranging our space to create those little conversation nooks, we neglect to consider the traffic flow.  Can you move freely through the space?  And be critical here.  Your feng shui eyes are open now – don’t keep looking at your space with the old you in place.  It’s a cute little grouping but a bit tight into the kitchen; that sort of thing.  Shifts in a space happen when you let go of the “should” zone.

Think about it this way.  Right now, you have a chair that is “in the way.”  You don’t know what to do, don’t know how to move it.  It’s always been there.  But there is a niggle in your brain that says, um no.  The energy in your space becomes bogged down and darker than it needs to be.  How about move it to another room?  Maybe, move it temporarily and see how you feel?  Check it in the new room.  Maybe this shift gives you a chance to like that chair even better!  Maybe it creates a new nook where you never expected it.  Change – even if it’s not your favorite thing – is necessary.  Absolutely necessary.

Where Can I put my chairDoes it fit?  We often see matching sets of furniture.  You know what we are talking about.  The couch, loveseat and recliner.  Love the look in the store – but oops, the proportions are off.  It’s a bit crowded.  Over-crowded rooms, rooms with bigger furniture or too many pieces of furniture feel claustrophobic or cluttered – and we know what clutter does in feng shui.  It can keep you stuck.  The goal of every room is to allow energy and the people to move freely and easily through the entire space.  If you can’t do that, then the nurturing energy won’t flow either.

Consider the esthetics.  Is it comfortable?  Is it safe:  are the legs and/or arms secure, can you sit comfortably without feeling like you are toppling?  Does it match your style or vibe?  Did it come from someone you no longer resonate with or from a time in your life that you are letting go?  [If the answer to any of those questions is no, then it’s ok to let it go.  And even if you think you “should” keep it – there are very few should in feng shui.  If you don’t love it – someone else might.  Thrifting is hugely popular now – what’s old is now new again.]

Feng Shui Tip: Replace the word “chair” in the article with anything else in your space that gives you a nudge. Move it – fix it – get rid of it – change it. 🙂

Where Can I Put my chair


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