Yin and Yang: How do they Relate to Your Property

Yin and yang is an eastern idea that has to do with complementary opposites. It’s all about balance. Yin and yang are present in everything in the universe and their dynamic balance creates harmony and well-being. Learn about how yin and yang affect your property from educator and consultant, Maureen Calamia.

Yin Yang of the Property by Maureen Calamia
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A feng-shui home will have yin and yang in balance. The front of the home should be more yang energy, attracting opportunities from the “river” (or roadway) flowing by. The back of our homes should be more yin energy.

Let me explain:

A yang environment will be one that is more vibrant, containing movement and light. It will facilitate the flow of chi from the roadway to the “mouth of chi” of the home, aka the front door. However, a front yard can be too yang energy which could be harmful to the occupants of the home; for example, a house on a T-intersection or one a fast-moving road.

If the front yard is too yin, it will not attract positive energy and will have an affect on all areas of the occupants life, including career, finances, health and relationships. Environments that are too yin would include a house set back from the road with a narrow driveway and lots of over-grown landscaping obscuring the view of the house; another example is a house across from a cemetery (yikes!)

A yin environment in the backyard will provide security and protection of the family; fences and landscaping usually does the trick. A yin yard will provide a safe haven from the exterior world and privacy from strangers, including the noise level.

A yard that is too yang can be uncomfortable for the family and can create anxiety, depending on the energy of the space. A yard that is very narrow (on top of a neighbor), no visual separation between your yard and neighbors or adjacent to industry can cause stress.


Maureen is founder of the Re-Nature Feng Shui™ philosophy based on the fact that we need to restore nature back into our lives. Maureen brings her passion for Feng Shui to the greater community through her teaching and past experience as a long-time IFSG board member. Read more about Maureen.


Article/Image Source: Yin and Yang: How do they Relate to Your Property

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