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Formerly known as the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui, the Wind Water Center with directors Carole Hyder and Lisa Janusz are excited to share their new programs and catalog.

Q: Please describe your very first coming into awareness about Feng Shui.

A: Carole: I heard someone speak about Feng Shui at a conference. At that moment, I realized that I had intuitively been doing Feng Shui since I was a little girl. I just didn’t have the context or structure for why. The speaker turned me on to His Holiness Professor Thomas Lin Yun.

Lisa: It was the same for me! I was working with someone who was going to hear someone speak about it at a bookstore. She thought I would be interested – and of course she was right. I was captivated. I immediately bought one book, then another, then another – I did a lot of reading initially.


Q: What is your branch of Feng Shui? How have you made it your own?

A: Carole: I have been trained in both BTB and Compass approaches to Feng Shui. Typically, I will examine a space from both perspectives to determine whether one fits the situation better than the other. At times I can subtly blend both schools. Since most of my work is focused on healthcare, I find that Compass works well in that arena.

Lisa: I trained in BTB (through Carole). I really emphasize the empowerment aspect of Feng Shui. I want people to know it’s accessible for them and that even small changes can reap results. I find that it is very personal, so while there are guidelines, people have a lot of leeway in making changes, which inspires me and I hope inspires them.


Q: How has Feng Shui changed your life?

A: Carole: Feng Shui informs not only decisions about my home and office but also about my life. Understanding and applying the principles of yin and yang help reinforce inner balance when I may be struggling with some disparities. The 5 Elements structure exemplifies the power of change and movement which helps me through my own inner upheaval.

Lisa: I would say I live a Feng Shui lifestyle; it’s changed my entire outlook and approach to daily living. It goes back to that empowerment piece, where when things are challenging or in flux, I rely on what I’ve learned to take a fresh look at myself and my spaces. It also clarified a lot for me in terms of why certain spaces are at times uncomfortable. Looking with Feng Shui “eyes,” I understand what is happening and in some cases I can make changes with the tools I’ve acquired.


Q: Describe your school’s approach to teaching Feng Shui.

A: We’re focused on the personal journey, and supporting each person as they take the information and make it their own. Our program is comprehensive, but it’s structured in a very deliberate way. We lay a foundation and then the material builds on itself as we go along. It’s also very experiential. We have a blueprint workbook that each student receives so that they get a lot of practice placing the bagua on different layouts. They also see us doing appointments and do practice appointments themselves to ensure they are comfortable with what they’re learning and can integrate it in a real situation.


Q: What is the newest addition to your curriculum?

A: Our catalog! We’re in the process of further expanding beyond our professional program. We know there is a large need out there for smaller, virtual classes and we’re working to meet that need. We currently have 11 classes and are planning on releasing more each quarter. Our hope is that we can be the one-stop-shop for Feng Shui and other related topics for e-learning.


Q: What is the latest area of expansion for Wind Water?

A: Virtual learning. Even though students have traveled to us for 20 years (!), we know the learning landscape is changing. Online, virtual, e-learning are hot topics for good reason. Technology has expanded opportunities and we’re committed to meeting the need for accessibility, no matter where you live.


Q: Besides yourself, what do you offer that is unique to Feng Shui training opportunities?

A: We provide a lot of support as people go through the program in terms of connecting every couple of weeks and having a private forum where we’re available. Our program incorporates topics like Ming Gua and the I-Ching into our curriculum, which goes beyond Black Sect. We also give students the opportunity for practice through doing their own appointments and providing feedback. It’s that real-life experience that can solidify what they do well and what’s challenging for them. And as they are figuring that out, we’re there for them to ask questions and get clarification.


Q: What is your guiding philosophy about teaching Feng Shui?

A: That each person has a unique perspective and once they learn the foundation material, we really encourage them to make it “their own.” We want each student to walk away feeling confident, knowledgeable and supported. When the material becomes a part of them, they can take that energy out in the world and make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.


Q: What is your favorite nugget of wisdom about using Feng Shui yourself?

A: Carole: When I was first learning about Feng Shui, I owned another business and I was happily single. Eighteen months after hanging a windchime in the Partnership area of my condo (not because I was looking for a partner but because my bathroom and laundry room were located there), I was thrilled to be selling my business and was engaged to be married. That windchime is still with me (and 25 years later I’m still married to the guy who heard the windchime!).

Lisa: It’s a journey, and a very personal one at that. How I practice Feng Shui has evolved from when I first started learning about it 20 years ago, and even when I was just certified. Feng Shui encourages me, inspires me, grounds me, and has provided me a new perspective for both personal and spiritual growth. It’s been life changing.


Q: What additional training do you offer or plan to offer?

A: For now we’re going to focus on the shorter virtual classes. We may offer additional training in the future, but we’ll have to see where this journey and expansion lead us!


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Carole Hyder, Wind Water Center
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More about Carole

Carole is an internationally recognized consultant speaker teacher author and trainer in the field of Feng Shui. She has been a Feng Shui consultant since 1992 having studied with His Holiness Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun Her Holiness Crystal Chu Rinpoche and Roger Green. In 1998 Carole founded The Wind and Water School of Feng Shui, now the Wind Water Center. 


Lisa Janusz, Wind Water Center
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More about Lisa

Lisa McCue Janusz is a Feng Shui consultant, speaker and teacher. She graduated from the Wind & Water School of Feng Shui in 2006, after 10 years of personal studies in Feng Shui. She joined the School in 2007 as a consultant and now serves as partner, faculty and registrar. She has studied with Professor Thomas Lin Yun and Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche and is a past board member of the Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest.


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